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15-05-2007, 06:27
Hey all. As implied by the title of the tread I am a new to empire and could use a few tips on the choices I made.

Empire Army List: 2000 Points


Empire General: (159)
Armor of Meteoric Iron, Sword Sigismund,

*Accompanying the great swords. Has the sword of Sigismund to insure that the great swords are not cut to pieces. Also included to provide a family banner in the form of Arcane Warding to stop magical opponents.


Warrior Priest: (155)
Shield, Heavy Armor, Barded Warhorse, Van Hortmannís Speculum, Sword (hammer) of Battle

*Traveling with inner circle knights to provide the all important re-roll on the charge. Given the speculum because my most powerful unit will most likely run across opponents with high stats that can be turned against them.

Battle Wizard: (125)
Level 2 Wizard, Dispel Scroll

* I actually do not know what magic lore I am using, but any opinions based on the the rest of my army would be most appreciated.

Captain of the Empire: (140)
Full Plate, Shield, Battle Standard Bearer, Griffin Banner

* Included in the army to provide the all important griffin banner. As most know, it is difficult for the empire to win combat based on stats. Any equipment that can make victory in combat possible by relying on the number of the empire's cheap troops is good in my book.

Total: 420


24 Spearmen: 164
Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer, Sergeant

Detachment: 8 Halberdiers: 40

* I choose spearmen as my main infantry block, because compared to the rest of the core choices they are the most adaptable when given shields. Because spearmen can either fight with spears in two ranks against a weak foe, or switch to hand weapons and shields for more powerful foes they be adapted to win in most situations. When given the griffin banner their success should increase even more so.

10 Handgunners: 100
Marksman, Repeater Handgun

* Unit of Handgunners to provide some of the needed long range support against heavily armored foes.

10 Huntsmen: 105
Marksman, Huntsman

* A unit of skirmishers that could be useful to destroy war machines or too attack other lightly armored foes.

Total: 409


9 Knightly Orders: 294
Musician, Standard Bearer (Steel Standard), Preceptor, Inner Circle

*Most powerful unit in the army. Used to attack the flanks of my opponent's most powerful unit. Has the steel standard to help insure that knightly order pulls off the charge. (Will have the priest for extra killing power)

19 Great Swords: 250
Musician, Standard Bearer (Family Banner: Arcane Warding), Champion

Detachment: 8 Free Company: 40

* Powerful unit that can both dish out damage and take damage in return. With support from the Empire general and the banner of Arcane Warding the unit has a better chance of surviving against faster or magically inclined foes.

5 Pistoliers: 114
Outrider, Repeater Pistol

* fast cavalry unit that will be used to take down war machines or slow down my opponents movement.

Great Cannon: 100

* cannons in an empire army... need I say more.

Total: 798


21 Flagellant Warband: 220
Prophet of Doom

* Another hard hitting empire infantry unit that can either tie up impossible to kill units, or destroy numerous but weakly armored foes.

Grand Total: 1,997

So there is my list. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

15-05-2007, 17:06
It just seems you don't have enough shooting units... Maybe drop the flagellants to get more handgunners and artillery in the list.

I also prefer swordsmen over spearmen any day. You want to minimize casualties so the Griffin Banner and detachment can do its thing. Swordsmen with their WS4 are best at this.

Last thing, bump up your detachtments to 9 and run them in 3x3 blocks (with only 8 they already won't get a rank bonus if charged). Takes up less space in your battle line and allows fewer enemies to strike back.

Ozymandias, King of Kings

15-05-2007, 21:39
Also Swordsmen make better detachments for Greatswords then Free Company. WS4 and 4+ Save in front and flank, whereas the Free Company are an easy target and therefore easy CR points...

I also agree that you need more shooty units, another couple of units (and maybe another war machine) in exchange for the flagellants and maybe consider dropping some of your knights, especially as your planning to use them in a flanking role.

Lastly, for taking out war machines don't rely too much on huntsmen, much better to swap them for another fast unit.