View Full Version : 2000pts Quetzl-based Temple defense

Goq Gar
15-05-2007, 15:59
I've got a plan. A plan that's just crazy enough to work.

I need a 2000 pt list to defend my temple from the most heinous enemy known to lizardmankind, Skaven and allies.

Against 2000 points of skaven and Ogre K mixed, I need your help to make sure lizardmen are victorious. He will have alot of clan rats, alot of ogre bulls, probably a butcher, alot of skaven plague rats, rat ogres, and of course, Chris' classic "wall of slaves".

My original plan was to have a ton of skinks, skirmishers in the terrain in front of the temple wall, and more on the wall. Salamanders on the wall to kill anything that gets too close, a stegadon or two to pulverise anything outside that get's too troublesome.

What I can't decide is where (if) saurus and a mage come into the scene. I was thinking a small slann with enough temple guard to keep him alive, and three units of 24 saurus (8x3).

Of course, I might drop some saurus for kroxigors. I can proxy as many of anything as I need to, but that means he can do the same, which means we won't know what we're facing.

Gentlemen and ladies, I need your help. The fate of all lustria depends on it. I need you to help me construct a good defensive army, bearing in mind that the wall is quite small, only fitting about 4x16 larger infantry bases on it, and 2 towers of 4x4.