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Da Black Gobbo
15-05-2007, 21:07
Well i was bored in suddenly this crazy idea come to my head:

---Night goblin shaman: lvl 4, Nibbla´s Itty ring, Staff of sneaky stealing, dispell scroll.-

--Night goblin big boss: Gigant squig, light armour, shield, walloopa's one hit wounda, exploding stone.-

--Goblin big boss: Wolf chariot, light armour, shield, -3 armour save item, urgok's horn.-

--25 Orcs: shields, full command.

--10 wolf riders: musician, spears, short bows.

--10 wolf riders: musician, spears, short bows.

--20 Night goblins: full command, fanatic.

---20 Black Orcs: shields, full command.

---1 Wolf chariot: extra crew and wolf.

---1 Wolf chariot: extra crew and wolf.

---10 Squig hoppers.

--Snotling pump wagon.
--Snotling pump wagon.


The tactic is to send in all the crazy stuff (chariots, kamikaze squig goblin, squig hoppers and pump wagons, to then reach with the rest of my army, a Solid core of orcs and a gigant backed by the Goblin big boss, wolves and Shaman, to eliminate the rest of the enemy, i think it could be a lot of fun to play, any opinions/thoughts? could it be competitive?

16-05-2007, 00:16
Your leadership will be really low, with only Night goblin characters and as you called it ''a kamikaze squig goblin'' who, with his highest leadership should be your general if I'm correct, is going off on a suicide mission, I think you'll get problems :) Otherwise a fun list to play with.

Cheers, Caer

Da Black Gobbo
16-05-2007, 09:20
Well the charriot big boss is the higher lidership in the army (7) and actually the general, with urgok's horn i improve this having LD 8 the black orcs get better with ld9 and the rest of the army improves in that way, even the wolf riders get ld 7 that is very good for a lousy gobbo.

Da Black Gobbo
16-05-2007, 16:46
nothing else to say? noone?