View Full Version : Looking for the original MSU tactics article

08-08-2005, 01:21
I know that several years ago there was a seminal article on Multiple Small Unit tactics posted at druchii.net. Sadly druchii.net has been down for over a month, and I would really like to revisit the original MSU article to brush up my knowldge of the theory. Does anyone know where this article is mirrored? Or did anyone save a copy? I've tried Google and searching Warseer with no luck.


08-08-2005, 05:13
Yes the unfortunate demise of druchii.net :cries:
I remember the original article, although I do not remember the original author (thinking of names... MDK.. Dark Alliance.. :confused: )

It was interesting but challenging tactic. The idea behind it was taking Multiple Small Units (MSU :cheese: !) of around 10 -12 models or otherwise. The idea of small units was to incorperate the superior attacks and offensive weapons of the Elves ( such as double hand weapons, great weapons utilized with good LD and WS) and to minimize models loitering in the ranks of the standard infantry block. Combined with the speed of the dark elves, multi-charges would win the day, with 10-12 man corsair, executioners, witchelves armed with nothing but muscians and the occasional champion, striking fast and hard, maximizing the attacks of the first rank. Hard to master with fragile troops, for sure.