View Full Version : Moulder-Based All Comers list [2000 pts]

Silver Dragon Flame
16-05-2007, 07:57
Greetings fellow gamers. For the past week(S) I've been trying to make a good, competitive skaven list but I am having a few problems with wanting too many units. It will be based on the Clan Moulder army list located in the end of the book and will be very conversion heavy.

Moulder Host, 2000 pts

Master Mutator Deskit Glouh 216 ///
w/ Whip, Things Catcher, Warpstone Armour, Warpstone Amulet

Harbinger of Mutation 115 331
w/ Skavenbrew

Harbinger of Mutation 115 446
w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls

5 Giant Rat Packs 150 596

5 Giant Rat Packs 150 846

30 Clanrats 235 981
Full Command, Ratling Gun

25 Clanrats 210 1191
Full Command, Ratling Gun

20 Slaves 40 1231

20 Slaves 40 1271

30 Plague Monks 265 1536
Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command

30 Stormvermin 265 1801
Full Command

Warp-Lightning Cannon 100 1901

The problems I have right now is that I really would like some rat ogres. About four to be exact but I cant find points anywhere to get them. So, where could I get the points? Except perhaps the two obvious, expensive units of SVs and PMs that I really want to keep. Do I even need to get rat ogres? Will the list be competitive enough without them? What do you think? Get sawing people!!!