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16-05-2007, 08:14
hi all,

A mate has an OK army and it seems really fun to play, and I've been contemplating the idea of using either Ironguts or Leadbelchers as a mercanary unit in my HE army for some variety (and laughs).

what would you suggest?

I have High Elf army and enough choices to field just about any army list so I can adapt my army to compliment the ogres.

my regular opponents are ogres, vampire counts (necrarch)and wood elves

Da Black Gobbo
16-05-2007, 08:24
well it depends on the army you are facing, against vampire and wood elves i'd say get the leadblechers because they can kill more dead stuff and in the wood elves situation is very dificult your unit of Iron guts reach the combat against nothing (elves are fast and they're main tactic is to dance arround you fighting when they want to) against ogres you need strengh so take the Ironguts and have lots of S6 attacks. I'd take the leadblechers always since i like so much this unit.

16-05-2007, 14:23
Take maneaters; against elves use brace of ogre pistols an extra ws 4 str 5 attack in close combat and the ranged attack if they refuse to stand still and engage. Against undead do for either the cathayan longsword for ws +1 Ini +1 so that you always stike first (good against hell knights) and get the hits in or the great weapon so that you can just plow through them. The other option is to mix them up and take a couple of each pistols/great wpns good blend. Maneaters with wpn option and heavy armour is 90 points a go though, so very pricy but joyously effective. Leadbelchers will either go one way or more often than not the other. Earlier today 3 of them got bogged down for four turns by a large unit of zombies when they failed to hit anything with a stand and shoot reaction but then the other week two (well one because the other missed) killed 8 saurus cavalry in one blast and changed the game. Iron guts are class but whatever is hit has to stay that way because 3 wounds against you and its panic test time. If you've points to spare go maneaters as with their stubborn rule Ld (8)they will rarely let you down especially if near the battlestandard.

16-05-2007, 21:24
Ogres in an HE army .... just say no!

17-05-2007, 00:08
I take it you're a HE purist Frederik :)

thanks for your feedback all.

Mawchild - I'd considered ManEaters, but if they are taken as a mercenary option that actually count as 2 rare choices for a HE army... which means no RBTs AND no Eagles.. both of which are some of the best units HE have (that's in a 2K point game)

17-05-2007, 08:56
if your gonna spend two rare slots you could go for forgeworlds Rhinox cavalry. They'll scare the hell out of anyone you play against but they are pricey both in terms of points and cash which is why I haven't got any yet and I don't know how they stand for tournaments etc. but they are soooo very, very cool.

17-05-2007, 11:50
Yes im a bit of a drag as for DoW fro some armies i feel they need to restrict them more to fit the character of the army. A HE would most likely never go near an ogre let alone let them join an HE army.

But for effectivenes i would also go for rhonox since they ar very good for thier points (way to good in my opinion, and should be nerfed to be exceptable).

17-05-2007, 12:51
I have sometimes read about people referring to rhinox cavalry (bulls as riders yeah?) in these forums but I didn't know that there were actual models for them, or actual rules.

I'm not considering taking man eaters or rhinox cavalry, and the ogers are more for humour value (I'm already picturing painting the ogers with those baggy pants in the same colour as the elvish host's banners & armour, but making it look very dirty, tattered and ogerish).

another reason is for some variety... adding some ogers (which can drastically change my army style & tactics) is a lot cheaper $$ than buying a whole new army.

18-05-2007, 08:20
Rhinox cav are the only Ogre unit that are good value points wise except for gorgers, plus they still cost too many points for any game thats less than 2000pts (3 all tooled up costs 543 points).

For humour value go for the lead belchers they cost a little more and are at times hatefully unpredictable but get 4 with musician and champion so that even if they fail to hit anything with their cannons they can still deliver on the charge. 4 str 4 impact hits plus 13 str 4 attacks with -2 AS modifier as their cannons count as ogre clubs. This does come with the caveat that in the majority of battles I've fought with OKs, they are the first unit to break and have on occasion done far more damage to themselves than the enemy. Best only used if you've made your peace with lady luck and the dice gods (good name for a band that).

For effectiveness go for the 4 Ironguts with full command and a bull standard just to make sure those impact hits count, their wpn skill is no great shakes compared to HEs but the 4 impact hits at str4 followed by 13 str 6 attacks will usually punch a hole through most battle lines or take down any uglies.

19-05-2007, 09:56
I find that leadblchers are a huge waste of points. They only ever manage to kill a couple troops that is if they don't miss fire first. A unit of 5 bulls costs less points than 4 leadbelchers and against elves are awesome. They need 3 to hit us but then a 5 to wound. As long as you get a charge on with a unti of 5 buls with ehw any elf unit will crumble.