View Full Version : 1st attempt at vampire counts list, please advise

16-05-2007, 17:10
im a complete noob to warhammer let alone vampire counts so any help you could give me with this 1000pt list would be greatly apreciated

LORD: 223 pts
vampire count/ blood dragon
nightmare with barding

HERO: 140 pts
lvl 2 upgrade, staff of damnation

CORE: 210 pts
20 skeletons
spears, SB,MU and captain

CORE: 185 pts
20 skeletons
hand weapons, SB,Mu and captain

CORE: 80 pts
10 ghouls

5 black Knights
hell night, SB, MU

993 points total
i really have no idea what im dooing. i think the vampire count might be a bit over the top for such a small army but i have this great older modell. ( the vampire lord mettal modell with a bald head rideing a nightmare with heavy armour ) and i really want to include him from the start. other than that i have 1 box of skellies that i havent assembled yet.

16-05-2007, 17:17
For a first go that really isn't that bad at all however, there are a couple of things, firstly, you can't have a Lord at this points value. I suggest reading the page before the bit with the lords (can't remember the page no and don't have the book on me.) Downgrade it to a thrall and give him a lance and shield atleast. Then with the points you save (proberly around 100!) I suggest bulking out your skeleton squads so they have some more ranks (outnumbering is almost essential). Also get rid of the captains in the skele squads as I find they are nigh on useless.

Hope that helps,

16-05-2007, 17:51
thanks for the input

how does this look

Vampire thrall/blood dragon: 110 pts
nighmare barding,heavy armour,strength of steel
( the modell i have is rideing a barded warhorse and has a large sword and is wearing what looks like heavy armour.)

Necromancer: 140 pts
lvl 2 upgrade, staff of damnation

25 skellies: 245 pts
spears, SB,MU

30 skellies: 265 pts

10 ghouls: 80 pts

5 black Knights: 155 pts
hell knight,SB,Mu

995 total

16-05-2007, 17:58
If you can find a sutable shield I still advise you stick it on his arm or something just to fill those last few points. Other than that I think it looks really good.


21-05-2007, 20:21
my advice would be to cut the skelly units down to about 20 each and dont bother with spears it aint worth it. You would be better off giving them light armour. U can by an extra necromancer with the left over points. Make sure you give him the book of arkahn. no undead army should be with out it. With 2 necros u should have enough magic to keep the army going which is wat undead rely on. I dont think that black knight are such a good idea in this small a game. If you drop them you could buy a unit of 10 gouls and a unit of either zombies to raise up or a unit of wolves to go warmachine hunting.


Be Afraid
21-05-2007, 20:57
well, one point, in fantasy youcannot have lords in 1000 points, so u will have to drop the vampire count for a vampire thrall