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16-05-2007, 17:12
SMS---> save my sanity... :

Right after nearly 5yrs of 40k ive come back to fantasy and played a few matchs at the local........ first match dark elves--->result I kill 10spearmen and learn to deeply despise bolt throwers.:cries:
Second match i was probably asking for it but a dwarf list with enough artillery to make me consider putting my tau on the field! surprisingly i lost though my trial mage did kill/route a slayer leader and two units of thunderers. fury of khaine = scorched dwarfs.:eyebrows:
Third trail and im looking at enough brettonian cavalry to make me wonder what i did wrong in another life.They came forward i held and slowly died....:confused:

Having gone through all this ive decided to base my new list like my tau and try annilate them before they get anywhere near me.:evilgrin:


mage;channeller,lvl2,ring of khaine

15spears full command
10 archers,musician
10 archers,musician


Not subtle but im going to trial it soon so heres hoping.I'd rather at least have at chance at winning till i get to 2000k to make my army of calador.

Available models;
2 mages on foot,
commander on foot,
commander on eagle,

20 spearmen full command
20 archers full commands
5 dragon princes
2 bolt throwers
20 phoenix guard full command (they look so damn good regardless...)