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16-05-2007, 18:55
In a couple of minute i will fight some Dark Elves with my Skaven. We haven't played that often and we still have the 6th edition rulebook.

I just found out, that i am very confused by the way the Warlock Engineer works.

How many dispell and cast dice does he actually get with and without accumulator/capacitor in 6th edition?

Is this right:

Without accumulator/capacitor, he has in each category (cast/dispell)
2 base + 1 for being level one wizard. But he could only use Warp Lightning with one die, because he is level one. But he could cast 3 Warp Lightnings in a row in a single magic phase.

With a/c:
Cast dice: 2 base + 1 level wizard + 1 for capacitor = 4. So he can cast 2 level 2 Warp Lightnings or combinations of that?
dispell: 2 base + 1 for being level one wizard

Is that right? The section in the Skaven army book is quite confusing.

16-05-2007, 19:10
Your magic phase: You get 2 power dice base +1 for your warlock =3. With accumulator you get one more =total 4. As a lvl 1 wizard he may cast using max 2 dice, with condenser he may use 3.

Note you may only cast each spell once/per wizard. That is your warlock may only cast warplightning once no matter how many power dice you've got. Wich means if you only have one warlock you don't have any use of the accumulator (except for dispelling RiP spells).

Enemys magic phase: You get 2 dispel dice base +1 for you warlock =3.


16-05-2007, 19:16

Thanks. I will get rid of that equipment, i couple of models and add a Rat Swarm instead :)

16-05-2007, 19:56
Note that the Accumulator puts dice into the army's common pool and so Grey Seers can use Warlock Engineers as power dice batteries.