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Your Evil Twin
16-05-2007, 21:56
-EDIT- Title ment to say project..!

Hey there!

I have the unfortunate habit of constantly switching between projects meaning I can never keep any blog going for more than a few days and iv finally given up and created the “Project log of DOOM”…basically Il be putting up pictures of whatever project I’m working on at the time for you critique/input…

Current projects…

Adeptus Mechanicus Drop Troops
Eldar Aspect Craft world
True Scale Space wolves
Various other things including scenery and possibly a Necromunda Gang…

Tonight I’ve been revising RE but in my breaks iv been painting up Dire avengers so lets start with Eldar….

The list I’m using is 2 squads of 10 dire avengers and 5 Rangers as a troop base then 3 aspect themed falcons holding 5 banshees (+autarch), 6 fire dragons and 6 Striking scorpions. So far I have…er…nothing finished but I’m doing quite well with the first unit of dire avengers…

Random selection but all 10 look like that…they need green (plumes and cord things) and gem detail..

Iv also been working on some Combat Dire avengers (only 4 there but there are 10) converted from some I got off a mate…
More pics when there green stuffed and re-painted

And their Exarch..

Il be posting as and when I get things done so this log will be very sporadic, tomorrow I should have my Admech test model and possably some finished dire avengers!

Your Evil Twin

Your Evil Twin
22-05-2007, 17:07

I havnt done any more work on Eldar (no surprise there) but I have decided to scrap Admech :( and play an infantry based Steel legion siege army WOO 120 steel legion!!....so this post is really about that...

So far i have got 35 steel legion off my brother and another 56 coming in a trade...I have not however decided on a colour scheme..

Here are some my bro speed painted a while back, i like all 4 and cant decide..what do you all think?



Your Evil Twin

22-05-2007, 18:13
Out of the 4 you have there I would have to pick the first one (one on the left), but saying that, the one with the white gloves and hat caught my eye as well, might look better with a darker coat on it.


22-05-2007, 18:29
On the left certainly!

22-05-2007, 18:40
Yup man go with the one on the far left, looks the best, hope you get my legion soon, so I can see some progress!

Your Evil Twin
22-05-2007, 18:52
You all seem to be leaning the same way as me, I will only be painting these guys to table top standard (as there are 120 of them :D) so I hope to have some progress on squad one tonight!

Thanks for the help!

Your Evil Twin

22-05-2007, 19:23
I've got forty of them, only half painted, I pity you!