View Full Version : Squig hoppers. Hot or not?

17-05-2007, 10:53
I've got a OG army well under way. A whole gaggle of Night Gobbos to be exact. Squigs are MOST important when it comes to choosing what I compose my list of. I want lots of the little gits.

I'm hearing mixed reviews about squig hoppers. I am hearing for the most part that they aren't very hot. I love squigs but before I dish out the money and buy a unit that is not at all effective (when I can just have another herd of squigs instead).

What's your opinion on hoppers? If they are good, why are they good. If they are not, why?

Thanks in advance!

17-05-2007, 11:04
They are very, very good.

Many an O&G player (rightly) complained about their lack of skirmishers in the last book, and were rewarded with a really nice unit. Animosity aside (and they are greenskins after all, so why not), the are an ITP unit with WS 4 and Str 5 with two attacks! A small base also means it is easier to squeeze in models to get as many attacks as you can. They have a decent, albeit random (average around 10-11), move and cannot be marchblocked. So that is fast, hitty and able to charge stuff without yet another test. Their low toughness is partially compensated by them being skirmishers, but they are also cheap. They vie for important special slots, but after having seen them in action 3-4 times now, they always do very well for their relatively low point cost.

17-05-2007, 14:09
They are, like most Night Goblin units, neither Hot or Not, but Wot.

They're good at times, and they suck at times. It all depends on the roll of the dice for the move.

18-05-2007, 12:12
My Squig Hoppers (I just bought some more of them) have generally been MVPs in my battles. They need a bit of thought to use them well in case your luck fails, but they have a great damage potential, good movement and can hop through terrain with no penalty.

Highly recommended!

More: Night Goblin Units and Characters (http://folk.ntnu.no/~tarjeia/avian/tactics/nightgoblin_units_chars.php)

18-05-2007, 14:37
IMO they're one of the "hottest" things in the new OnG book. My unit of five hoppers have not let me down. They are great at threatening enemy skirmishers and fast cavalry. They also excel in assassinating characters from units. One unit is almost mandatory in any greenskin army. :)

Heretic Burner
19-05-2007, 18:19

I had high hopes for hoppers. On paper they seem quite decent, if a little overpriced compared to other skirmishers. Sadly once again the randomness of an O&G unit makes them quite poor in reality.

A spider unit will serve you better for most purposes. More reliable and fantastic at hugging terrain where hoppers can very well hop right through. Save your precious special slots for units of real value like squig herds instead.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
20-05-2007, 09:22
Well in my all goblin army I use them always and they are almost always the MVP, they just rampage trough everything your opponent places in front of them.