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17-05-2007, 11:16
1000 Point Night Goblin Army

Night Goblin Big Boss, hand weapon and shield, Horn of Urgok - 74

Night Goblin Shaman, Level 2 upgrade - 85

36 Night Goblins, spears, full command, 2 fanatics -214

36 Night Goblins, spears, musician, standard, 2 fanatics -206

2 Spear Chukkas - 70

8 Squig Hoppers - 120

Night Goblin Squig Herd, 5 teams 150

Goblin Doom Diver Catapult 80


First list ever compiled. I'm green.

17-05-2007, 18:39
Ironspy, your list is so fantastic! I nearly 'sploded! Everything is so perfect for never having made a fantasy list before and having absolutely no idea what you're doing!

18-05-2007, 04:56
Ironspy, your list is so fantastic! I nearly 'sploded! Everything is so perfect for never having made a fantasy list before and having absolutely no idea what you're doing!

^^^I wouldn't listen to this guy, he sounds like a N00B. ;)

I think what you have is a great start - the basics are all there for a good 1000pt Goblin list.

Here's my suggestions -

A Goblin Big Boss is better than a NG bigboss simply for the +1Ld - give that he;s your general you'll need it. For equipment, I like to go for something like a magic weapon (One hit Wunda or sneaky skewerer are two of my favorite cheap items) and amulet of protectyness, which gives him a chance of surviving a charge and helps him deal with heavily armoured models.

Give your Shaman Nibblas Itty ring if you can afford it - it's a great bound spell, but also helps draw out dispel dice to help you cast your bigger spells. Magic Mushrooms are also handy to have around - if you're taking a shaman you might as well get some use out of him!

Spears on night goblins are a bit of a waste IMO - replace them with nets if you can.

The squig herd and Hoppers are great. You can definitely afford to drop the herd down to 4 teams though.

Fanatics are a great deterent but you don't need 4 IMO. Keep them if you want, but you can afford to lose 1-2 if you need points.

Doom Divers and Spear Chukkas are both good choices. At a pinch you could probably lose the doom diver but otherwise they're fine.

If anything, I think you should try cramming in a unit or two of spider or wolf riders (5-6 with musician). They tend to be quite handy for flanking the enemy and denying rank bonuses, as well as dealing with things like chariots and other fast cavalry before they hurt your own infantry blocks (although fanatics can take care of small units who try to charge your infantry quite well too).

On the whole, having a unit or two of orcs, as well as using an orc General, tends to improve a goblin list, unless you're going for theme (like I am ;) ), in which case stick to the gobbos. :D

18-05-2007, 07:20
Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately buying "regular" goblins without spears is stupidly expensive. They don't do much, but it's what I have at the present moment. If it were a perfect world my pants would be overflowing with goblin with hand weapon models. Overflowing I tell you!

I like the theme of "goblins" a whole lot. Eventually I will invest in some black orcs because the models are fantastic and they're especially nasty gits in combat. For now, I'll keep it goblins.

For leadership I was actually considering the raggedy red banner for my boss. Nibbla's itty bitty ring is one thing I was considering. I was also considering adding spider riders but maybe adding another boss or level 1 shaman with extra points.

Lots of fanatics overkill? Bah, thats pishposh.

Stay tuned gits, revision soon! [dice0]