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17-05-2007, 11:24
Yepyep, after some tinkering with my supposedly 1500pts bret army, I managed to get it to 2000 :D Peasant bowmen will not be this numerous finally, but at the moment they have to be. Iīm going to fight against Kurt hellborg-led knights or 8-11 power dice infatry-empire tomorrow with this. Any comments would be nice, Iīve only played one game with bretonnia thus far :angel:

Lord: questing vow, sword of the quest, enchated shield, gauntlet of duel, virtue of confidence=238 (s6/4 no armour saves re-roll to hit&wound-challengemonster)
Paladin: BSB, banner of the lady, virtue of duty=204 (got to put those points somewhere)
Damsel of the lady: warhorse, 1 dispel scroll, chalice of mafleur=125 (Sheīll have to save my knights for about 2 turns of magical barrage, or if there wonīt be one, at least she fills up a place of a knight... )

9 KOTR: full command=240
8 KOTR: full command=216 (damsel to either of these)
8 KOTR: full command, warbanner=241 (BSB here)
6 knights errant: full command=141
10 peasant bowmen=60
10 peasant bowmen=60
10 peasant bowmen=60
10 peasant bowmen=60
10 peasant bowmen skirmishers=70
(I wonīt get the first turn anyway, might as well take loads of regiments to deploy before my knights. My opponent likes to take handgunners, peasants should handle them when thereīs lots of them :angel: )

8 questing knights: full command, banner of defence=281 (Lordīs retinue)

yay or nay?

17-05-2007, 12:40
For magic defense, the chalice of malfleur is one of the best items available, and it's slightly cheaper than a scroll too.
Are you going to round up the last 8 strong unit to 9 somehow?

Just make sure to use your superior range (both on the archers and for charging knights), and you should be ok.

17-05-2007, 12:46
It is? I toyed with it but thought I like autodispel more than another dice&possibility to wound myself :) 5 points would help though, those extra skirmishers away, scroll->chalice, and I got enough points for ninth KOTR :) Yay.

17-05-2007, 15:07
sure a scroll is always certain, but it's one use. odds are that with the chalice you'll get 3 to 4 extra dice for several turns before you get wounded (in which case a damsel should stop using it). It depends on the dice luck I guess, but for me it mostly works out.

18-05-2007, 16:53
Hi again, 2 test games fought today :) First game was against 6DD no casting orcs with 3 main blocks, a couple of chariots (one with a BO hero), 2 units of fast cav and a stone thrower (nasty!). Double attack from lord&another lance breaks one block, BSBīs lance and the other breaks black orcs. BSBīs depleted lance manages to break a charging black orc boss with chariot, which resulted the opponent giving up. Units lost: 1 group of bowmen, half questing knights, random knights from other lances. Orcs remaining: stone thrower, one surrounded block of orcs. :)

Second game was against 3 mage&1 arch lector+2 regiments of spearmen with detachments, total of 30 handgunners, 3 cannons and a mortar, plus a couple teams of knights. Beast cowers keeps my questing knights for one turn, while damsel takes a cannonball to head and dies. Luckily KE manage to beat a charging knight regiment (5 vs my 6) in 2 turns, 2 knights with BSB manage to break his whole center (=2 mages, 3 detachments, 2 blocks of infatry, other mage and infatryblock didnīt run out though) :D Banner of the lady was a bomb! After some outrageously good shooting from peasants, the game ended as a solid victory for knights.

So after some good succes Iīm quite happy with the list, one major enemy awaits though: tomb kings. That enemy will be a lot tougher to beat. Another questions:
1: should I upgrade one KOTR lance to grail knights? Points from the peasants maybe, damsel can fill up the slots there.
2: Mtnd yeomen, yay or nay? I bought a couple of kislevite horse archers (they were on 45% discount!), they will be the start of a MY-regiment. Where to get points for those from?

18-05-2007, 17:37
You can get points from downgrading the QK to regular KOTR - Mounted great weapons really got the shaft in 7th. I mean, I don't doubt they can be useful in the right circumstances (nearly every unit can) and S5 attacks are still nothing to sneeze at - but they are much overcosted, their points cost being calculated under 6th ed rules. I don't see much point in them, to be honest.

And basically, the more lances the better. Overwhelm your opponent! Your army isn't a surgical tool, it's a steamroller. You should play to that. I totally love the heaps and heaps of bowmen though, very nice.

18-05-2007, 18:07
The questing knights are there for about two reasons:
1: I wanted to try that questing bret-general, and as I wasnīt sure his re-roll psych. tests-ability (from the vow) was spread to the lance he joined, I took a lance of likewise vowed knights
2: re-roll the psych tests is nice, as is S5 always. They are not that costly, "only" four points more than KOTR. If I downgraded that lance, I could get one grail knight, barely.
3: I have already converted them, as I didnīt have enough lance arms :D

I managed to fit a grail lance in though:
heroes: same as in the first list. Questing general, damsel and banner of the lady-BSB
Core: 4x10 peasant bowmen (no skirmishing ;( ), 9 KOTR, 8 KOTR (warbanner), 6 knight errants
8 questing knights with conquerorīs tapestry
6 grail knights with banner of defence

18-05-2007, 18:15
Yeah, all right, it looks good - 5 lances are solid, although 2 of them are a bit on the small side. I've heard that works too. But you know me, I'm a stickler for the common knights. I like the KOTR and KE more than any other entry in the Bretonnian list (well, PK are great as well - too bad you don't have room for any).

I agree that a list of my devising might end up a bit, well, boring really, so I celebrate your love for diversity. And you were indeed correct in assuming that the re-roll from the Questing Vow doesn't spread to lowly KOTR, nor does the immunity to psych from the Grail Vow.