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Rich 123
17-05-2007, 11:41

This is virgin turf for me, I haven't ventured into the army lists forums before, preferring to stick to the modelling and painting forums. I've had a long running marine thread there and I nearly have 1500pts finished but that meddling McMullet talked me into experimenting with WFB.

Well, it was me really but he just nudged me in the right direction. I always found Orcs and especially Night Goblins so much fun background and rules wise (although I don't play many games much). It's some nice light relief from the seriousness of marines. However, an actual true Night Goblin army doesn't have much unit variety, what is it, squids, goblins, trolls and giants? So I will be making a Night Goblin army where all the units that are Common Goblins (such as warmachines and wolf riders) will look suspiciously like Night Gobbos.

For a break from the Night Goblin norm I want to paint these in dirty white robes, with some background to back that up that they wear them and some paint their faces white because they think it makes them look like ghosts to scare the Dwarves in their tunnels. I haven't painted a test mini but I'll probably paint the robes by spraying them beige and the shading the robes with washes then just highlighting. Should look good and not take too long. Then just re-undercoat goblin skin with black to give them muted green skin, I prefer that to the slightly too luminous Eavy Metal Ork skin.

Although I'm still finishing my marines I made a couple of concept goblins but I'm yet to actually start a modelling thread for them before get some more done.

Here are the first gobbos I built and a slightly converted boss.
I want to include more plundered Dwarf gear as well as many bearded heads for standards. The fluff of the force basically involving a long standing feud between them and some Dwarfs in the mountains (surprise surprise).

And here are some wolf riders converted to look like night gobbos, though of course they can't be.

All of these are still just WIP of course, and just test WIPs as well!

This is a full 2000pt master list that I will build first a 400pt force from, then 1000pt, 1500pt and then eventually the full 2000pts.

Lord: 419pts

Night Goblin Warboss 111pts
w. Light Armour & Shield
Martog's Best Basha [ +1WS/+1S/+1I ] Edkickin Boots [ +1A ]
Collar of Zorga [Monsters & Steeds need 6s to hit]


Night Goblin Battle Standard Bearer 107pts
w. Hand Weapon & Light Armour
& The Raggedy Banner [ ReRoll Panic within 12" ]

[Night] Goblin BigBoss 101pts
w. Light Armour, Shield & Wolf
Backstabber Blade [ Poison Attacks +1S Flank/+2S Rear Charge]
Spiteful Shield [ Enemy receives S5 hit for each 1 rolled to hit ] ]

Night Goblin [lvl 1] Shaman 100pts
w. Hand Weapon
Staff of Sneaky Stealin' [ Gain a Dispel Die from enemy Power Die ]

Core: 960pts

30 Night Goblins w. Spears & Shields 225pts
Nets - Standard Bearer – Musician - Boss
2 Fanatics

30 Night Gobblins w. Hand Weapons & Shields 152pts
Musician - Boss
2 Fanatics

30 Night Gobblins w. Hand Weapons & Shields 145pts
Nets - Standard Bearer - Musician - Boss

6 [Night] Goblin Wolf Riders w. Spears & Short Bows 102pts
Musician – Boss

8 [Night] Goblin Wolf Riders w. Spears 122pts
Musician - Boss

8 [Night] Goblin Wolf Riders w. Spears 134pts
Standard Bearer - Musician - Boss

4 Snotling Bases 80pts

Special: 340pts

Night Goblin Squig Herd 150pts
5 Hunting Teams

8 Squig Hoppers 120pts

2 Spear Chukkas 70pts

Rare: 280pts

Snotling Pump Wagon 40pts

4 Stone Trolls 240pts

1998 pts

I thought the solid block of Night Goblins would be used to hold the centre of the line and tie up units with fanatics along with the snotlings and their own bodes. While the squigs will be able to bouncingly be able to secure one flank and the torlls and wolf riders combined could smush units in the flanks. A plan do you seasoned vets thinks?

It is meant to represent a disparate force of goblins, from the same tribe but each regiment following their individual bosses and themed like that. The small wolf rider regiment is going to have theme of a small group of hunter/trackers dressed in the furs of their kills. Of course these are Goblin kills so, snotlings, small dogs, sheep, etc.

The wolf riders with a full command will appear like heavier armed Wold Riders who accompany the Boss wearing a ragged collection of plate and mail armour both plundered from dwarves and home made. Acting as Wolf Boss’ honour guard, just Goblins getting jumped up as usual though, they'd still be flanking cavalry.

I think the list seems pretty good and I have talked it over with McMullett a bit, as I really don't know what Im doing as I'm just much more of a modeller. So imput on the list as well as any information you might be able to give me with the best ways to break this list down into smaller lists as I slowly work on the horde. Any background that people would like to give as well would be good, I know a bit but names of Dwarven strongholds that are beleaguered by un-named goblins for me to adopt as my own would also be appreciated.

Thanks for looking and for any help you can give!


18-05-2007, 09:47
first of all, like the ng wolf riders :)

imho bit low on the magic side really, i would have 2-3 shamens

horn of urgok and a couple of dispel scrolls would be good

i can see your army advancing towards the enemy a lot and i would say get rid of the bolt throwers, as cheap as they are i dont see them doing that much, use the points to add fanatics to the 3rd ng unit

18-05-2007, 10:32
Nice conversions.. I love the wolf rider grasping the wolf's fur. Very good.

Your list is fairly solid, it is a little light on magic but thats not too much of an issue (unless you play vs Undead and Tzeentch a lot). In fact, I'm surprised at how good the list is, it has not got a lot of the mistakes new O&G players make (standards in every unit, too many fanatics, etc.)

I think I would have the stone trolls as normal trolls and use the 80pts spare to have a chariot or to bulk out the standard-holding wolf unit, give it shields and go for a medium cavalry unit.. but thats really just down to taste.

There's lot of good going on here. Keep us updated please.

Rich 123
18-05-2007, 16:38
Thanks for your comments guys. Wow, I am surprised the list wasn't totally ripped apart. I got alot of advice from McMullet as well as just applied some logic to it. After being used to marines I had to make a conscious effort to think big and cheap!

Thanks for your comments on my conversions, there won't be many minis reposed except for front rank minis like the boss and an occasional squabble within regiments. But enough of that, its for a modelling thread.

I was planning on giving the standard bearing Wolf Riders shields initially because of their theme as an honour guard for the bigboss. I wasn't sure of the benefit of being fast cavalry and McMullet talked me through it. It seemed like quite a plus, because much as Goblins might think they can swing it, wolf riders are never really going to be any good in combat, is it worth sacrificing their manoeuvrability for that, especially bearing in mind the boss with them has a weapon with bonuses for flank attacks. I was tempted to give them shields just for the theme as the wolves will have poor quality barding laced into their fur as well. I'm not sure any bigger would be much better, again sacrificing their manoeuvrability. I'm undecided, any ideas?

About the magic phase. I wasn't leaning towards that much magic really, as well as being new to Goblins I'm new to WFB as well so didn't want and army that forced me to have too many things to consider, but just have fun and pick up more things like that later. Although I did have two shamans, one as it is now and another with two dispel scrolls, I axed the latter, thinking the staff would help weaken his magic and bolster my resistance to it rather than having two one shot nullifiers. That was also partly the thinking behind the stone trolls, having a magic resistance would compliment the almost total lack of magic in the army :) Or am I approaching that in the wrong way?

A lot of the choices in this army were made to fit a theme of sorts. Its pretty lose at the moment as I have barely started this army really yet. But it of course involves Night Goblins and a long running feud with Dwarves way up high in the mountains. This Goblin horde is a single tribe but full of infighting and most goblins splitting off into individual cliques under their own Bosses/BigBosses. This is why almost every regiment is lead by a boss of their own. Being high in the mountains Stone Trolls and Squigs are often caught around the place and packs of wolves roam the hill tops.

However, much of the Goblin's time is spent down in the Dwarven tunnels of Karak (Yet-To-Be-Named) and the Goblin's robes reflect that, by being white to scare the Dwarves on deep mining trips believing they look like ghosts. Hey, if it makes Goblins brave its' good enough! All of the standards in the army will just consist of collections of bearded Dwarf skulls and Dwarven armour with a (slightly) bigger collection and a ragged banner for, the Raggedy Banner[/]. Because of the tunnel nature Wolf Chariots seemed a little impractical and trajectory fire artillery was out as well, like Rock Lobbers and Doom Divers. Although Dwarves seem prove to making big caverns and long corridors, so perfect for firing Spear Chukkas along, provided you don't care about hitting goblins on the way.

Still, do you think Spear Chukkas would be all [I]that useless? Not for sniping other artillery pieces/crews and for softening up armoured targets, I mean, Gobbos need all the help then can get, don't they?

The snotlings are stupid enough to want to make a pump wagon within the confines of a tunnel network and plenty of Gobbos go up to hunt at night for food and some trap the wolves to use as mounts in order to hunt more food. The reason they ride their Wolves around fast in the tunnels is because they are chuffed to bits with them and are just total lunatics.

DeadKez, funny how you mention Fanatics, because the first list I wrote had 2-3 in each unit, But I thought, wait, these are tying up 25 points each, wow. And that is the best part of a quarter the value of a whole regiment, each! The regiment without any has identicle equipment to another regiment that does have two, i thought that would help keep my opponent on their toes, not being able to easily single out the unit with the fanatics, such as the ones with spears. So I cut down their number, especially after McMullet told me that too many just makes a game a bit boring as there is no real skill in it. Indeed.

Thanks for the input thus far!

18-05-2007, 19:25
Stone trolls. I'm sure there will be a few groans about my comments here, but here are my thoughts. Trolls have regeneration, this is better than the armour save being stone gives them, so why waste the points. Magic resistance is only going to help you if that unit is targeted, which is unlikely as your opponent will know about the 4+ regen save and will pick easier targets. It might be worth taking 1 or 2 stone trolls to escort an orc character (higher Ld), but that's not what you are after. 4 Trolls are solid, excellent flank defenders and are amazing against knights. Just bear that stupidity in mind!

Fanatics- you are so right. the fear of fanatics is usually far more potent than the things themselves.

The reason I suggested the shield on the bigger unit of wolves was to give the army at least one combat unit that stands a good chance of killing something without support. A unit of 6x2 Wolves with spears, cmd & BSB gives you 9 S4 attacks, 6 S3 attacks and +4 Static Res (unit strength of 24 should get you the Outnumber) on the charge (which at 18" charge would be criminal not to get). There's two other wolf units to do the flanking. Just an idea.

Spear chukkas are arguably the most point-efficient warmachines in the game, yes you will get games where they don't do much, but then you'll get games where they are invaluable (last game, I killed 3 spawn and 2 minotaurs with two of them).

All this said, I play with the game in mind, not the theme of my army, so we are probably playing for different reasons.

I think there's conversion scope for the Pump wagon based on what you've written.. how about modeling some mad-tunneling device or a giant worm with snotlings hanging off it. You have a talent, shame to let it go to waste building the regular wagon.

Best of luck.

Rich 123
18-05-2007, 22:38
Thanks for the very complete reply DeadKez. You made some great points that gave me alot to think about.

Stone trolls does seem like an expensive upgrade for what it is, I chose these more for aesthetic reason, but now I'm unsure, so will have a think about it.

The shields option for the Wolf Riders does seem like a good idea. I was ruling it out thinking Wolf Riders just don't seem any good as anything but fast cavalry. but any port in a storm, eh? It gives them some added survivability and the points saved from the stone troll upgrade could get another two wolves to increase the frontage and get a rank bonus (ranks need to be at least 5 models wide to get a bonus right?).

(Haha, sorry don't bother answering that, I don't have the rulebook yet, only the armybook to start planning a building the army, I won't need the Big Book until I have enough for some games.) McMullet will probably hold my hand to pick up the game so most of my early games will likely be against a Lizardmen army that doesn't often have a Slann. I wanted to taste WFB as I have been collecting minis for years, over a decade in fact, but just last year I played my first game in a 40k tournie with my marines that were (semi) finished. But I picked the basics up of 40k in less than a day and I thought WFB was a game were you could sit down and muse a bit about it (although throwing all those dice was kind of fun in 40k ;)).

I have a stock pump wagon (as well as a rock lobba and loads of old, big gobbos I won't be using) and hadn't considered doing anything but use the stock one. It took me a bit to make myself drop the Rock Lobber because it didn't fit the theme.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v399/richard_milson/Night%20Goblins/th_PumpWagon.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v399/richard_milson/Night%20Goblins/PumpWagon.jpg)

But your suggestion I convert one was excellent. I'm such an idiot it didn't even occur to me. Could do some absurd tunnel boring device. Have you seen the Labyrinth? I can't find a picture and I have work to do so don't have time to take a screengrab, but the Goblins in that use this excellent rickety tunneller. It is a bicycle with a big dome at the front covered in rotating blades. Some badly built, slightly bigger version of that, being pedalled by a big crowd of Snotlings would be awesome.

I'll hang on to the spear chukkas. I thought it can't be that hard for them to earn their points back as they are so cheap and if they are actually capable of damage dealing then all the better! Although the models need a touch of work to make them looks distinct from one and other. It always irritates me slightly when they make such individual models for something you are likely to have a number of.

Thanks for the replies, its given me alot to think about. This is really the first stage of the project. To map out a whole army and then build it in stages to pace myself. My last marine army I converted entirely and then painted at once for time pressures, but it was a bit tiring. This way I will have nice complete armies with each stage. After this there will be a modelling thread in the Project Logs as these guys steadily grow into a bigger army.

But that's all in the future for the next month or so at least.

19-05-2007, 09:19
I'd forgotten about that thing in Labyrinth. Oh yeah, that would be great...

Check your pm.

Please bear in mind that if you are new to fantasy, your list isn't going to very forgiving and there's a chance you will lose a few games before you learn how to plug up your weaknesses (low Ld, poor fighting, Animosity, the Great Green Grid Lock), especially against Lizards who don't have many weaknesses. This isn't down to your list- this is just the nature of goblins, don't lose heart though, you'll soon pick it up.

Rich 123
19-05-2007, 18:57
Thanks for the low down on Wolf Riders Deadkez. Was a very interesting read, I think i will plump for shields on these guys and maybe move a wolf from the other big regiment into the standard bearer regiment.

I could do with a nice bit of scratchbuilding, I haven't done any since making the servitor/mini tanks in my marines thread. So making a pump wagon will be a nice change from the norm.

I'm not worried about actually winning with these guys. I've only one won game with my marines and that was just because the result was so close it came down to a dice off! And with goblins, well playing the games should be even more entertaining in themselves. I should get the hang of it eventually and will maybe even be able to start winning with enough practice.

With an army full of small, weedy Goblins that run away at the sight of an angry cat, I predict they will either cause terrible damage or just run away at the first sign of a fight!

Thanks for the help,

20-05-2007, 01:01
Nice list and nice conversions.

Try using units of 35 for your NGs, it'll really help out with the panic tests, also you can line up your units 7 across giving you 14(maybe 15) attacks to work with when using spears, your not trying to win combat through those 14 attacks, but you are trying to negate a few CRs your opponent gets through wounds by doing one or two yourself.

Think about loosing the bosses out of the units that don't have characters.

If your running wolf riders to support your NG units then don't bother with standard, they're actually easy VPs for your opponent anyway, it'll save you VPs and points if you don't them.

Vile Snotsuckle
20-05-2007, 16:07
Nice conversions!:)

20-05-2007, 16:30
make sure you add magic or your dead one lvl 1 shaman....(HELP!). Oh and if you do get into combat with saurus make sure your the one who chardged as you'll strike first every CC phase.