View Full Version : How to Improve my Goblin Horde (2000pts)?

17-05-2007, 16:58
Now that I've had a few games with my 2000pt Goblin horde and I figured it's time to re-assess my unit choices and see if anything can be improved. Here's what I've been using;

Mister Angry Boss Gobbo Serr
Common Gobbo Warboss
Ulags Akrit Axe
Amulet of Protectyness
Iron Nashas - 145

Wiggy da Banna Wava
Nite Gobbo Bigboss
BSB, Light Armour
Martogs Basha
Best Boss 'At - 102

Profesa Fungus
Nite Gobbo Shaman
Level 2
Nibblas Itty Ring
Dispel Scroll - 130

Doctor Zoose
Nite Gobbo Shaman
Level 2
2x Magic Mushrooms
Dispel Scroll - 130

39 Night Gobbos, Full Command, Nets - 172

39 Night Gobbos w. Std, Musician, Nets, Fanatic - 189

30 Night Gobbos w. Spears, Musician, 2x Fanatics - 174

20 Night Gobbos w. Short Bows, Musician - 64

2 Snotling Bases (20ea) - 40

2 Snotling Bases (20ea) - 40

5 Spider Riders w. Musician - 71

5 Spider Riders w. Musician - 71

5 Spider Riders w. Musician - 71

5 Spider Riders w. Musician - 71

2 Spear Chukkas - 70

9 Squig Hoppers - 135

4 Squig Herds - 120

Giant - 205

I like my list as it stands but I do think it can be improved. Right now, at the absolute least I think the big boss needs to be re-equipped or replaced altogether. He and his battle standard have really done nothing for me up until now.

So I'm thinking of two possibilities - remove the giant for a troll and a second squig herd, and/or replace the BSB Bigboss with a shaman/something else?
For the record, Im trying to design this army more towards dealing with fear-causers and undead, which seem to give my poor gobbos the most trouble (stupid Ld :cheese: ). I think the squigs help quite alot with this but any other tips would be great. :rolleyes:

Obviously this is a themed list so for now I'll consider any changes at all that doesn't involve taking orcs (which I will take one day...but not before I finish painting the gobbos). :D

17-05-2007, 18:22
maybe drop the snots to get another unit of bows. or add a second fanatic.

18-05-2007, 01:49
The Snotlings have actually been quite useful for me, given that they're a throwaway unit that I can use to redirect chargers and who won't panic my goblins.

If I ditch anything at the moment, the first would have to be the Big Boss, which gives me 102 points to play with. I could add 4 fanatics for that, but I do wonder whether that would really be better than, for instance, another squig herd or a shaman?

Here's what I'm pondering:

Ditch the BSB and 2 squig hoppers. That gives me 132 points, which is enough for either;
a Lvl 2 Shaman with items,
a big boss with brimstone bauble + something else on a giant squig
a second squig herd,
3 trolls,
or 2-3 snotling bases and 2-3 more fanatics.

So which would be the best option in your opinion? Any help would be greatly appreciated!