View Full Version : Thorek Ironbrow question

Fulgrim's Gimp
17-05-2007, 21:05
Hi All,

Just a quick question, can Thorek's anvil guards give or receive challenges ? Can any anvil guards ?


17-05-2007, 21:08
No, as they are not characters and no separate provision is made in the Anvil's rules.


17-05-2007, 21:10
What about the other guy... the one who grants the reroll?

17-05-2007, 21:11

You mean Kraggi? Yes he can, as he is *treated as a unit champion* and as such may indeed accept and issue challenges.


17-05-2007, 21:14

I don't play Dwarfs, but have had to play against the dreadful Thorek-based army a lot in recent months and was curious. Not that I ever even get close to engaging him in HTH.... :cheese:

17-05-2007, 22:10
Thorek armies are easy to beat, provided you have the required models to fill in the rolls that are able to engage Thorek.

What army do you play?

Fulgrim's Gimp
17-05-2007, 22:11
Yep, I'm going to have that honour, I'm teaching a mate how to play and after listening to advice from people at our local store he's adopted a Thorek based dwarf army encamped around the anvil :( The latest query was in response to me trying to issue challenges to Thorek with a flying wood elf hero as a way of dealing with him.