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17-05-2007, 22:07
This is my very first army so forgive me if its not up to the standard of painting normally found on these forums!! Please anybody that is able to give advice on anything i post in here especially painting will be most welcome. To give you an idea of what i will be painting below is my army list any adive will also be apreciated on this


Tyrant with tenderizer, gut maw, wyrdstone necklace, heavy armour, luck gnoblar (323pts)


Butcher with siegebreaker (160pts)
Butcher with a dispell scroll and skullmantle (180 pts)
Butcher with bangstick and dispell scroll (180 pts)


3 units of 3 bulls each including a bellower (345 pts)
2 units of 3 ironguts each unit includes a standard bearer and lookout gnoblar (338 pts)
1 unit of 20 gnoblar fighters (40 pts)
1 unit of 8 gnoblar trappers (48 pts)


2 units of 2 leadbelchers each inclding a bellower (240 pts)


2 gorgers (150 pts)

Thanks i will be posting pictures of the painted models very soon:) :) :)

17-05-2007, 22:11
im looking forward to see your pics..

i dont know much of OK, but can you really field 2 leadbealchers a unit? arent the minimum 3+?

18-05-2007, 01:31
Leadbelchers are 2+. They shpuld never be taken above that number!

I shall be watching this thread closely, I have just started my Ogre army. Looking forward to pics!

18-05-2007, 13:25
Here is the first ever model i painted properly, its my first of three butcher i hope you like it

18-05-2007, 13:44
Looking nice Bezgral, although the skin looks a little flat to me.

Very nice work for your first army :D

18-05-2007, 19:16
Yea looks very cool for your first army and its ogres, even better :D

units of bulls and ironguts should usually be 4 strong, then you get the best amount of attacks against enemies.

The butcher looks pretty cool but as arhalien said, the skin could so with a highlight or two

19-05-2007, 02:06
I could suggest all kinds of ways to improve you're painting. But as it is you're first amry nah, as for a first army. They look alot better than mine did.. :'(

19-05-2007, 12:37
your butcher is fantastic for a first model, mine were so terrible, you've obviously got the ability, I bet by the end of this army they'll be awesome!

my tip for ogres is to start off with a very dark base colour for the skin, I painted my dragon ogres with bestial brown all over their skin, then built up highlights by mixing in progressively more elf flesh. I then put tiny thin lines of skull white on the very edges of the muscles (I wanted them to have a shiny oiled up bodybuilder feel to them)

this approach means you'll be able to show lots and lots of definition on the muscles, and as ogres are rippling with muscles this will be a good thing!

good luck, you're doing great!

20-05-2007, 11:54
thanks for all your advice and i am in the process of doing up the butcher but below is the tyrant i painted just after the ogre i know this could do with some highlights on the skin as well but again any advice is greatly apreciated.

20-05-2007, 12:02
More nice work Bezgral :)
Apart from the skin a couple of things I think;
- The lips and eyes look a bit odd being painted black to me.
- The rust on the weapons looks very well done.
- The gold could maybe do with a coat of chestnut ink to go into the recesses as it looks a little bit flat
- The trousers are also a little bit flat IMO.

How much have you got painted so far out of interest?

Nice work :)

20-05-2007, 12:04
it's probably too late now, but I would advise you to paint all the basic troops first, this is because they can get a bit boring and repetetive and the characters can help to break up the monotony, also when you've practised on some troops your painting will improve somewhat and the characters will get a better paint job!

20-05-2007, 15:36
Arhalien, so far i ahve painted both the heroes posted and a bull and irongut along a few annoying gnoblars!! Will be putting pics of them up soon. BTW the lips on the tyrant aren't actually black although it looks like they are because of the lighting!!

20-05-2007, 16:15
nice one there! i like the metal ond the club head, though the gold plate on the stomach just screams for a chestnut ink :)

i would recommend you to use snow on your bases maybe... it would look awesome! GW sells snow flock btw :)

regards. AND

20-05-2007, 18:28
Agreed with And; the snow flock would look good IMO; a nice contrast with the rest of the model.

Any idea when I'll get to see these in the flesh? ;)

22-05-2007, 20:21
probably in the summer after the exams arhalien. Then i'll pwn your HE's!! BTW thanks And i was tryin to decide what terrain to put them on and i will definatly use snow now thanks

22-05-2007, 20:40
Heh, given my record then beating my High Elves should be almost a certainty for you, although they may actually look good when you're fighting them, that is if I continue with the plan of repainting them this summer.

23-05-2007, 12:43
To give the flesh some depth, try giving 'm an ink wash (black or brown will do).

Looks good so far.

30-05-2007, 13:22
i am currently working on the skin of my ogresand i have taken in all of your adivce and am trying each method i will soon be posting them and wanting to know which you think is best.

thanks for all your advice so far

30-05-2007, 17:59
Definitely need a wash, but you could do it a few different ways. I would experiment a little for what you want, try maybe a purple, a dark green, or a brown and see which you like better.