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17-05-2007, 22:51
Morgur master of skulls 378

bray shaman bray staff power fammiliar lvl 2 slannesh 186
bray shaman staff of drakoth chaos armor spell fammiliar lvl or/ungor units 2 slannesh 180

beast herd 10 gors 10 ungors foe render standerd 140 x2 units
beast herd 5 gors 15 ungors 95
beast herd 5 gors 5 ungors 55
15 bestigors tzeench standerd 212 x2 units
7 wolves x5 units

5 centigors x2 units

the plan is ambush with the 2 10 gor/ungor units and the 5 gor/ungor unit to kill warmachines march block and rear charge
then wolves and morgur move while creating tons of spawn ld 4 but the real fun is when morgur hits the enemy line and starts causing terror while creating mor spawn out enemy infantry

18-05-2007, 00:27
if this is your first time playing with beasts of chaos i would recommend not using a very wierd special character straight away and try more normal armies first.

and i'm fairly sure your army isn't legal with the marks you currently have. slaaneshi bray shaman with tzeentch herds (you can also only have one marked herd, i think) and no slaaneshi ones.

18-05-2007, 01:42
I'd second the "weird special character" sentiments. Go with a more conventional army at first, and use the bizarre special characters for variation once in a while. It's too much of a one trick pony to invest so much time and money into.

And your plan probably won't work all that well because Morghur really doesn't have a lot in the way of defense. I'd also take Foe Renders in all the beastherds, otherwise they operate with Ld 6 because of the lack of a general. The Mark of Tzeench is a bad idea on the Bestigors because it makes them less reliable. I'd recommend Mark of Chaos Undivided or Mark of Khorne.

Holy Crap! Manticores!
18-05-2007, 14:14
guess what? Another "no to special characters" vote for starting an army. Even amongst special characters, Morghur is wierd, and really won't do much to teach you the ways of the Beasts.

You might be better off using those 378 pts to pick up some inherently heavy hitters, such as Minotaurs or a Shaggoth :evilgrin:

The problem is that you'll have to totally re-tool the list due to mixed marks.

:eyebrows: Oh, and you may indeed have only one marked unit of Bestigor.