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17-05-2007, 22:59
Hey so here is the army i whant too use this sommer campain.

Thane: GW, GA, Shiled. Rune of Stone and Oath Stone. 96p

Thane BSB: GA. Stralla'z Rune, Oath Stone. 165p

19x Warriors (full command) (BSB here) 196p

19x Longbeards (full command & rune of battel) (Thane here) 278p

6x Miners (musican) 60p

6x Miners (musican) 60p

Organ Gun 120p

Well the plan is that the too units and the organ gun move befor the game starts, the first miners too come in is going to hunt warmachine/wizard ore some sort of thing. The other one is going to try to flank ore rear one enemy unit when they are in cc whit the warrios/longbeards. The Organ Gun is going too gard the flank ore be on a hill.

So what do ppl think? Do i get a cannon and take away the organ gun. Mayby some bolt throwers? Get some other magic runes?

Silver Dragon Flame
17-05-2007, 23:43
Well, for one, I think you should really cut your oathstones. A unit "deploying" its oathstone is completely unable to move, until it flees at which point you lose a heap of extra victory points at your opponents behalf. With that said, I think that it would be unwieldy to take an oathstone when you only have two blocks of troops. Taking two would be suicide.

Furthermore, 6 miners including musician adds up to 71 points, not 60. Thus, the list is illegal. But, even with a bunch of miners, with this list, two miner units picking warmachines would make little difference. What you need is a hill. A hill where you can place your own cannon and some support and then fire the living stone out of units running around your oathstones shooting at them.

The Organ gun. Not a wise choice for this plan at least. As it is very vulnerable, both to enemy fire and misfires, you should consider buying a tooled cannon. A cannon with a rune of forging and an engineer adds up to 140 points and are more resilient to shooting as it is much more resilient to misfires.

Longbeards are great, at every point. But they are so expensive and at this low point cost, that is points better spent elsewhere. Most preferrably at some long range support, as Thunderers or Quarrellers.

I know you want to use your oathstones. I would too. But I think that one is enough. I would kick the oathstone for the BSB, as he isn't the one fighting anyway. Him and his unit could still work with supporting the other unit, flankcharging and negating shooting from behind.

If you use the very same setups for your characters but remove the oathstone from the BSB, downgrade the longbeards back to warriors and removing one of your miner units (one is enough for picking out warmachines) Then, removing your Organ Gun enables you to buy yourself a cannon with Forging and an engineer. After this, you have enough points to buy yourself a unit of Thunderers, ten man strong for some fire support.
This, remaked list ends up at 964 points which gives you the opportunity to further enforce some units or, if you want to, buy a second oathstone, though I wouldn't recommend it.

18-05-2007, 09:14
Thanks for the reply, well i se now that the miners cost 71p thank you. And for the oath stone well mayby i use one. But it gives the unit a (1) magic resistans.
I see what you mean by the organ gun so im going too do the list one more time.

Army II
Thane: GW, GA, Shiled. Rune of Stone and Oath Stone. 96p

Thane BSB: GA. Stralla'z Rune, . 145p

19x Warriors (full command, shield) (BSB here) 196p

19x Warriors (full command, shield) (Thane) 196p

10x Thunderers (musican, shield) 155p

6x Miners (musican) 71p

Bolt Throwers (Crew, engineer) 60p

Bolt Throwers (Crew, engineer) (Valiant rune) 80p

So this is 999p. The tundrers and one bolt thrower is going too hold one flank and the other bolt thrower whit the Valiant rune is going too holde the other flank. I belive that too off these will do more damage in a battel whit BS4 S6.

Silver Dragon Flame
18-05-2007, 10:07
That looks alot better, and still with the same theme. The boltthrowers gives you the ability to choose your targets more freely aswell. However, they lack some punch and therefore it might be hard to hold an entire flank with one alone. Consider helping him or even doing a refused flank.