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18-05-2007, 08:37
Hello, im pretty new to gaming warhammer, but have collected and paited models for a couple of years,, I know the rules well but have no experience from battles,.... So i want to know if you think this armylist stand any chance in a tournement,,, im gonna put the prince in the swordmasterunit, (deployed 7 wide, like first two raks are 6+prince and 3 is 7).... that will make them stubborn, so they i hope they wont run if charged by cavalry... and with their swords their gonna kill of much i hope...... 2 mages are gonna provide a strong magic,,,(any suggestions on lore??) and bolt throwers and archers will provide enough shooting to weaken my enemy pretty much... the 3 units of cavalry shall get the flank charges, and disrupting my enemys plan.... what u think?

Prince 233pts (Lord)
Options: Pure of Heart; Lion Guard; Enchanted Shield; Armour of the Gods
Mount: Elven Steed

Mage 180pts (Hero)
Options: Level 2 Wizard; Jewel of Dusk; Ring of Corin

Mage 180pts (Hero)
Options: Level 2 Wizard; Dispel Scroll (x1); Ring of Fury


10 x Archers 126pts (Core)
Options: Musician

5 x Silver Helms 150pts (Core)
Options: Heavy Armour; Shield; Full command

5 x Silver Helms 150pts (Core)
Options: Heavy Armour; Shield; full command

19 x Spearmen 239pts (Core)
Options: full command

5 x Dragon Princes 175pts (Special)
Options: full command

5 x Shadow Warriors 75pts (Special)

19 x Swordmasters 292pts (Special)
Options: full command; Banner of Ellyrion

1 x Repeater Bolt Thrower 100pts (0.5Rare)

1 x Repeater Bolt Thrower 100pts (0.5Rare)

18-05-2007, 09:19
Pick your lores based on your opponent. If they have lots of magic, take high magic and use drain magic on them. If they are full of heavy cavalry, go for lists like Beasts (for the beast cowers and the hunters spear) and Metal. Oh, and if you encounter undead, Light rules!

18-05-2007, 09:27
Armor of the Gods and a mount can't go together, if you want to wear armor of the gods you have to be on foot, and 2 magic armor items can't go together either I believe.

18-05-2007, 09:55
Glorfindel's right, the Prince isn't legal. Helm of Fortune + heavy armour + shield + barded steed would give him a very good save against nearly anything, and leave you some points for other items, which I would use to defend that Swordmaster unit a bit. It's going to be a great big target for spells, shooting etc. Sacred incense, or one or two of the magic amulets could help keep it alive.

I'd probably lose some of the command on the knight units, it's not really worth it, but especially lose the banners - they are 100 VPs each units that aren't that sturdy.

If possible, a Banner of Sorcery on the Dragon Princes would boost your magic phase from ok (7 PD) to pretty decent (8-10 PD) for only 50pts, with the advantage that it puts dice in the common pool, so your spellcasting with the 2 wizards can be more flexible (e.g. if one is out of position).

The archers.... some people still support them, maybe as a place to hide a mage, or for getting you table quarters, but I really don't think they're worth it. You could get 2 eagles for less, which would have a multitude of uses. Or you could get (nearly) 1 chariot and 1 eagle.

Overall though I think the list looks ok. Personally I'd put the Stubborn Prince in with the Spearmen, maybe adding a magic banner (war banner, or lion standard) to make a really rock hard anvil (+4 CR, immune to fear/terror/panic, stubborn leadership 10) and then shrink the Swordmasters down a bit to use as a flanking unit. Some reavers or chariots would also be nice. But that's just me :)

21-05-2007, 07:01
Dear god.. and that prince would have a -2 armour save against shooting! -3 if barded!... can that save a cannon ball? :D

- g0ddy

21-05-2007, 11:09
The Armour of the Gods guy would have a -1+ save....but is illegal in 3 different ways :)

21-05-2007, 13:35
If you want a good Prince on horse try this.

High elf Prince(Lord), Lance; Dragon Armour; Pure of Heart; Enchanted Shield; Vambraces of Defense; Ring of Corin, Barded Warhorse.

This gives you:
1+ re-rollable armour save.
4+ ward save.
+2 strength on the charge.
Ability to destroy oponents magic items.
Makes unit immune to panic.
Immune to fire based attacks.

21-05-2007, 16:36
That's the sort of thing I tend to use too, if I field a Prince at all, although I'd be inclined to give the ring to a mage and try and beef the Prince's combat abilities a bit - mainly because (and this is probably just me :rolleyes: ) he tends to miss a lot with his lance, and so it's nice to have a backup for subsequent turns.

What I've found with the HE magic items though, is that 1)the cheaper items are usually the best and 2)you've gotta be specific. Can't really make a tank AND a killing machine in one guy. So pick one or two roles for him, and go for those.

A couple of Princes I've used with (some) success:

1)Barded Steed, Heavy Armour (save 2 pts woohoo), Lance, shield, Amulet of Purifying Flame, Amulet of Fire, Helm of Fortune, Blade of Sea Gold.

Strangely it is legal to wear the two amulets, as one's a Talisman and one's an Enchanted item. So that gives:

1+ re-rollable save, MR (1) and immunity to fire, -3 to all spells cast at you, +2 strength on the charge, ignores armour saves in subsequent rounds. So long as you keep him away from things that negate armour completely (e.g. a boltthrower shot to the head in the final game of a tournament :cries: ) he's nearly invulnerable, helps out any unit he's in vs magic, and can be pretty deadly to knights, ironbreakers, enemy heroes etc. Alas only strength 4....

2)Barded steed, lance, shield HA, Amulet of Purifying Flame, Sacred Incense, Foe Bane, Helm of Fortune for:

1+ rerollable, -3 to all spells cast at you, -1 to all shooting at the unit, +2 str on charge, wound all enemies with 3 or more wounds on a 2+.

Foe bane I've found can be quite useful, or it can be near-useless :D Depends a lot on the enemy. I've found there are some things HE can really struggle to kill, simply because of high T, and that's where Foe Bane comes good. At the very least, it's magical, and not very expensive.

I'm a fan of using the Prince to help out the unit he's in, rather than trying to make him too 'killy'.

Then again, there are people who swear by Armour of the Gods and Blade of Leaping Gold/Swordmaster, but that's a whole other story....

Something else to consider, I've seen the Reaver Bow be quite effective (against me :( ), especially from someone on an eagle/Griffon. 3 str 5 hits can be pretty scary for any lone characters out there, and is effectively an extra boltthower volley if you need it.