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18-05-2007, 09:43
I am a newbie O&G.
I need advices on tactics to use against the hatred Dwarves.
Can you help me?

I've found a similiar post but it is referred to 6th edition :(

18-05-2007, 11:14
It's difficult to offer sound advice without having anything more specific (such as a run down of the army lists). I'll offer what I can though.

The typical Dwarf tactic is to castle up a hill somewhere, so 2-3 artillery pieces on a hill with lots of shooters a level below this and then a ton of decent combat troops at the bottom. Oh, and the whole army hates, pretty much, the whole of your army.
He'll try to panic as many units as possible and then destroy anything that is stubborn enough to get into combat.

Your challenge is to overwhelm him with good units, whilst the fleeing units are the stuff you didn't want in combat anyway.

I'd take medium sized goblin units (7x3?), keep them cheap and cheerful (musician only), the sort of thing that's going to screen your combat troops but looks like its worth shooting (night goblins are good, as he'll be expecting fanatics). Lots of wolves with spears that can get into flanking positions. Your combat troops- orcs with shields and savage orcs (immune to panic whilst frenzied). Leave the chariots & giants at home, they are just cannon fodder.

Some other untried ideas (by myself anyway): A big squig herd with goblin flesh shields- this races ahead and tries to get itself killed- scattering the squigs into his ranks. Doom Diver- possibly more accurate than his warmachines, a couple of hits into his artillery nest will start worrying him- go for the organ guns. Snarsnik- there's a fair chance the sneaky traps rule will render the warmachines, or miners, less useful. In fact, theres something, don't charge miners- that hurts. Pump Wagons might be an idea too, he'll divert a lot of shooting at them, and you can afford to lose them.

Caution, bad idea alert!
Ok, how about this for an idea..if he's on a hill, you can shoot with all your troops, not just the first rank. Take the poison banner on a big unit of night goblin archers (say 40), get close and shoot (40 poison shots has got to be worth something, right?). If you can destroy a dug-in unit, you might panic a couple more, opening a gap for your combat troops.

Hope this is of some assistance to your plight.

18-05-2007, 14:27
I would suggest a couple of unit of 10 squig hoppers, 2 S5 attack that you can re-roll to hit in the first round of combat is a very nice quick (if the dice gods are with you) hitting unit.

A block or 2 of night goblins with nets and 2 fanatics each. For the number, and distraction and to cause doubt in your opponent's mind whether or not you have fanatics, and remember, hatred is your friend. Do take a giant, against dwarves he won't see the light of the second turn and he might land on your troops and cause havoc in your ranks.

A doom diver is a good option, and also 2 pump wagons. They won't do much against dwarves but they will be a psychological factor in your favor. Pump wagons have a reputation of being able to tear small unit apart, of course this won't happen against dwarves since they have high toughness and good armour save but at 40 points each they can attract a couple of cannon hit which won't be aimed at you orcs unit.

Speaking of which, build them 25 strong, armed with light armour and shield and make them charge into combat as fast as can. Support them with a couple of wolf riders (or spider rider if you have bought skull pass), don't invest in short bows, they won't do squat against the stunties.

For you characters, either go magic heavy or no magic at all. On average you will be facing 6 DD and a scroll. It can be hard to cast something against that kind of defense if you only have a level shaman.

That's it for now. If I think of something else, I'll post again later.