View Full Version : 2000 Points of huge, fat, stupid, men.

18-05-2007, 11:13
IE: Ogres.


Tyrant - 301 Points

Siege Breaker
Gut Maw
Wyrdstone Necklace
Wall Crusher
Heavy Armour


Butcher - 155



4 Bulls - 211 Points

Additional Hand Weapons
Full Command
Look Out Gnoblar

4 Bulls - 211 Points

Additional Hand Weapons
Full Command
Look Out Gnoblar

4 Iron guts - 245 Points

Full Command

20 Gnoblar Fighters - 40 Points


4 Lead belchers - 240 Points

Full Command

4 Lead belchers - 240 Points

Full Command


4 Maneaters - 360 Points

1x Cathayan Longsword
3x Great Weapon

C&C etc etc.

19-05-2007, 17:56
Wow, lots of constructive material here.

20-05-2007, 00:38
Well, sarcasm will get you somewhere...

Your tyrant is certainly heavily equipped. I'd consider dropping the gutmaw as it really only matters in challenges. Additionally against certain armies the seigebreaker will work against you (elves). A great weapon is almost as good in most cases. The points you save here can be used well elsewhere.

You really need some magic defense and picking up a dispel scroll is certainly a good idea.

General concensus with bulls is no command except a musician. This would free up 40 additional points for you.

Iron guts are probably fine but may be a good place for you tyrant, in which case a look out gnoblar would be a good idea. Additionally they would do well with a warbanner.

Gnoblars are fine.

As to the leadbelchers, I'd consider dropping down to units of 2 or 3 and giving them musicians to help them rally. (they get to reload when they rally after a flee). 3 units of 3 is probably excessive but may be highly entertaining. Additionally you could consider some yhetees as their ability to move through terrain can be quite handy.

For your rares...that's a hell of alot of points in one unit. I'd consider either splitting them into 2 units, probably with a cathayan in each. Alternatively drop to 2-3 models and get a gorger. The gorger can really help you out with war-machine hunting.

You could do well with a second butcher if you wanted a more magic-riented approach and dropping command from bulls and a single lead belcher would cover his cost.