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18-05-2007, 11:43
I was in a sway of getting either Wood Elves, Dwarfs or Ogre Kingdoms a few weeks ago, and finally decided on Wood Elves due to the very eye catching models. Anyway, to keep the cost of the game down, me and my friend fight small 1000pt battles almost every week, the main foes I'm going to be against are Orcs and Empire. His Orc army is made up pretty much of a huge unit of Orcs, some chariots, a flanking unit of 10 Wolf Riders and the rest I'm not so sure about, so here's the list I've drawn up:

Additional Hand Weapon, Light Armour; Hail of Doom Arrow, Dragontooth Arrows; 131pts

Level 2; Calingor's Stave; 150pts

3x10 Glade Guard

5 Scouts

5 Glade Riders

12 Dryads

Total: 990pts

The plan is to have the 3 units of Glade Guard hold the centre, with the Dryads holding one flank with the Scouts and Glade Riders on the other, hopefully using the Glade Riders to march block one side of the enemy line. It's still a list I'm very unsure about, so any help is appreciated!

18-05-2007, 17:03
I'd be tempted to drop that dragontooth arrows for points, but also you can't take two different magical arrows on the same character. I doubt the additional HW will do much but if you have the spare points fine. I'd rather take those points and the unused points and get an extra dryad.

As for the spellsinger, you're not going to be a dominating magical force. Unless you really, really need to cast treesinging I'd think about dropping calaingor's and getting a dispel scroll or two.

For your troops:
I'd drop the scouts, they're pricey for what you get (although it's the only forward deployable unit you have)
I'd put a musician with the glade riders (allowing them to add 1 to their Ld for rally is really handy)
I'd scrounge the points (dropping magic items and/or scouts) to get 4 more dryads and make 2 units of 8.
You could consider dropping to 2 gladeguard units and using those points for more dryads or another unit of glade riders.
Alternatively you could scrape up points for a small unit of either wild riders (which I don't use) or wardancers.

18-05-2007, 17:13
Hi, Zakk,

Interesting list. By the way, have you read the battle report in "The Watchman issue 1" on the homepage? It may give you some ideas.

I have to say, I have not played Dragontooth Arrows a lot. I normally spends the points on other stuff.

The GladeRiders unit looks a little weak at 5 strong. I would also consider giving them command, so that you can also flank charge.

I normally go for less archers (1 unit of GG and scouts, perhaps 3 units) preferring the HtH phase. 2 units of 8 dryads or even some treekin if possible.

As an variation to your current list you could lose the Dragontooth Arrows and shield on you general (I don't think your plan is to use him in HtH in any case) as well as 2 dryads.

For this you can either take 6 glade riders with musician and banner or 6 Wild riders with musician and banner. Combine them with a wood in the middle of the table and some weak spot in the enemy's line, often found at 1000pts, you may be able to punch through the line and attack him from both sides. (Dryad frontal charge and wildrider rear charge.) :evilgrin:

18-05-2007, 18:46
Thank you guys, I'm used to playing VC's and hence aren't used to having a shooting phase, so I think I might've gone over board on the fact I can actually have one! After work tonight I'll try and draw up another list or two and see what you think, thank you for the input.