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18-05-2007, 14:07
Ok well this is the first Fantasy came I have ever played and all I had was what game in the Wood Elf Army Box and a Spellsinger, hence why the list is not very balanced. So without further ado...

Wood Elves

lvl. 2 upgrade, 2 Dispel Scrolls.

12 Glade Guard

12 Glade Guard

8 Glade Riders

12 Dryads


Dispel Scroll, Power Stone


4 Bulls

4 Bulls

4 Ironguts

I think I was a little bit over the points, 755 or something but we played anyway.

Spells: Tree Singing, Ariels Blessing

I had a hill in the right of my deployment zone.
Opponent had a forest on the right of his and a ruin on the left.
I placed my free forest on the as far forward as I could, dead centre of the board.


My Glade Riders were on the left flank, with one unit of Glade Guard inside them, Dryads in the center, other Glade Guard on the right flank.
Spellsinger towards the left near the forest.

Opponent deployed a unit of bulls with the butcher on his right flank, Ironguts with the Bruiser in the centre and the other bulls on the left.



----Glade Guard------------------Dryads-------------------Glade Guard----

This was part of the pre-Nemesis Crown Campaign. Call to Arms. So we were in different warbands and each got an objective that was to be kept secret from the other. Mine was to get a unit into the enemies table half.

Wood Elf Turn 1
I won the roll for first turn.
The Glade Riders swept forward behind the wood on the left of the board. My mage failed to cast Tree Singing on the wood the Glade Riders were hiding behind. But cast Ariels Blessing on the Dryads. This spell gives the chosen unit the Regeneration ability.
The Glade Guard on the left opened fire on the bulls housing the butcher, felling an ogre and wounding another.
The Glade guard on the right managed to cause two wounds on the other unit of bulls.

Ogre Turn 1
All my opponents units swept forward. He cast a spell that causes 2D6 magic missile hits on a unit which I dispelled. He then failed to cast another spell to cause a Panic Check.
His Butcher opened fire with his pistols and dropped one Dryad.

Wood Elf Turn 2
My Glade Riders swept around the back of his flank march blocking the unit of bulls with the butcher.
Glade Guard on the left moved slightly to the left so they could drawn a line around the wood to the Ironguts and my mage moved up nearer the wood.
Glade Guard on the right moved up to get the bulls on the left into short range.
My spellsinger cast Tree Singing on the wood in my opponents hafl, moving it two inches towards the centre. Meaning they would have to go through it to reach my lines again, or go around. Then cast Ariels Vlessing on the Dryads again.
The Glade Riders cause 2 wounds on the Bulls with the Butcher, killing the wounded one.
The Glade Guard on the left then fired into the Ironguts, felling one of the mighty beasts.
The Glade Guard on the right were much more successful, managing to cause 5 wounds. Leaving just two ogres, one of which was down to one wound.

Ogre Turn 2
The ironguts declared a charge on the Dryads and the two Bulls on my right charged the Glade guard.
My opponents magic phase really hurt. He killed 5 of my Glade Riders with the same 2D6 magic missile which I couldnt Dispel who then promptly ran off the board. He then cast a spell with Irrisistible Force that increased the toughness of the unit about to charge my Glade Guard to 5.
The ironguts and butcher smashed into my Dryads, killing only 3! The Dryads struck back felling an ogre.
The Glade Guard being charged stand and shot, however only managed to kill the wounded ogre. Two Glade Guard were trampled before their comrades struck back causing two wounds. The Glade Guard won combat and the ogre was run down.

Wood Elf Turn 3
My leftmost Glade guard moved up to get a shot in at the Butchers unit. The other unit marched forward, just short of my opponents half.
My opponent used his dispel Dice to stop me casting Ariels Blessing on the Dryads again.
The Glade Guard on the left killed the two bulls, leaving the Butcher on his own.
The Dryads caused 4 wounds, killing another Irongut and wounding another.
In return the ogres killed 3 more Dryads.

Ogre Turn 3
The butcher charged towards the nearest unit of Glade Guard. I used one of my Dispel Scrolls to stop him casting a magic missile on the Glade Guard. Then Dispelled his attempt to make the Bruiser stubborn and increase his toughness.
The Dryads reduced the Bruiser to one wound, won the combat and pursued, however didnt catch the Ogre Hero.

Wood Elf Turn 4
The Glade Guard marched forward deep into my opponents half.
The other Glade Guard moved forward towards the hero along with the elven mage.
My Spellsinger cast Ariels Blessing on the Dryads, and tree sung the wood behind the butcher 3", blocking his avenue of escape.
Having forgotten for the whole game that my mage had a longbow I shot at the Butcher and took a wound off! The Glade guard then caused 4 wounds, killing the ogre. The Dryads caught up with the Butcher and ran it into the ground.

Result: Wood Elf victory!

Turns out my opponents objective was to stop me getting any units into his deployment zone.... :p

18-05-2007, 14:47
I read it. I think that the ogre list was really a bad one, no surprise he lost.

18-05-2007, 14:48
It was. But it was all he had really. And plus there is a possibility he was going easy on me as it was my first game. Also my rolling was amazing :P

18-05-2007, 16:09
Nice report Cill! :-) Thanks for the write-up

27-05-2007, 19:30
You're rolling really must have been amazing I mean str3 bow (unless in short range) and so many wounds! Still nice though ^^

28-05-2007, 21:11
Yeah I know. Everyone was convinced it was beginners luck.
Im sure I'll go back to my 40k rolling now, which is appaling :P

01-06-2007, 22:46
and you thought that you had an unbalanced list! who would be crazy enough to take 2 orgre heros at 750 points. they are 130 each basic! so thats 310 for the characters, 280 for the bulls, and 212 for ironguts. so thats 802 points. so, effectively, you beat an illegal army. well done :cool:

btw, i only know the poins because ive got the army book infront of me;)

Gabacho Mk.II
03-06-2007, 23:53
For a first game and gaming only with the models at hand, I think that it was a pretty good showing for the Wood Elves.

In my opinion, the Elves did well. And although I also believe that the Ogres did well too, a unit or more of Gnoblars or equivalent might have forced the battle into a different conclusion. No matter what, it should have been a fun game. [besides, anyday that the dreadful ogres are run down and killed is a good day... for the west and for Cathay!] :D

they are 130 each basic! so thats 310 for the characters, 280 for the bulls, and 212 for ironguts. so thats 802 points. so, effectively, you beat an illegal army. well done :cool:

Good point brambleten!

04-06-2007, 02:03
Nice battle! Go the Asrai!

That was some seriously good rolling... I've never seen strength 3 shots kill so much stuff.