View Full Version : Ive got a chance to buy Dark Elves and Ogres

18-05-2007, 17:02
Ive got a chance to buy Dark Elves or Ogres...either army any good? What units do I need to look for in those armies?

18-05-2007, 18:27
Neither army is really competitive at his stage in tournamens if it is important to you.

Dark Elves are rumored to get a new armybook next year though and knowing GW it will be quite powerful and shiny. It is not likely that models will become obsolete, they may even gat a new unit.

What to look for in Dark Elves are Dark Riders (one of the, if not the best) fast cavalry units in the game and depending on your play style the Elites like Cold One Knights, Executioners or Chariots.

Repeater Boltthrowers are also a must have.

I don't play Ogres but the armies i played against tend to be all very similar.. 2-3 units of 3-4 standard Ogres, a unit of "upgraded" Ogres (don't know the exact name), 1-2 unit of "cannon" Ogres (2-3 in each unit), some Gnoblar units (mostly a bigger infantry block and a scouting party).
That's the core i encountered in every army and what apparently works.. after that it's personal preference, game plan and what you actually buy.

18-05-2007, 20:15
I do care about competative play...Its just that we get that through 40k, I have a 4000 point Dwarf army thats been on the shelf for about 7 years, Ide probably bring that to any tournament anyway.

I know it has about 100 footsloggers and 40 cavalry, no clue about the bolt throwers and such...I can look into it...I think im definitly interested in the DE army...the flavor of ogres doesnt do much at all for me though I must admit...would u even bother with the ogres...the seem kind of blah next to the Dwarf and DE armies.

18-05-2007, 21:03
I collect both Dark Elves and Ogres.

Dark Elves are a great army, but can be very unforgiven, make a mistake and it could end up costing you the game. Dark Elves I think are better played with the core troops being Dark Riders, I've taken Skaven armies apart with these guys.

Ogres are fun, very powerful on the charge, they tend to be a bait and counter charge army. They have some rather ugly models, where as Dark Elves have few ugly models.

It really is based on your preferance.

Both armies can be compatative.

Ogres are brutal, but require a subtle use of being sneaky.

Dark Elves are sneaky and can be brutal if used correctly.

Hope thins helps.

the vicar
19-05-2007, 09:03
Once you get to know the Dark Elves, they're a great army.

But there's a reason they're considered "elite," and it isn't completely because of their small numbers.

They've done nothing but improve my game, immensely. But like stonehorse said, they're incredibly unforgiving. Don't make mistakes. More unforgiving than the Ogres? I don't know. Ogres are considered by many to be the single hardest major army to do well with.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
19-05-2007, 12:44
just get the dark elves and make me happy :D

they are fun to use too, you have to think about tactics.

19-05-2007, 13:44
Ogres I think can deal better at making mistakes due to having a high tougness and good number of wounds. Elves are quite fragile things... where as Ogres can be a pain to get rid of. So any mistakes that your opponent tries to take advantage of won't be too easily done.

Just out of interest, what type of army are you looking at? I play my Dark Elves as a very fast all mounted force Dark Riders, Harpies, Coldone Knights, Cold one Chariots and Beastmasters on Manticores.