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18-05-2007, 17:06
This is version 1.0 of my new Slaanesh army. Right now, I have bought:

30 warriors
5 Marauder Horsemen
2 Chaos Spawns
6 Chaos Knights
1 big hairy daemon guy
2 sorcerers

Here's the list so far. All comments and critiques are welcome! I really want to use the big hairy daemon guy, as I love the model, but that's really the only stipulation I've got.


Lord: Exalted Sorcerer, Chaos steed, level 4 sorcerer, Skull of Katam, Slaanesh mark: 344 points

Hero (and General!): Exalted Daemon with Slaanesh mark, Master of Mortals, level 2 sorcerer: 335 points

The rulebook says the highest leadership character is the general, so if I buy master of mortals, this can be my head guy, right?

Hero: Chaos Sorcerer, level 2, mark of slaanesh: 140 points


6 Chaos Knights with Mark of Slaanesh, musician 228 points

25 Chaos Marauders with shields, standard, musician: 165 points

2 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds: 60 points

20 Chaos Warriors with shields, musician, standard, and mark of slaanesh


2 Tuskgor Chariots: 170 points

RARE 2 Chaos Spawns with mark of slaanesh: 150 points

If anybody has any idea about how slaanesh works best, I also would love to hear it.


18-05-2007, 19:50
well, the sorceror can also lead your army, he and the daemon have the same leadership.

i'd be tempted to get the know armour saves weapon for the daemon so you can jump him in front of small units of enemy knights. then they run in terror, or he strikes first and should kill a few.

18-05-2007, 21:41
Daemon can be your general. However, aspiring champions and sorcerers can't if the army contains any other characters (special rule at page 59 sidebar).

Otherwise, it's a fine army, although you might wanna tool up your general a bit.

18-05-2007, 22:20
huh, so they can't

never knew that

20-05-2007, 19:28
ya they cant if u have any other charecters

i think u should make the chaos warrior unit 15
drop the chariots
add another unit of 15 warriors
and add some furies
maybe if u have extra pts have beast herd as a shield i play beasts and i can get a unit of 20 bear for 95 pts maybe if u dont have that much get 55 the min unit still a good shield
maybe drop 5 off the mauraders for pts

good luck