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18-05-2007, 19:00
Hey guys, this is a list ive been using recently, just looking for any way to improve it

lv 2
calaingors stave
Total 150

Total 125

10 Glade Guard
Musician 126

10 Glade Guard 120

8 Dryads 96
8 Dryads 96
8 Dryads 96

5 Wild Riders
Full Command
Total 191

Total 1000

Ive played a few games with this list and ive had so good success, but im always of the oppinion that things can be improved, any ideas?

Mighty Gnoblar

18-05-2007, 20:27
Just a few thoughts:
At 1k two mages is probably magic defense enough but a scroll is seldom a bad idea.

You might entertain changing out one mage for a branchwraith caster with cluster. This gives you 5 power dice, 5 dispel dice and a character with some survivability.

If you take a branchwraith you'll want a branchnymph in at least one dryad unit to accept challenges. That said, I take branchnymphs in all my dryad units. That extra attack over the same frontage is very helpful for skirmishing melee troops.

Overall the list should perform well enough as is.

19-05-2007, 23:12
il look into the branchwraith i usually take one in my 1500 and 2000pts lists. the only problem is that it would work out more expensive an im not sure where to get the points, any ideas?

19-05-2007, 23:42
The caster branchwraith with cluster runs 15 pts more than a level 2 mage without items.

Obvious choice would be the warbanner, the gladeguard musician, calaingor's or even the champion on the wildriders.

A shuffle like this could work:
Swap itemless wizard #2 for branchwraith caster with cluster: +15
Drop musician from GG: -6
Drop warbanner from WR: -25
Add branchnymphs to 1 unit: +12
Leaves you 4 kind of wasted points.

Alternatively drop calaingor's instead of warbanner or drop both and put champs in all 3 dryad units.