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08-08-2005, 18:41
Lundorf approached the tavern, the icy cold winter night chilling him to the bone as the eerie green glow of Morrsleib guides his feet. He reached the door of the tavern, above it swings a sign that marks it as the Wolf's Tail. A tall hooded man admits him without a word and the warm tavern air rushes to meet him as he steps over the threshold.
The tavern was packed full to almost overflowing, a tune floats in the air, played from a lute lost in the crush of drunken merrymakers. People were singing and dancing, talking and roaring with laughter and a few were playing at cards or dice, few were quiet and fewer still were sober. Lundorf scanned the tavern, taking in the sawdust covered floor and the candles dotted everywhere, giving ample light near the center of the room, he took a seat in a dimly lit corner and looked around, taking it all in, then he noticed something very unusual, in a corner next to a door which likley lead off to kitchens or guest rooms he saw a group of three elves. Just one table up from the elves sat a halfling and a human, a most unusual pair he mused to himself. The fiery haired human looked tense and on edge, constantly shifting and fidgeting, his eyes darting back and forth, checking for someone? Lundorf though, the halfling looked....drunk.
The door swung open and a cloaked figure entered, by his gait Lundorf could tell he was wearing a heavy set of armour and a sword at his hip. A knight, what is a knight doing in such an....uncivilised establishment? But before Lundorf could think of an awnser the knight was gone, passing the elves table and disappearing through the door Lundorf had seen earlier.
He ordered a drink and took a hefty swig, not the nicest drink he had ever had but the best he could afford these days, a smash from upstairs brought the tavern to silence. The taverns proprieter looked mortified, torn between calming his guest upstairs or reassuring his silenced patrons, the tavenr listened as a voice bellowed from directly above them:

more smashing glass can be heard
at this the three elves standing near the door shot up, hands on blade hilts, faces as impassive as ever.
"One more thing sir"
"WHAT" replied Jon Haringer venemously
"There is a..er...a wizard sir"
Florenz Harention, knight fo the empire just managed to get his head out of the way as the wardrobe behind him became firewood after a hit by Jon's massive hammer.
"The only thing i hate MORE than elves is wizards, tell them they better be ready to move at dawn. For now, i'm going for a walk to....clear my head."
The warrior priest said as he stood, hefted his hammer onto his shoulder and walked out the door.
Jon walked down the stairs, out the door, across the common room and out into the chilly winter air, the elves took one look at each other and sat back down. Talk erupted in the common room, "Wizards?" "Skaven?" "Elves!" "Knights" and "Conspiracies" were all discussed into the small hours of the night but this mattered little to Lundorf, he has slipped quietly out of the tavern soon after the warrior priest had...

OOC-Ok, so as you may have guessed, my character and the band leader is a Warrior Priest. Basically you are in a medium sized tavern, can order free beer and socialise, this is a chance for you all to meet and greet, and dont start any fights...for now.

08-08-2005, 20:08
Vladamir ordered a beer and looked at the halfling in his drunken state and then dismissed the idea of enquiring about his details, all he knew was, the halfling had sat down beside him and drank quite alot.

He turned his attention to the three elves that had just arrived. He wondered why they were here, maybe for the same job as him. Thinking that he turned back to the halfling.

"So.. where are you from then?"

08-08-2005, 20:19
The Halfling let out one Big Hic! Before falling of its Chair and crashing to the ground. Snoring loudly and giggling.

08-08-2005, 20:48
The fiery headed man decides it is prolly not the best idea to try and communicate with the halfling in his state. He gets up and goes over to the barman and sits down with his beer, enjoying it.

To the barman: "So, what's up with those elves then...kind of an odd site."

10-08-2005, 13:51
Glaith looked around the tavern, the journey here had been hard, and dressed as an Asrai, he'd been hired by what seemed to be a Warrior Priest.
He took a large ale and sat at the bar, he kept his hood up incase another saw through his disguise, keeping to himself. If he was found out to be Druchii he could be killed, even if he did wear Sigmar's holy symbol around his neck. "I am from the Drakwald," he said simply.

10-08-2005, 15:46
Gideon walked into the tavern, as he had done for the last few nights. Tonight was different there were new people there and they didn't look local. He walked up to the bar and introduced himself. "What's your name? your not from around here are you?" He looked at the man and paused "Sorry my manners, I am Gideon Black and I'm stranded in this place until I can either find my horse or buy a new one."

11-08-2005, 13:13
Tiftra glanced at the man her, "employer" she laughed at the thought, wealth was of no importance, she was here because she had to be, as did her sister, the queen commanded. To think this fool thought them as followers, soon enough he would be begging for their assistance.

Lord Setra
11-08-2005, 22:24
Tarana stared at the crowd in the inn.

Humans so slow and dull witted, not even worthy of the Children of Loecs presence. She turned to her sister who was surveying the common room.

"Tiftra who called us here and why should we listen them, surely the Queen could have gave us a more appropriate task?"

12-08-2005, 10:31
The tavern was still packed when the knight descended the stairs and gathered the people he had summoned for his employer upstairs to a large room, more likley reserved for only the rich or important. A servant offered all but the halfling a glass filled with rich elvish wine, to the halfling he offered water.

Florenz stood before the roaring fire, he waited until the strange assortment of warriors was settled and began:
"My fellow warriors, you have been summoned from across the lands of the old world to aid my employer in ridding Fort Stadenhof of the Skaven menace. The owner of the fortress believes is is only a minor problem, a few rat men in his cellars but if my employer is correct then it could be much more serious for more than just the fort. We can expect little to no help from the owner, whom i have never met but i hear his arrogance can put that of the elves to shame."

He said with a grin in the trios direction

"We are to ride at dawn, if you are not ready to go...well....you heard my employer earlier. I suggest you get some rest."

OOC-Now you are all together in one room you can actually get to know each other, the elves are going to dislike the knight. But keep it civil, no blades just yet, this is the time when friendships are formed.

12-08-2005, 12:30
Meriadoc furrowed his eyebrows and sat on a large bed. He eyed the others meanly and proceeded to pull out a large flask out of his pack. Again he eyed the others before drinking from the flask whilst he drank his scowl was replaced with a happy grin. And soon after he was playfully growling at the elves and falling of the bed.

13-08-2005, 12:43
"Other Elves," Glaith asked. "Might I ask from whence you came from, for myself, I came from the Drakwalkd, the northern parts, from a very remote clan, usually my kinsmen kept to themselves, secretive and hiding from those they know not. Me..." he sighed. "I'm an adventurer, you might say. My name is Glaith Everslayer, you?"

13-08-2005, 18:59
"Iím An Elf?" The Halfling crawled out from under the bed giggling like a child "Wow, Hic! I always wanted to be an Elf Hic!" He clambered up on the bed next to the two sister wardancers. "Hey Iím an Elf, Grrr." Again he fell of the bed, Giggling as his head hit the oak wood floor. He grinned inanely as he rolled back under the bed, talking to himself. "Its hard you know, being an Elf, but itís nice to know you understand me, itís great that I can talk to you.... OOO Rum!"

14-08-2005, 14:13
Gideon had been standing at the bar, after hearing the knights speech he decided that his little mission might just be the oppertunity he was looking for. He continued to drink his beer, he was not ready to sleep yet.

15-08-2005, 20:10
"Rats then." Vladamir said, "The vermin shall be burned to a crisp, well, that is why I am here. I best prepare for what is to come." Vladamir exits and goes to his room to meditate/go over spells/wizardy stuff then sleeps.

24-08-2005, 17:02
My guy, gets up, goes on a rampage, sets everything on fire and creates a raging inferno in the inn. He then levitates out of the chimney, gets on his sleigh and flies away singing the african national anthem as he does it.