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19-05-2007, 19:50
I'm trying to put together an army that isn't too 'Cookie-Cutter' but is still competitive. I never won a game in 6th ed. with Empire, and although my result sheet is better now, it's still not as dependable as I'd like, hence a new list.


Empire General (goes in with Swordsmen)
Barded Horse
Full Plate Armour
Shroud of Magnus
Sword of Sigmund

Captain (Goes in with Spearmen)
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Sword of Striking

Warrior Priest (In with Knights)
Barded Warhorse
Heavy Armour & Shield
Ring of Volans
Sigil of Sigmar

Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Death) (In with Outriders?)
Wizard's Staff
Dispel Scroll

25 Swordsmen
Full Cmd
War Banner
Detachments: 7 Archers, 9 Swordsmen.

25 Spearmen
Full Cmd
Detachments: 8 Archers, 9 Swordsmen.

10 Handgunners (I'd prefer Crossbows, but lack the models)

5 Inner Circle Knights

5 Outriders
Musician, Champion with Hochland

2x Cannon

20 Flagellants

Helstorm Rocket

Total: 1997 4 PD, 2 Bounds. 4DD, 1 Scroll, 2 units with MR.

General plan is mutually supporting infantry units in centre, knights on the outside of the Flaggies, Outriders outside of the spears, Archers are to screen and then divert. Handgunners are pretty much on artillery guard, depending on terrain. Artillery is to take out enemy support (chariots, warmachines, monsters), Outriders for skirmisher/flyers. Knights are to secure flank and if possible to support charge the Flaggies.

All advice appreciated.

20-05-2007, 00:08
Generally solid list.

I really can't stand the Volan's ring and if you can scrounge the points, change it out for the Doomfire ring which is actually worth taking.

The BSB really only has to live, not kill things so a magic weapon is not always needed but isn't terrible either. If you need to shave points though, this should go.

Troops are generally fine.
Your flagellants are actually core since you have a warrior priest. Not that I'd suggest taking an additional rare, but you have that option.

I'd like to see your melee detachments bulked up to at least 10 simply so that they can deploy 5x and actually have a rank. This may be very handy later in the game when parent units have been whittled down. You could easily swap an archer for a melee trooper as the archers are really just a screen and 5 is as good as 7 from that standpoint.

I'd also consider free company detachments instead of swordsmen simply due to number of attacks based on the notion that they'll always attack first as 'supporting chargers'. The swordsmen certainly have better staying power in subsequent rounds, but if your static CR of 5 plus a flank and negating his ranks doesn't soundly win you the fight something's gone badly wrong.

Warbanner should probably go to the inner circle knights rather than the swordsmen.

Outriders are fine although I'm disturbed to imagine a guy with a 7' rifle aiming it from horseback. A unit of pistoliers might actually make a better support unit for the knights but obviously sacrifices the shooting power the outriders can bring to bear.

I haven't tried the helstorm yet but if you're a reasonable artilleryman it should serve well enough.