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19-05-2007, 20:18
Greetings once more everyone...I've been playing around with my Empire list for the last little while, and this is the way my 1000 point list is currently looking. Please let me know what you think about it, and if you think it could be made better in some way.

Captain of the Empire-
Full Plate Armour
Sigil of Sigmar
Icon of Magnus

20 Swordsmen-
Standard Bearer

10 Halberdiers

10 Free Company

10 Handgunners-
Repeater Handgun

10 Archers-

5 Pistoliers-
Repeater Pistol

6 Knights-
Standard Bearer
War Banner
Inner Circle

Great Cannon


Thoughts and opinions?

19-05-2007, 20:43
Its a pretty solid list, I admire the way you have sacrificed characters to get more units on the table, I wish I had that confidence.

Which brings me to my other point: You have very little magic defense. I imagine you are aware of this already and don't mind. I would have to take a take a Lv 1 wizard of Beasts with scroll instead of either the handgunners or the Huntsmen.

Where is the Captain to sit? Or is independent?

19-05-2007, 21:16
Thanks for the reply, deadkez....you're right, it is a bit of a sacrifice going character-light in order to field more troops, and not always an easy one at that.

Yes indeed, I'm VERY light on magic defense. As a matter of fact, the only magic defense I have are my two obligatory dispel dice, and an extra one if the spell targets my Captain(and/or the unit he's with) thanks to the Sigil of Sigmar. So yes, enemy magic COULD prove a problem perhaps. I find magic to be pretty hard to predict most of the time anyway though, so it's not something I'm totally worried about. It still is a factor, however, and it might be something that comes back to bite me at some point.

The Captain will generally join the unit of Knights, and make for a pretty solid hammer unit.

I guess with this list, instead of depending on items and wizards of my own for defense, I'm forced to take a more..."hands on" approach to enemy spellcasters;)

19-05-2007, 22:04
Hmm... Yes, the knights are an obvious choice to target spells at (and anything else). This unit is hard, should cause 4/5 wounds on charge, + 2 static, should be no wounds back, so you should beat most infantry blocks head on, as long as there's no nasty surprises (big hitty strike first characters). I'd still prefer to get the flank charge with them thought to ensure the break; perhaps divert/bait with the huntsmen.

I'd go with 9 (3x3) swordsmen instead of the 10 halberds as I think preserving the detachment is more important than getting casualties out of them, but this is an age old debate anyway. Either way, stick with the 10 Free Company as these will be really versatile.

I'm also worried about the Huntsmen- finding space to hide them on a 6 terrain piece 6'x4' table isn't easy, I imagine it's harder on a 4 piece 4'x4'. I guess it all depends on what you play on.

It's a good list though, I am dreadful at playing Empire so all my advice is all unfruitful theory.