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Brother Smith
08-08-2005, 17:48
Hello all,

As you know Rust In Peace is dead.

So I thought i'd start a regular character based RPG set in 40k but with a storyline along the lines of the film Aliens.

No God characters and keep it as realistic as possible.
No major Psycic powers

Unit listing:
0-5 Regular Marines
0-2 Tracker units (Operating the Auspex motion trackers, more dangerous to be than than regular marines but more gadgets)
0-4 Specialists (Flamers etc...)
0-2 Adeptus Mehcanicus Enginseers (Not full Techpriests)
0-2 Pilots
0-1 Inquisitorial Representative (Similar to Burke, NOT an Inquisitor)
0-1 Sergant (reserved)

Any characters not taken will count as NPC's. Each player may have up to one NPC taken from the above list.


Regular Marines:
Hellgun/grenade launcher combo.
Frag and Krak grenades
Infa-red goggles
Flak armour

Tracker Units:
Hellgun/grenade launcher combo
Frag and Krak grenades
Infa-Red Goggles
Flak Armour

Either a Flamer or a Heavy Stubber with targeter
Frag and Krak grenades
Infa-Red goggles
Flak Armour

Flight Suit
+++Control of the Cyclades, a system transport ship (not warp capable) and all servitors onboard+++

Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquistorial Representative can choose their equipment from their appropriate fields. The Inquisitional Representative is similar to an Acolyte, rather than a full Inquisitor, though he can call on Inquisitorial aid (or not as you may find out ;) )....

Other than that, you must post your characters name and if you wish background material (not too much please, say a paragraph or two)

Finally, the storyline:

In the Karavlar system, the third world is a barren rock with a single research facility located on the north pole.

Many xenobiological tests are conducted there.

No messages have been recieved from the facility in three weeks. A squad of P.D.F. System Marines has been dispatched to invesitgate, along with representatives from the Adeptus Mechanicus and The Inquisition.

The P.D.F. System Marines are soldiers drawn from the three habited worlds of the Karavlar System, and are used to defend against Pirates and Marauders in the system. They use interplanetary/system ships to transport themselves across the system.

This should be an intersting RPG....

08-08-2005, 18:12
im in, soory about rust in peace- I was having a great time :(, i watched aliens last night.
okat then.
name: ruben Hudson
rank: private
archtype: tracker marine
equipment: Auspex, autopistol, hellgun/ grenade launcher combi, flack armour, frag and krack grenades, combat knife, rebreather.

08-08-2005, 20:12
It was a good RPG sorry to see it go i was gone for the past 2 weeks but i'll Glady be in on this one.
one pilot comeign up

Name: Jonas Roland (this could have happend before rust in peace)
Age: 18
Weapons: Can it be 2 revolvers in stead of a autopistol? knife and flight suit

background: a cool and caulted pilot in the Karavlar system know for his amazeing manevours that he prefomrs in the rok races around some of the astroid belts in the system. recutied for his expertise with all sorts of space craft and able to keep cool in the most tense situations.

Can he besides the main ship and drop ship could he have a small fighter thats in the lauch bay?

09-08-2005, 01:19
Inquisitorial Representitive Maxime Cordus, rest up later

Kensai X
09-08-2005, 03:57
Ahh no Commissars.... that makes me sad...

I'll come up with something tommorrow....

Brother Smith
09-08-2005, 16:18
Bmaxwell, the Drop Ship is very small and almost fighter like anyway, so no fighter craft, especially as it pushing God-like, remember the Cyclades is the transport ship and launches drop-ships similar to those on the film Aliens, but more in lnie with 40k. If nobody else chooses a pilot then you can have the other pilot as an NPC if you wish, and a drop-ship will be under your control throughout the RPG.

You can have two autopistols instead of one, but remember autopistols fire at a rate higher than a minigun, they are not simple slug pistols.

We'll need a fair few people on this RPG and for most of them to regularily post on it, or it will die like RIP.

09-08-2005, 16:34
i hope it stays up. i must warn you i will be refering/ quoting aliens in several occasions. I may get carried away as plaing hudson (I would have been apone but hes reserved)

Brother Smith
09-08-2005, 16:59
You can only take NPCs/SPCs from the same category, i.e. a second tracker. But since there are only two trackers and I would like to keep the option open to players I would reccomend waiting to see if the tracker is taken and then taking him/her as an SPC is he/she hasn't. Try not to name your characters directly from Aliens please! Maybe an anagram or some such.

Map on the way for the Lab facility! The map will updated as time goes on in the RPG to show our progress.

09-08-2005, 17:06
Okay i thought it might have been the size of the ship in aliens which was cruiser size didn't realize it was so small.

Okay so autopistols are more like uzi's im guessing right thats fine i'll take to of them.

If no one takes the other pilot i think i'll make anothr one but one thats stays with the main ship.

does the transport ship have any weapons?

Brother Smith
09-08-2005, 17:28
The actual main ship is bristling with them, the smaller dropships have a similar armamanet to the dropships on Aliens.

For some reason I can't uplaod the map...

09-08-2005, 17:36
have you tried to load it as a attachment?

so I could in theroy attack the palent form orbit?

09-08-2005, 17:49
i have deleted vasquez. i would prefer to keep hudson as hudson but if you realy dont want that ill rename him.

Brother Smith
09-08-2005, 19:04
Keep him as Hudson but add an extra part of his name that fits 40k...

Nope, still can't attach. If you have MSN Messenger I can send you the file.

And Autopistols look like Lugers IIRC (Well the one's I saw)

09-08-2005, 19:28
Well, its sort of a cross between an Uzi and a Luger (http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?WCI=Menu&WCE=Search&Query=autopistol&System=&Image1.x=0&Image1.y=0&Image1=Search)

Edit: And here's my character:
Name: Enginseer Steropertes Arghus
Archetype: Enginseer
Equipment: Heavily modified shuriken catapult mounted on MIU cradle, Bionic Eye with integral auspex, Bionic Left Arm, Gryphonne IV-Pattern Adeptus Mechanicus Chain Axe, Bionic skull with integral comm link, Mechandendrites, Powered Armour
Appearance: His head is little more than an artificially crafted metal helmet for his brain which floats inside. It is bronze in appearance and made to look like the face of a human, except for the one eye glowing red eye instead of two more human ones. He has what looks like a shuriken catapult made by a particularly clumsy eldar out of metal on a swivel mount on his shoulder. His left arm is bionic, and is attached to the long haft of a chain axe that the machine priests of made famous. His body is cloaked in the robes of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and much of his finely artificed armour is covered in its sigils. Mechandrendrites slither and sway in the air around him.
Background: Formerly a Magos of great repute, his ascent into the higher level of the heirarchy of the Adeptus Mechanicus was halted when it was discovered he was tampering with and utilising Xenos technology. However, instead of being executed by his peers, he was sent off and attached to a strikeforce that are going to an outpost that specialises in Xenobiological testing. This series of circumstances seem to indicate that perhaps his heresy is not as isolated as it seems among the upper levels of the Adeptus Mechanicus of Gryphonne IV.

And here's his NPC:
Name: Enginseer Vulaestion Kanaeus
Archetype: Enginseer
Equipment: Bionic legs, Bionic Left Arm, Bionic Right Eye with integral auspex, Commlink implanted into his brain, Heavy Stubber implanted into his right arm, Rebreather grafted to his face with integral vox, Carapace Armour, Mechandendrites
Appearance: Clothed in carapace and cloak wherever his heavily bionic body with permit, Vulaestion walks with a slight limp due to his augmetics. He bionic left arm reaches down to the ground to allow him to brace himself as he fires whichever heavy weapon he has mounted on his right arm at the time and give him a strange loping gait as he runs, almost as though he were on crutches. Much of his face that isnít covered in augmetics is horribly scarred by what appears to be burns. Mechandendrites sprout from quite a few places around his body.
Background: Also a disgraced Magos, Kanaeus killed a superior and his retinue in over a piece of Archaeotech he claimed in his days as an Explorator. When his crimes were discovered, Vulaestion was demoted and ordered to accompany the guard as an Enginseer. Another disgraced Magos named Arghus was assigned to him as an apprentice of sorts, though since he had little to learn from Kanaeus, his apprenticeship seems to be an excuse to give Kanaeus seniority over Arghus. Some inconsistencies in his crimes and sentencing seem to indicate that he has been assigned to Arghus as a watchdog of sorts to watch for anymore signs of his heresy.


09-08-2005, 22:49
No msn messenger just send it to my e-mail If you could be so kind./


Brother Smith
10-08-2005, 19:08
I'd like to show everyone at once.

The characters are cool with me.

But if someone else wants to control the NPC Enginseer then you will have to let them, as I would like to keep the place open.

11-08-2005, 19:13
i have changed hudson to ruben hudson

11-08-2005, 20:44
When you say Space Marine, I am guessing you mean as in a PDF style Storm Trooper right? If so, here we go:

Name: Rego Graphite
Position: PDF Space Marine
Hellgun/grenade launcher combo.
Frag and Krak grenades
Infa-red goggles
Flak armour

Background: Graphite is like his last name suggests, tough as a rock and just as strong. He hates aliens and everything else. He does not suffer from fear and enjoys every moment of it. He sees fear as a tool, an instrument and will use it against his foe. Having been a hunter's son before he joined, Rego knows how to shoot and can do a good job of it. He hates getting close and personal with the enemy and prefers to shoot them, but will do so as a last resort.

I hope he is suitable.

Just imagine him as the Mexican (can't remember her name from Aliens), the female one. He is a bit trigger happy and is known to disobey orders ;)

Brother Smith
12-08-2005, 12:42
Well this is all good so far, lets say a few more players and we can start :)

12-08-2005, 15:14

just to make sure its clear unless some one else wants to be a pilot i'll be the only pilot if thats okay with you Brother Smith

Brother Smith
12-08-2005, 18:18
As I have said you can have both the pilots if nobody else chooses one

13-08-2005, 12:18
Name: Maxime Cordus
Rank: Inquisitorial Representative
Euipment: Carapace Armour, Vox Unit, Storm Autopistol, Archeotech(configuired with cutting beam, think lightsaber)
Background: Classified
assignment: Watch over the S/PDF Marine Detachment for any unusual activity (read: Anything herectical - your there to uphold imperial law and morals) and report on findings in the Research Facility

Brother Smith
17-08-2005, 22:34
ETA to IC thread: Sunday


22-08-2005, 16:53
wheres the IC thread?

22-08-2005, 20:30
Obviously, its not up yet.

22-08-2005, 20:48
duh! i was just wondering why

23-08-2005, 10:20
eta- expected time of arival- it was delayed.

24-08-2005, 22:33
Whats still open for grabs?

24-08-2005, 23:35
you'd have to ask Brother smith

25-08-2005, 04:45
i think he was

Brother Smith
25-08-2005, 18:08
Regular marines are still available. Sorry for the delay I was out for two days.

25-08-2005, 18:29
Name: James Mckenna
Age 23
Rank: privet
Hellgun/grenade launcher combo.
Frag and Krak grenades
Infa-red goggles
Flak armour

Background: He was born in a military family and like his father befor him he joined the force and is fresh out of training. most older or more expereanced troops call him "Kid" until he earns himself a better name.

Appearance: Young and of average looks but well built for his aga. about 6' tall with short brown hair and eyes.

Hows this?

25-08-2005, 18:29
go to the ic thread

Hippy In Peril
26-08-2005, 00:38
Name: Dimitri Nikolaevich Vasiliev
Age: 27
Rank: Major
Profession: Pilot
Equipment: Lightened tactical/survival knife, seven-round semi-auto handgun and standard issue autopistol, pair of reloads for both the handgun and autopistol, flight suit, survival kit (basic first aid, solar blanket, canteen of water, water purification tablets, two-days worth of small rations, flare gun, and twelve feet of rope).

Background: ...Coming soon.

(Sorry this took so long to put up...been busy with school starting and all)

Brother Smith
26-08-2005, 01:25
Both new characters seem fair... get posting! :p

26-08-2005, 01:39
Brother Smith do you want me to wait a little bit so some post can be made or just get the drop ship ready?

Hippy In Peril
26-08-2005, 04:44
I'll be a little behind with the first post, due to school an all. I'll make it count though.

Brother Smith
26-08-2005, 13:04
Wait for the new people to post then get the dropship ready, i'll post when it launches.

26-08-2005, 16:52
Sounds good

Brother Smith
30-08-2005, 02:31
Ok the first half of the map is now available in my User Gallery.

06-09-2005, 00:13
Who is on teams one and two???

06-09-2005, 15:45
[team one= playerss, team 2= npcs]
ic; Ruben peered into the security booth. It ws trashed and a las pistol lay unocupied on the floor. "Sarge we can open the doors from in there" ruben announced.

Brother Smith
06-09-2005, 16:09
I'm giving all members of this RPG to introduce any aliens they want for the next 3 days of the RPG.

Go nuts!

06-09-2005, 18:00
Ruben turned and perred back through the window. It sudenly was shattered and he was showerd in glass. A Creature was attached to the wall, it had multiple tenticlies and was generaly gribbly. As it hissed ruben fired his las-gun into it several times. "Die you ****" He cursed as it fell to the floor. Suddnly access vents, door and floor/ celing panels poped open and the creatures were attacking the team. It was dark and they were barley seeable but Ruben fired wildly as they charged. "Die****s" "Come you grox suckers" "frag off ****" He screamed hystericaly as he killed three of them.

[assuming this is okay, they are evrywere]

Brother Smith
06-09-2005, 19:11
That's fine just post in the right thread! :P