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08-08-2005, 19:43

Aemraseph, Warden 135 *Joins Wardancers
General, War Dancer Kindred, Moonstone of the Hidden Ways

Serves as a transporter for the wardancers, I`m going to try out the moonstone for a few games to see if this tactic is worthwhile, if not I`ll just exchange it for the annoyance of netlings.

Yahleer, Warden 133
Alter Kindred, Great Weapon, Longbow, Light Armour, Shield, Hail of Doom Arrow

You know the score, general pain in the ass for your opponent.

Marduss, Acolyte of Willow - 155
Level II, Longbow, Pageant of Skrikes

Sabriel, Acolyte of Oak - 155
Level II, Longbow, Dispel Scroll

Two level twos should ensure I get the odd spell off. The skrikes is for sniping of course, although it will mean my mage may have to leave the protection of the glade guard line.


10 Glade Guard - 120

10 Glade Guard - 120

10 Glade Guard 120

Solid fire base, used to bait the enemy further towards my hold up units like treekin and EG. Always good for panic. Both my mages will join a GG unit.

15 Eternal Guard - 235
Champion, Standard, Musician, Warbanner

Sits between two glade guard units, if enemy gets too close the archers will withdraw leaving the treekin and EG to absorb charges.

8 Dryads - 96

8 Dryads 96

8 Dryads - 96

Screening units, they`ll perform a roving role, drawing charges away from my fragile archers, charging fronts of units to hold them in place for a flank charge, tandem charges with cavalry, holding flanks etc.

5 Glade Riders 129

5 Glade Riders 129

Mobile fire support at the start, then they`ll be hunting for flank charges, mages etc.
I`m a fan of wild riders charging the front whilst these units flank.


7 Wardancers - 126

Infiltrate with noble, hold up enemy, character hunt.

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

6 Wild Riders - 174
Standard, Musician

These will serve as flankers and will work in tandem with a glade rider unit each. Basic assault units for my counterattack.

3 Treekin 195

Good Vs heavy armour and can soak up a charge, I`ll screen them with dryads in the first few turns to save their wounds then either draw a charge or just use them as a counterattack unit.


5 Waywatchers - 120

Usual style harassment and KB against characters and elite troops. March inhibition is my main reason to take them. I`m hoping a combination of these scouts, the infiltrating wardancers and 4 units of fast cavalry will slow any army down to a crawl...apart from dwarves who are of course too near clinically obese to even crawl.

2508 pts. 110 models 6 PD 4DD

What do you reckon?

09-08-2005, 15:56
I`m judging by the response that my army must be perfect.

QUALITY. heehee

09-08-2005, 18:39
The EG seems like a fairly large point sink for providing a fairly minimal amount of protection to your archers. Maybe it's just me, but unless you use multiple units of them, I don't see EG fitting into many overall WElf battle plans.