View Full Version : 1000 point Undivided, Tourney in a week, help!

20-05-2007, 16:14
Ok, I find it hard to make chaos army under 1000 points, last tourney i got my butt kicked untill the 1500 point+ games. Any input on what im doing wrong would be appriciated. :D
The first round is going to be a "good vs. evil" scanario, so i assume ill be fighting a relativly "shooty" army.

Exhaulted champ w/ Sword of might, shield@122pts.

11 Chosen warriors(6x2) w/ shields, full command, war banner@286pts.
(Exhaulted leading this unit)

Charoit of Khorne@150pts.

5 Chosen knights, full command@275 pts.

5 Fleshhounds@80 pts.
("screening" the knights)

5 warhounds@30pts.
(screening the chariot)

5 gors, 5 ungors@55 pts.
(screening the wars.)

Total points=998

Be Afraid
20-05-2007, 22:00
u have no units that are going to get ranks !

if the flesh hounds are screening, then drop them and take warhounds, drop the sword of might on exalted,you would be better off with more warriors around him, also, aditional hand weapon would be better than sheild.

chariot of khorne is not very powerful, a unit of marauders or beasts would be far better.

work on the '3 block theory' you want a battle line of 3 units that can take a charge and keep fighting, then add support and you have your army.

a good example would be chosen warriors, with marauders either side, with beasts to counter-charge flanks of enemies, then some warhounds to tie up warmachines ect

21-05-2007, 00:12
The army is really tiny. Even with the warriors as chosen, they'll struggle to generate enough CR to actually win anything. I'd probably look at replacing them with a larger block of handweapon and shield Marauders.

Half Timer
21-05-2007, 16:58
AAAh! drop the chosen warriors or at least make them not chosen anymore! way too expensive

23-05-2007, 19:10
firstly do not use a chariot of khorne because if the enemy is crafty they will take advantage of the frenzy and lead it into a peice of terrain it will get damaged also you should not be using cosen in a small game so get more chaos warriors or marauders also the warhounds they will not do well at screening the knights. i have also made a list to help.

Exalted champ ,helm of many eyes,sword of battle sheild =152

15 chaos warriors, sheilds, full command,mokhorne =300

15 chaos warriors,sheilds, full command,mokhorne=300

2 units of 5 warhounds=120

2 chaos spawns=120

and that adds up to 992pts total.

24-05-2007, 02:49
Hey thanks for all the input guys. :D I played a dwarf army yesterday and won. Tell me what you guys think about this new army, Thanks again!

Exhaulted champ w/ great weapon, helm of many eyes= 109

19 Marauders w/ lt. armor, shield, full command=158
( led by champ.)

12 chaos warriors w/ shields, hallys, full command= 234

4 Chosen chaos knights, full command=230

5 gors, 6 ungors= 59

3 screamers = 99

5 flesh hounds=80

5 warhounds=30

999 points total

24-05-2007, 17:19

the chosen knights unit is illegal you need 5 minimum also chosen are too pricy in points and the beastmen will let you down if you take my previous advice you will be alright

24-05-2007, 19:40
chaos knights are 4 minimum

26-05-2007, 22:43
man what the hell u need some maruders u can't plan to win with this u need get rid of the units of 5 for some bigger units

27-05-2007, 00:45
to be honest i think that khorne chosen can work very well at this point limit, screen them well from shooting and there shouldnt be to much that can beat them in combat, and with so many VPs tied up in one unit your opponent cannot just avoid them

01-06-2007, 21:58
Chaos is actually a really hard army to get right and most people don't.

The principle is you have a couple small elite units that mow through stuff (chosen warriors, chosen knights) a chariot or two to protect their flank, a couple spawn to protect outside flanks, lots of hounds to screen, and marauder horsemen and furies to go warmachine hunting and catch crossfire units.

The addition of the powerful heroes makes the unit more killy as you can't deck them out for CR like normal infantry, etc due to price.

I recommend NOT taking champions. You are paying a lot for a single extra attack.

I never give Knights banners.

Why screen your knights with 80 pt units when you can screen them with twice as large 60 pt units?

I would highly recommend a proper herd (7 gor 10 ungor, full command) which has a 360 degree charge arc to support something. Herds are a huge bonus to Mortal Chaos armies.

I think you're on the right path just need more practice. theory never beats playing the game.

02-06-2007, 16:07
Guy thanks again, the inputs been a ton of help, heres the newest list, tell me what you think.

Aspiring champ w/ helm of many eyes, great weapon = 109

Slannesh Brey-shamen lvl2, w/ brey staff, chaos armor = 146

19 marauders w/ lt. armor, shields, full command = 158
(aspiring leads)

5 gors, 6 ungors = 59

12 marauders w/ flails, full command = 97

4 chosen knights, full command = 230

3 screamers = 99

5 flesh hounds = 80
( love these guys!)

5 warhounds = 30

Total pooints = 999

Not sure where to put the shamen but all in all i think this is a solid army, first round of the tourney starts tomorrow @ noon, wish me luck :p