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Be Afraid
20-05-2007, 20:27
well, this is my ( slightly beardy ) lizard list for a 1500 point tournament i am going to soon.

Heros :

Skink Preist, lv 2, diadem of power
Skink Preist, lv 2
Skink Preist, lv 2

Core :

10 skinks w/ blow pipes
10 skinks w/ blow pipes
10 skinks w/ blow pipes
10 skinks w/ scout and javalins
10 skinks w/ scout and javalins
10 skinks w/ scout and javalins

Special :

3 Kroxigors
3 Kroxigors
3 Kroxigors

Rare :

3 Sallamanders

63 points left over . . . any comments on a filler ?

My general Plan is distract/kill all or most of the enemies shooting with the javalin skinks, while my kroxigors advance together with a skirmish screen of skinks ( whom they can charge through ).3 sallamanders would most likly be forcing a flank.

what do you think ?

20-05-2007, 20:45
First things first, you have the weapon configurations on your Skinks the wrong way around. Javelins are better when you're running forward and using them as harassers and / or screens, blowpipes when you're in closer range. I'd tend to take two javelin units, two blowpipe units and two scouting blowpipe units. You don't really need more than two scouting units, generally.

The Stegadon is suboptimal. In a list like that, Skirmishers are going to be one of your biggest problems (since they're almost as manouverable as you and they're near impossible to poison), which conveniently Salamanders solve very nicely.

As for magic items, the first sixty points should be spent on the Diadem of Power (allows you to really take aggressive command of the magic phase if your enemy's magic-light while still allowing you defensive power, at a low cost) and a Dispel Magic scroll, just in case.

Finally, I hope they don't do comp scores in the tournament, or you'll be gutted on it. Powerful though it may be, a lot of people would scream "CHEESE" at that list, especially if you went the 3 Salamander route.

Be Afraid
21-05-2007, 20:09
hmm . . . edited

and some of the local gamers are also pretty 'cheesy' so i'm just giving myself a chance, lol, a branchwraith, 3 x 3 treekin, a treeman and 50 dryads is pretty competative, as is 21 fanatics and 3 lv 2 wizards, as is the dreaded 3 necromancer, all possible sprtits and then . . . zombies VC list, =)

22-05-2007, 08:52
If that is the way you play the list is fine. Your Leadership with this army is not very high, so beware those panic tests.

22-05-2007, 09:20
I have to say the list works well. Faced this kind of list twice in 2 weeks in a 1000pt doubles (2 skink based armies with 9 kroxigor, 6 salamanders and 5 terradons!). First time massacred it (was running a woodie/high elf cavalry list), but the second time we drew. Though I think that was something to do with 5 failed Elf fear checks in 2 turns to charge some salamanders...

I'd be tempted first of all to lose one of the skink mages, and grab yourself a scar-veteran with great weapon. You slap him in with the salamanders and they won't go down so easily in CC, plus you get the Ld 8 cold blooded factor to your army which is nice.

I would say lose some Kroxigor to buy yourself some terradons, but I'm not sure how much you'd like that idea. I can vouch that they work superbly in this list, but it does mean losing 3 kroxigor :/

The rest is up to you. Some powerstones/dispel scrolls wouldn't go amiss though.


Ivan the Terrible
23-05-2007, 04:23
If you want advice on that 63 points left, I'd say some of it on one or two dispell scrolls. Don't you have trouble with leadership rolls?

24-05-2007, 20:29
may i suggest a power stone, as if you get commet of cassendora, then you really want that to hit strong and not be dispelled. otherwise, with the 63 points you could throw in a jungle swarm base. then you have the posibility to get 5 nice poisoned attacks...:evilgrin: