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08-08-2005, 20:48
Here is my mock up list just for experimentation. Note, I wanted to stray away from the generic hoard army of skeletons and zombies, hence why I chose to play Army of Sylvania.

Vampire Lord
- Level 3 wizard
- Wolf Lord
- Aura of Dark Majesty
- Ring of Night
- Book or Arkhan
- Earthbind
- 2nd hand weapon

Vampire Thrall
- Flayed Hauberk
- Wolf Form
- Great Weapon

Wight Lord
- Sword of Kings
- Gem of Blood
- Heavy armor and shield

Drakenhof Guards x 15
- Full Command
- Drakenhof Banner

Drakenhof Templars x 5
- Full Command
- Banner of Barrows

Spirit Hosts x 4

Sylvanina Levy x 10

Fellbats x 4

Dire Wolves x 5

Dire Wolves x 5

Black Coach x 2

I'm thinking of putting the Wight Lord in the unit of Drakenhof Guards. Though I am open to the idea of putting him with the knights as well.

Lord will either go in with the Levy, or with the Guards if the Wightlord joins the knights.

Wolf Thrall can really go anywhere.

I'm not too worried about artillary so I will pick and choose my targets with the Black Coaches, just have to watch out for this str 7 lords. Most my opponents play Lizardmen or Chaos anyways. No one is really magic heavy either.

Also with the lord, I can maybe ditch the wolf lord and aura of dark majesty for a magic weapon, but I think that would make him less fluffy. I thought of the idea of replacing his 2 hand weapons for a great weapon, but I just don't want to lose that initiative..

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

09-08-2005, 03:16
Well you army is tiny and will crumble quickly if you lose combats. You have also got very expensive troops, only 4 dispel dice to dispel them with. Also only one of your units can be raised from the dead so if they got shot to pieces first turn you are left with no solid outnumbering unit. Who are you playing against?

I think you need more bulk, even though you dont want a generic army you should still take some more r-n-f. Where is your vamp lord going? Your tiny militia unit is not protection and if he is with the drakenhof guard the earthbing power is a waste of time- you can not add MR together- you just use the highest. In fact the banner is a bit overcosted if you dont have troos to summon.
I would consider giving your lord a power familiar (drop the aura of dark majesty and book of arkhan.

Your templar unit is also too small and has little protection from magic shooting. It will be reduced below combat effectiveness mighty quickly.

Is it really a full 2250 points?

Alco Engineer
09-08-2005, 03:38
I guess you'll have 4 grave markers ?? (is it 2+1 for each vampire or only 1 per Vampire?)

I like it as a bit of something different.

And zombies with spears?? can't get much better than that!

I'd consider dropping the Wight Lord for another Thrall (an extra grave marker) plus they're really good. (a bit pricier I know).

09-08-2005, 08:10
Thralls don't add more Grave Markers.

I am contemplating putting the lord within the Templars, making the squad bigger as well. The Wight Lord I'm pretty set on putting with the Guards. The Wolf Thrall will cover area where I need help, possibly running with dire wolves.

I'm not that worried about shooting because like I said, I mostly play vs Chaos and Lizardmen. I guess I can try to make room for more wolves.

Also since none of my opponents really have artillary or powerful shooting.. I'll most likely try to get my opponent to come to me while I keep raising units, mostly crossbows.

09-08-2005, 08:36
Oh yea, one more thing, the Drakenhof Banner is also there to aid the summoning of Wolves. It allows you to double the amount of wolves summoned.

09-08-2005, 08:46
erm... with both of those enemies, you might not need to worry about heavy artillery... but you will almost certainly need to worry about S7 heroes running around. Especially with lizardmen... :)

09-08-2005, 09:13
Yup.. which is why I'll be very selective where I charge my Black Coaches. I see it as a challenge.. should make things interesting. I guess the alternative is just scrapping them all together and using all those points freed up into other things.. either bolstering the wights, throwing in another RnF meatshield, or more Dire Wolves. I was thinking of Banshee.. but normally if I go for them, I'll take 2. Since 1 rare slot is already taken by the Templars.. I doubt I'll go for one. What do you guys think?

09-08-2005, 10:14
too expensive. more massive units, even though you can summon lots of new units, you still need something to hold for if everything falls... think about fighting against really good dispel army (khorne, dwarves) and when you cannot summon you have like 10 skeletons to fight with :/

09-08-2005, 13:06
How about I take out the 2 black coaches and replace it with 2 more units of 5 dire wolves and increase the levy size to 20 plus throwing in another 20 strong squad of levy?

09-08-2005, 14:45
But then you will lacking hitting power and your opponants target selection is pretty much a no brainer ... wights or B.knights.

Honestly, the 2 black coaches is the only thing I like about the list, your character selection is overpriced and is killing your unit selection.

Whats the theme and main tactic of your list and how is it going to achive it, because it looks like your taking all the "cool" units of V.C. without taking any key units.

09-08-2005, 17:44
two coaches are really effective and i think that you should loose on those small war machine killing units. take one sylvanian levy and knights and those two coaches and see if then you have points for wolves and bats etc..

Alco Engineer
09-08-2005, 22:30
I'd still keep 1 coach. you'll have 3 grave markers so that'll help a little plus you'll still have a bit of magic on your side. I don't think you need too many Dire wolves. they can be effective but you can already summon some so I'd leave it at that. I'd take a single banshee and use her as support. the only prob against chaos is which type do they play because she'll be ineffective if you can't take on knights and warriors with her scream

10-08-2005, 01:09
Yea, I'm very reluctant on losing the coaches. It's partially why I chose Army of Sylvania. Thanks for all the advice so far.

10-08-2005, 03:23
Gorenuit the drakenhof banner increases wolves summoned with the bloodline power, not wolves summoned through the invocation of Nehek.

Alco Engineer
10-08-2005, 04:31
The bloodline power (wolf Lord) enables you to summon the wolves through Invocation of Nehek

11-08-2005, 12:04
Yer but as Kerili says these wolfs aren't doubled only blood line power summoned ones. My Von Castein army is a Werewolf army with lots of dire wolves and wolf form characters so has no levy or skeleies but I do have loads of wolves to cover Dranken hoff guard and Templers. So I don't mind the fact their little troops but combined with the 2 black coachs it semi cripples you. I think you either have to go troops heavy with black coaches or elite without them. Their just isn't enough troops to weather loses

I would drop the lord as the extra magic does very little and a thrall is a good fighter and gives you another 50 points of powers. Due to the lack of dispel dice I have earthbound in very expensive unit that doesn't have the drankenhoff banner. Cut the spirit host to 3. Then drop the 2 coachs and buy more wolves, knights and zombies or Drop the grave guard and get more knights and wolves and trust to be albe to run down the enemy line by offering too many targets to take out

11-08-2005, 23:51
THanks for the clarification. I've re-read the rules and you are correct. I suppose I can arm them with a different banner.

15-08-2005, 20:30
Ok, how about I take out one of the spirit hosts and bolster the levy. My Lord will join them. The Wight Lord will join the Guards and I'll rework the size of that squad, accordingly. I think the knights are fine since I will be using them as mostly a flanking unit and not as my main force. The wolf thrall will go as needed. I think I might replace the Drakenhof banner for the screaming banner.

16-08-2005, 05:05
I think you need a decent core of infantry, levy are great for the points and you don't need that big a starting unit 16 seems to be common.

2 coaches is a big call, i can see it working but i think i would get more troops.

16-08-2005, 07:03
I think you need a decent core of infantry, levy are great for the points and you don't need that big a starting unit 16 seems to be common.

2 coaches is a big call, i can see it working but i think i would get more troops.

I see your point, but I think having 2 coaches would completely add more fun to the game. I'm not a power gamer and I like taking the risks, plus it's really fluffy. I might just take one, but I still prefer 2, heh.