View Full Version : How to act with Cult of Ulric

20-05-2007, 20:43

I have now been whooped and anahilated 2 times in a row with my 1000pts Cult of Ulric army.

I start questioning myself... what do I do wrong.

So I'll just ask everyone here: How you guys would go with high infantry based army with lot of fast cavalry in it ( I have hallebardiers, Warriors of Ulric, Hounds ( fast cavalry )... in my 1500pts army I'll also have Kislevist horse archers and Teutogen guards )

Do you charge?, try to out run the opponent and hit him on the flanks? From behind? Stretch his line?

I tried the charge thing... nop, that doesn't work... the flanking... better but no results... It may just be disposition...

Anyways, waiting for your help

21-05-2007, 15:03
First which rules are you using for the army, second what does your list look like.

I personaly like using wolfkin and hounds to deal with Fast Cav and like large blocks of warriors with HW + shield + LA to hold my center. 1 unti of Knights of the White Wolf to deal with armor (must be IC).