View Full Version : 1000 point Vampire Counts army

20-05-2007, 23:31
Having never tried my hand at putting together a Vampire Counts army, this is my first attempt. I'm not quite sure how it came out yet, and was hoping some of you could enlighten me somewhat. Here's the list...

Level 2
Book of Arkhan

Level 2
Black Periapt
Spell Familiar

20 Skeletons-
Light Armour
Standard Bearer
Skeleton Captain

20 Zombies

8 Ghouls

5 Black Knights-
Standard Bearer
Hell Knight

4 Fell Bats




21-05-2007, 00:00
The black periapt and spell familiar are both arcane items so your necromancer can only take 1 of them.

Also, I'd try to free up some points for another bat to get the magic US5, and also get a standard and musician in the zombies to help them survive longer in combat. Also, try 9 ghouls instead of 8, that way you need 3 casualties instead of 2 to cause a panic test (the first time you take casualties).

To free up these points I'd probably remove a few skeletons, they're expensive with light armour so you would only need to lose a few and you can always raise more.

You will need to be carefull when playing though as you're general is very fragile and without him most of you're units won't last long.