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21-05-2007, 12:36
Since my Wood Elves are (mostly) finished, and I'll (probably) start Chaos for 40k when the new codex comes out, so I figure I'll start a fantasy army for Nemesis Crown. Since I want something different from my Wood Elves (which have little magic and armour), I figure Chaos for Fantasy creates crossover (in the form of demons) and is totally different from Wood Elves. So, I'd like some advice on...

a) Choosing the power to serve. Khorne is out, as it doesn't have magic, but I'd like to know what sorts of magic the other three have, and what advantages they add to the troops and demon catagories?

b) What to start with for a 500pt army with that power?

21-05-2007, 13:37
I played a tzeentch army that was fairly magic heavy a few times...to be honest i was very much underwhelmed by their magical offense, possibly because i was playing them wrong, although as far as i can tell my list was fairly one dimensional. I'd personally go with slaanesh as i think they have the most options. Speed, offensive magics, boosts for your troops, penalties for enemies, and some of the best items that chaos can get....and boobs.

Murderous Monkey
21-05-2007, 13:43
I'd suggest you play undivided to start with and experiment with some ideas for what you like. Since the army appears to be mostly for fun why not try out the units which appeal to you the most. Slaanesh has very powerful magic (such a great lore) and the mark is relatively cheap too, which is useful in an elite army such as Chaos. Tzeentch gives you lots of magic... but your characters are very expensive and you'll have even less on the table as a result. Nurgle means expensive units, partly because the mark costs so much and partly because you often try and have larger units (to boost the effect of Fear and reduce the number of times you have to pay for it).

I think the daemons in Tzeentch and Slaanesh are best - I'm a big fan of Mounted Daemonettes and Screamers, but I also like the daemonettes and horrors for the fun factor they provide.

A 500 point army will probably have Marauder horsemen with flails (very useful - although mine have shields as I think they look cool that way), some marauder infantry (cheap enough to get a decent block), a hero (aspiring/exalted champ with little extra gear) and a bonus unit or two - i.e. Knights/chariot/spawn/hounds/daemons (whatever you want to try out I guess).

Just my thoughts...

21-05-2007, 13:48
Tzeentch really has a tough time when fielding mostly mortals, because with such expensive characters, chaos warriors have a tough time finding room, and your numbers are pathetic.

I took the mostly beasts route with some mortals and some daemons, and it works GREAT. Sure you don't get tons of PD from your marked mortal units, but you get a LOT more models on the table and can really be a ton more flexible.

Tzeentch magic isn't an immediate showstopper, but it's something that can really be pretty brutal. Red fire's often pathetic display of 2 S2 hits can work to your advantage, as so many people will simply dismiss it, and this is when the 5 S6 hits can pound that knight unit. Green fire against swordmasters is EVIL.(kills about 42%) and now with black orcs being armed to da teef, you can cast it on them too.

Indigo fire against warmachine crews is just diabolical.

Violet fire pretty much blows with it's super high casting value, 6" range, and limited target selection, but other than that, the lore is pretty useful.

21-05-2007, 13:55
Undivided is a good start ( What im currently using) the reroll of psycology(sp?) tests is useful and cheap. also the freedom magic wise (8 lores to choose from!) can be fun, although ive always ended up just saying "all 3 are fire" then rolling 5 3 times (conflagation = dead units).

The only thing stopping me going tzeentch is the lore seems short ranged/unpredictable

21-05-2007, 15:18
pure demons at 500 points is really not possible. That said tzeentch and slaanesh have the best lores towards full units, but nurgle lore can make there charachters alot weaker.

21-05-2007, 22:48
Well, if you grab the SoC book, you could use an all daemon army at 500 points. hey you might as well check out the list, since it has alot of new opportunities. and remember that even if you want magic, you can still take a couple of khornate units.

21-05-2007, 23:53
slanash has some potent spells and demonetts are bery good in combat

22-05-2007, 00:19
I guess Daemonic legion allows a 500 point list cause you can take a herald cheaply as your character, but it's still limiting.

You'd get 2 Minimum units and a herald for about 400 points.