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Dwarf Longbeard
21-05-2007, 20:01
Hi all

I've been re-writing my dwarf army after spending sometime with other armies, this is the list I've currently come up with and would appriciate some advice on it such as does it seem to much of a gun line army?
Being a player from the old herohammer days i've still got the habit of loading the characters up with magic items and always giving units there full command - but everyone else in my gaming group is the same
I'm sorting this out as an army to take on a various amount of different armies these are - Dark elves - Beasts of chaos with Daemons included - Orcs & goblins - Tomb kings

Heres the army I've currently come up with: -

Dwarf lord - 279
Great weapon - MR of Kragg the grim - Rune of Fury
Gromril armour - Rune of preservation - Rune of stone
MR of spite - Rune of luck

Rune Lord - 251
Great weapon
Gromril armour - MR of gromril - 2 Runes of iron
MR of spellbinding


Army standard bearer - 240
Oath stone
MR of Stromni redbeard - Rune of guarding

Runesmith - 97
Rune of spellbreaking

Master Engineer - 115
Brace of pistols - handgun
MR of dismay

Dragon slayer - 100
MR of swiftness - Rune of fury


25 Warriors - 250
full command - shields
army standard bearer goes in this unit

20 Warriors - 245
full command - shields - great weapons

15 Warriors - 160
full command - shields
runesmith goes in this unit

25 Longbeards - 350
full command - shields - Rune of stoicism
Runelord goes in this unit

20 Quarrellers - 265
full command - shields

16 Thunderers - 265
full command - shields


25 Hammerers - 395
full command - shields - Rune of battle - Rune of sanctuary
Dwarf lord goes in this unit

Cannon with engineer (brace of pistols) - 110

20 Miners - 275
full command - blasting charges

15 Slayers - 198
1 giant slayer - full command

Grudge thrower with engineer (brace of pistols) - 100

2 Bolt throwers with engineers (brace of pistols) - 130


Gyrocopter - 140

Any other information you need just ask, Thanks for any help

21-05-2007, 20:15
anything above 2000pt should be easy. Make two 2000pt armies. One Shooty and one Close Combat.

Mix them up and you have a 4000pt Dwarf Army thats balanced.

Khornies & milk
22-05-2007, 04:28
That really is a great idea. It would probably work at 3K as well, so I might try that out.
I've been working out what to buy for my 3K list for 3 weeks now, and still keep bloody changing things around.


25-05-2007, 01:09
No one ever needs advice on 4000 pt armies. You either know how to play the army and play it at 1000, 1500, or 2000 pt lists, or you don't and play at 1000 pts to 'get' how to play the army.

I suggest you write a 1000 pt list and people will help you there but no one plays at 4000 pts and the game is just 'kill stuff' anyway.