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21-05-2007, 22:17
Mordheim seems a great game, so my gaming group decided we'd give it a try.

For my force, I'm looking for a characterfull army, for which I could make some nice conversions.

From what I've heard (from friends) Witch hunters and Pirates seem to be good choices for this.
I've however no idea what all army lists are (doesn't care if it's legal or not)(for tournaments that is :P) so if you guys could give me some advice, it would be great.

Warwolt the skaven
22-05-2007, 20:04
Im not quite sure I understand the question, do you wonder what list is which or where to find the lists?

22-05-2007, 22:42
Well, I mean that I want to have a 'characterfull' warband.
Kinda like pirates have that special 'touch', which adds that extra flavor and also makes them into a conversion army.(at least the thought inspires me)

Mercenaries seem too bland for me.
Undead and skaven as well.
But Sisters and witchhunters seem to have that 'touch' as well, at least they inspire me to make some nice conversions.
And well, that's all the armies that I know of next to pirates.
Do you guys have any links to all of the other lists maybe otherwise?

23-05-2007, 00:13
You could do what I did and make a pit fighter warband. I did a model for a load of the races in the warhammer world, goblin, skaven, wood elf etc and then you can either use the pitfighter rules or (what I did) try another warbands rules. You could do this with any theme really and use them as another warbands ruleset.

23-05-2007, 14:53
Pit fighters seem to be characterfull as well, thanks :).

I've found the fanatic site, but I've also heard from a circus list (0.o) with clowns :S.Any more links than fanatic for these lists, or are they all home-made if not on the fanatic site?

As of now, Pirates and pit fighters seem cool to me?
Any experience to how they play?

Spartan-001: Master Chief
23-05-2007, 16:28
pit fighters are harsh in h2h combat but lack the shooting side of the game and i have no experiance with pirates. My warband was funny because i modeled them around the farscape series and everyone in are gaming group made warbands from there favourite tv programe it was great we had a futurama warband a smipsons warband it was great!. Theres lots of things you could do with this game its really fun to play and our warbands where based on the marrienburgers(sp).


23-05-2007, 23:03
Pirates happen to be my favorite warband. I like 'em because they've got a good balance between ranged firepower and hand to hand power. They don't excell at either, but they can do pretty well where needed. I also like that they're blackpowder heavy without needing to use any of the more useless blackpowder guns (Hunting Rifle and Handguns). The ability to give pretty much everyone pistols for use in assaults is great. Sure, it doesn't work all the time, but it always gives you an option to shoot if you don't think that you will be able to make a fear check.

Best things in the list are (in no particular order) 1)the Swivel Gun. Get multiple groups of gunners, because you want a gunner to Lad as soon as possible, then you can give him a Swivel Gun and wreak havoc. 2)Boatswains. Henchmen that can re-roll diving charges and climb checks? Yes please! 3)Parrots & Sea Shanty Singer. Nothing funnier than watching a Skaven charge you only to fail two leadership checks and start whiffing with his attacks. 4)Swashbuckler. If shooters learn it, they can drop out of combat and shoot. If your close combat specs learn it, they can charge more or less every turn.

Of course, the downside is that, as a blackpowder heavy warband, alot of your weapons are expensive. Even worse, if you're playing with the optional misfire rules, you're going to have to buy those guns more than once. And often times, when you're playing with the misfires, you WILL forget about the price drop that you get from it.

Lord 0
25-05-2007, 05:22
Alternatively, you could always go for Posessed. Now *there* is a warband with conversion potential.

I do not own a posessed warband (I tend to stay away from the 'evil' warbands), but my flatmate does and I have made all his posessed models.

He has two that have no mutations at all for when he starts and a GC$600+ monstrosity for when his warband gets going. It has many tentacles, spines, scorpion tail, hooves, all sorts.

Further conversion potential past the posessed comes from the mutants, dark-souls, beastmen, heck - pretty much the rest of the warband. Especially if you are playing with the rules for using wyrdstone to generate mutations found on the official GW Mordheim site here (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/WyrdstonePowers.pdf).

25-05-2007, 16:29
I've narrowed it down to either Pirates, Pit Fighters or the assassin squad (experimental from Mordheimer.com)

ATM I'm leaning towards Pirates, as Pirates seem to have a lot of potential. (Saying things like 'Skipper' 'Arrr me hearties' and 'the treasure be mine' seem to have a certain attraction for me :P)

As of conversion possibilites I thought of this:

Pirates: Empire 10-man boxes (both) together with green stuff for peg legs, eye patches, etc. Shouldn't be too hard to convert.
Pit fighter: Different races to fight with,convert them to have lots of armor stuff like the Roman gladiators had.
Assassins: Instead of skaven use humans (don't like skaven alot) with lots of clocks, hidden daggers in boots, etc. Stuff to be invisible basically :P.

25-05-2007, 20:16
Foundry has some pirate models, maybe you would like to check them out. I believe they are same scale as GW miniatures, even though I don`t own any of them so I can`t be 100% sure. And they are not even expensive for metal minis.

27-05-2007, 05:10
My Pirate warband is made entirely out of Warmachine models, most of them stock, with a few minor uses of green stuff. I used one box of Croe's Cutthroats for most of my henchmen, with a Khador Mortar as my swivel gun. The one real downside you'll experience is that Warmachine bases are noticably larger than normal fantasy bases.

28-05-2007, 10:26
The Empire Militia box is enough for making pirates.

My friend plays pirates, and most of his henchmen are made from the militia box. You can see some pics here (http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a4/mrtnw/Miniatures/Mordheim/).

28-05-2007, 15:39
I can, and will, only use GW figures, so no Rackham/Privateer Press and the such.

Those pirates look nice BTW mrtn, but I guess he had alot of pistols and the such left, as I can't find them on the militia sprues.

I'm probably going to play a game with Fantasy figures tommorow and see which one suites me more.So I'll post my findings then.