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21-05-2007, 22:38
Ok my list is looking something like this at the moment:

Alter Noble, GW, light armour, shield.
Hail of Doom.

Spellweaver, level 4,
Wand of Wych Elm.


10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard
5 Glade Riders
8 Dryads
8 Dryads

5 Wild Riders
4 Treekin
7 Wardancers, musician

5 Waywatchers

I was thinking about dropping the Treekin to fit in another unit of Wild Riders and some more Dryads. Or even a BSB.
Would this be any use or would I be better off with sticking the Treekin?

22-05-2007, 09:07
Good stuff.

A couple of things I would personally change though...

Drop the 2nd spell singer, and go for a Level 1 Branchwraith - a bit more survivability, and adds a bit of a punch in combat. I have used one with the annoyance of netlings, to go enemy lord hunting... worked 8 times out of 10...

I never use treekin - and my list was kinda similar to yours... a unit of 3 Warhaws, and an eagle add some seriously fast and manoeuvrable stuff to your plan. They can get right round the sides and back of your opponent, which combined with eith a Dryad unit, or Wardancer unit in the front = pain

Personally, I hate the Alter Noble with a passion, and the Hail of Doom, but the first is an irrational thing, and the second is it's a bit hit and miss (if you'll excuse the pun) I find there are better uses for the points...

Nice balanced list though

22-05-2007, 11:01
Very similar to my Standard 2000 points list which I have a lot of succses with. Whats different is manly the characters I use a treeman Ancient (and no treeman as rare). as well as BSB and level 1 singer.

I agree with Crube on the first suggestion.

On the others:

For me I realy like treekins. Not that I dont like Warhawks and eagles those are greats but I dont have points for them In 2k so I always save them for 2250 (well not the eagle since Treeman and Waywatchers fills the rare.

I dont have an alter Noble but I realy suggest you use him. He has worked great when I have used him. And the Hail of Doom arrrow is godlike a top 5 item in the warhammer world atleast.

22-05-2007, 12:31
Ok I actually think I'm going to drop the Wand of Wych Elm on the Spellweaver and give her two scrolls aswell. Its gonna give me more magic protection I reckons...
And while I am thinking of dropping the Treekin it wont be for Warhawks or Eagles. They just dont appeal to me. It will be for Wild Riders, Dryads or BSB.
Also I like the idea of switching the Spellsinger for a Branchwraith. May have to try it... :P

25-05-2007, 00:05
give your alter helm of the hunt. throw a dispel scroll on your general just in case, drop the other spellsinger as you won't really need it, and if you want magic protection take a BW. Try to get one more WW so you can work the odds on KB a bit better.

I only field 4 Treekin in an all FS list, otherwise it's too unwieldy.