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Sir Spoon 88
22-05-2007, 05:23
Hey guyz. Very new general here so dont be too harsh. 1st army i made and i need some help. Here it is...


Spellweaver; Lvl 4 (Lore of Beasts), Ranu's Heartstone, 2x Dispel Scroll, Mischiefs

Alter Noble; Hail of Doom

Wardancer Noble; Blades of Loec


12x Glade Guard; Standard, Musician

12x Dryads; Branch Nymph

5x Glade Riders; Standard, Musician

3x Warhawk Riders; Wind Rider

7x Wardancers; bladesinger, Musician

3x Treekin


6x Waywatchers

1x Treeman

Comes to 1998pts. The idea is to use the army as a group of elite units. Using the wardancers and dryads to attack either table edge with the flyers and fast cavalry to negate any enemy rank bonus. The treeman, treekin and alter noble are used to hold the middle with the glade guard and wizard until the flanks fall. Reason i take beasts is coz Bears anger on the alter gives a WS 6, S 8, T 4 and 7 attacks, making him quite cable of holding up a unit, especially if they are flanked or are skirmishers. Also the Oxen stands is good if any unexpected breaks occurs, ie the Treeman or Treekin. Also the hunters spear owns owns Chaos knights when you hit there flanks, gives the wood elves that bolt thrower all the other elves have, haha.

Still not happy with the wizards wargear so help with that is very much needed. Also not happy with the waywatchers so some advice on them, especially any trix on deploying, coz they got owned last game by squigs 1st turn. PEACE!!

22-05-2007, 05:33
The troops, Dryads should never have mroe than 9 in a regiment, and no need for branch nymph. Drop your Glade Guard to 10, and drop Standard and Musician, they don't need it, as they should never be in combat. I'm not a fan of warhawks but eh. Make you're Alter a Standard Bearer Alter. Maybe try to fit some Wild Riders in their pretty awsome.

22-05-2007, 05:56
Not a bad start.

You could drop the Dryads down to 8, without going into a lot of detail, this is the best size for the unit, keeping it cheap and letting you move it around easily and get alot of models into base contact.

Drop the Glade Guard to 10 and lose the standard, keeping this unit small lets you deploy in a line, 20cm long rather than 24cm, this makes it easier to position on the board and move around and the loss of the standard makes it a slightly less tempting target since they don't get the points for capturing a standard.

Take a musician with your War Dancers, you will be surprised how often the "+1 combat res if its a draw" comes in useful.

Drop the Wind Rider on the Warhawk Riders, and perhaps take a fourth, this way he can't be challenged so maximizes your attacks against mages assuming you go down the mage hunting route with them, and you have some spare wounds before you fall below unit strength 5, which you need for cross firing fleeing units. Warhawk Riders can't be used to negate ranks, they are skirmishers.

I would also lose the standard from the Glade Riders for the same reason as the Glade Guard.

You might consider taking a 'bare' unit of Wild Riders, 5 or 6 strong, they really are an excellent unit and excel in flank charges.

Your alter wouldn't be quite that good, you can't use weapon bonus' when in bear form, so only strength 6.

The Mage's magic items are fine, unless you wanted to swap lores to Athel Loren and take Calliangors Stave.

As for Way Watchers, always set them up out of line of sight, and if possible in the enemy deployment zone. Their roles should be march blocking and war machine hunting, then just shoot at the most heavily armoured unit and lone characters in the hope of killing blow.

Sir Spoon 88
22-05-2007, 06:00
Thanks for the feedback. Firstly the nymph is an extra attack for limited points. Secondly, the glade guard get the standard and musician coz i play them in the centre, if they can survive the first round of combat, the attacking unit is getting flanked by treekin or a treeman, also the music is +1 to rallyin attemps which is good if i have to flee. I like the warhawks coz of hit n run, plus the 20inch charge and unit str 6 negates rank bonus which helps the skirmishers. Finally i dont get the fus about standard bearers? Please inform. Wild riders are good, but i prefer the additional bow fire they provide and also they are a core choice.

Thanks for the info on the dryads n glade guard. The standard in the glade riders is crucial i think to helping them hold the flank. plus with feighed flight, no one has caught it yet anyway. The warhawks are not skirmishers they are flying cavalry, just like pegasus knights and DO negate ranks. Thanks for pointing out the bear n weapon thing, however even on the mage himself, heaven forbid he get into combat, or the wardancer noble it is still quite useful. I do take a musician just forgot to add, adds fluff, what are dancers without music haha. Lastly chears on the waywatchers i will try dat.

22-05-2007, 07:19
Ive always likeed dyrads in groups of ten it works well for me. i also like warhawks keep em i say but do drop all the ex-goodies on the glade guard especially the banners u'll be handing over VP and u dont want to do that. Keep the glade guard in groups of ten trust me when i say this works well.

The Old Scholar
22-05-2007, 08:56
Man, looks solid to me. Is there a way to get the Noble the Helm of the Hunt? He'd then have 8 attacks after the Bear's Anger and that is simply hilarious. You'd still have 30 points to afford you The Murder of Spites to grant him even more attacks. You'd lose the Hail of Doom Arrow, but it seems that you've included it as an afterthought, but I could be wrong. I don't know why I think having a one-Elf-killing-machine is so hilarious, but it is, what is more, it could work!
Warhawks are great!!!

22-05-2007, 12:07
The warhawks are a unit of flying cavalry, but the rulebook says that flying cavalry are treated as a unit of flyers, and a unit of flyers operate as skrimishers. So your warhawks do NOT negate rank bonus, sorry.


Sir Spoon 88
22-05-2007, 14:07
I sincerly hope i am not opening a can of worms here...but the rulebook says Flying Cavalry treated as cavalry with the flying rule (Pg69 of AU version), visa vee they do negate ranks. However normal flyers, such as Terradons, do not. Unlike flyers with unit strength 1, they are unit str 2 each, and therefore 3 flying cavalry can negate the bonus.

22-05-2007, 14:52
Sorry to disappoint you, but they won't negate rank bonus but you will get +1 for flank or rear if you keep them at US5 or more. They are skirmisher, flying skirmishers with a US2 of each, which also means that your opponent doesn't get a -1 to hit when he wants to shoot them! Be careful.

22-05-2007, 16:01
I had a read of the rulebook, and as far as I can tell, Jahiron is right about what he's said. They have improved US (so no -1 to hit) and even though they have a cavalry profile and are even called units of cavalry that can fly, they're still treated as skirmishers in all other respects. So no ignoring ranks.

Wow that sucks for me warhawks.

Ah well.


22-05-2007, 19:56
I like the warhawks coz of hit n run, plus the 20inch charge and unit str 6 negates rank bonus which helps the skirmishers.

They don't negate the rank bonus as they are skirmishers.

Finally i dont get the fus about standard bearers? Please inform.

They only give +1 combat res, with wood elves you don't need that since you should be winning by sheer weight of attacks. If said unit bearing the standard is cut down or beaten in combat they lose the standard and give the enemy an extra 100 victory points.

The warhawks are not skirmishers they are flying cavalry, just like pegasus knights and DO negate ranks.

Page 69: (Units of Flyers) "Units of flyers operate as skirmishers"
Page 69: (Flying Cavalry) "They are treated as units of flyers"

Skirmishers DO NOT negate ranks.

Flying Cavalry only lets you claim the +1 armour save for being mounted, gives unit strength 2 and lets you be affected by spells that work on cavalry.

Sir Spoon 88
23-05-2007, 06:23
Well that sucks it big time then, told u i was new.They don't do what i want them to do. :( Aww well i guess they will come out and ill have to put in either more glade riders or wild riders, but thanks for the heads up. :chrome: Ill have a new updated list with the changes from some of you guys soon just working it out still.

Sir Spoon 88
23-05-2007, 07:24
Ok. After much playing around here is my take 2...


Spellweaver; lvl 4 (Lore of Beasts), Ranu's Heartstone, 2x Dispel Scrolls, Stone of Crystal Mere

Alter Noble; Great Weapon, Light Armour, Hail of Doom, Helm of the Hunt

Wardancer Noble; Blades of Loec


10x Glade Guard

5x Glade Riders, Full Command

5x Glade Riders; Full Command

10x Dryads; Branch Nymph

7x Wardancers, Musician

3x Treekin, Elder


6x Waywatchers

1x Treeman

I have added a Ward save to the general as he was very vulnerable and a fair amount of points to lose to silly magic or shooting.

Next i added the Helm of hunt to the alter, for the extra WS and A and combined with bears anger, coz its armour bonus not weapon, he will own.

Took out the command from the glade guard and dropped a couple of dryads. Also dropped the warhawks. I picked up another unit of Glade Riders to negate flank charges and gave them full command. Depending on how i feel i can add the warhawks back in, take out the 2nd glade riders and go for 1 strong flank rather than trying to get both flanks.

Removed the Bladesinger from the wardancers, as they have the noble and gave a champion to the Treekin, for challenges and stuff.

Comes to only 1987 points though..Other than that the rare choices stayed the same. :) What do we think?

23-05-2007, 08:10
Lose the champion from the glade rider units, as a general rule of thumb champions that only add to BS are pretty useless.

Sir Spoon 88
28-05-2007, 13:32
Ok Owned the Empire, even smashed Karl Franz on 2nd turn with wardancer, however utterly hammered by Khorne