View Full Version : The Mad Monks of Offler

09-08-2005, 04:37

Easy E
09-08-2005, 04:55
Space marines....Hmmm. I think they would fit better as LaTD.

Khaine's Messenger
09-08-2005, 17:43
I think the Great God Om is more deserving of a Space Marine chapter than Offler. The only problem would be deciding on whether to put it on pre-Brutha or post-Brutha Omnianism....smiting the unrighteous with informative pamphlets has never exactly been the strong point of Space Marines. :)

On Offler, though? Besides a lot of alligator bitz and alligator themed background stuff, but really, I can't think of much (besides being one of the many, many deities who's really pissed about that whole Sourceror thing, tends to spend his time laying the smackdown on the Ice Giants, and has trap-laden temples in deepest darkest regions with lots of nice huge gems in them and priests who trade duties wearing the Big Hat).

Khaine's Messenger
09-08-2005, 18:59
And as demonstrated in that novel, Offler is one of the elite club that likes to hurl lightning bolts (to little effect when your target happens to be a ceramic agnostic, but them's the breaks) to get his point across...hmmm....