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22-05-2007, 15:48
Hey guys

Right then, was reading over my 1500pt topc, and I was had an idea about a 2000pt list which I'm fairly happy with ATM. Hasn't got a treeman in though :eek:, but could it work?


Noble - 157pts
Great Eagle, Hail of Doom Arrow, Spear, Longbow

Branchwraith - 140pts
Lvl 1, cluster of radiants

Branchwraith - 140pts
Lvl 1, A Beffudlement of Mischiefs


10 Glade Guard - 120pts

10 Glade Guard - 120pts

8 Dryads - 96pts

8 Dryads - 96pts

8 Dryads - 96pts

5 Glade Riders - 129pts

5 Glade Riders - 129pts


3 Warhawks - 120pts

3 Warhawks - 120pts

9 Wardancers - 176pts
Blade Singer

6 Wild Riders - 217pts
Full Command, War Banner


6 Waywatchers (gasp!) - 144pts

Total - 2000pts on the nose

Power dice - 4 + 1 bound item (so 2 tree singing spells a turn then)
Dispel Dice - 5

Ok, the 6 warhawks and 9 wardancers are debatable. I might keep them, or I might just keep one unit, and take myself 2 units of wardancers instead, which I find very appealing...but I'm not sure.

Apart from that, after re-reading their rules, e.t.c, I felt that perhaps the waywatchers were worth taking afterall.



23-05-2007, 02:31
Overall solid list.

Consider taking an elf mage in place of the second branchwraith just for a dispel scroll (oh, and she's cheaper).

For troops your selections are fundamentally fine.

Personally I'd go with a single unit of warhawks, keep the wardancers and use the points from the second warhawk unit elsewhere. Another unit of glade guard or glade riders would both be more useful in the grand scheme of things.

23-05-2007, 09:22
sctually that's not a bad idea.

so, drop 2nd branchwraith for a wizzie with a dispel scroll, then lose 2 warhawks, that would free up 105pts. Lose the 9th wardancer and I can then grab myself a 3rd unit of glade guard. Actually I like that idea a lot more! Huzzah!

Well thanks for that ;)


god octo
23-05-2007, 15:32
Actually, I was just about to say that I like the current list, and that the only suggestion that I would make would be to swap one branchy for a spellsinger.

23-05-2007, 20:25
so at the least definitely switch out the 2nd branchwraith for a spellsinger dispel caddie?

24-05-2007, 14:23
ive been playing wood elves for quite a while but im new to warseer so bear wit me. ur list looks fine, but i feel that 6 warhawks is a bit overkill. ur opponent may hav several warmachines but the impact on this army is going to be small so u really dont need so many especially since u hav so many other units that can be used for flank charges. id also agree wit Sloth. a spellsinger is definatly a good idea

24-05-2007, 14:25
lol im an idiot, i meant i agree wit octo...i now notice that u are sloth...what a great way to start warseer...

24-05-2007, 15:23
lmao, it happens to the best of us ;)

Actually I'm beginning to agree. I really like warhawks, but 3 just isn't enough for me personally.

I shall have to have a rethink about the list. My gaming club is on in a few days, so I might be able to try out my current list (with 6 wild riders with FC and warbanner over 8 dryads and 3 more warhawks)


25-05-2007, 00:56
Give your noble Helm of the Hunt

Give your Glade Guard musicians.

8 wardancers with full command is the ideal setup, at least switch for the musician in case of ties.

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER take a 20 pt champion (or 18 pts in the case of the wild riders) which grants,...'one' more attack. That unit works best in 5 w/ musician. The banner and champion and extra guy are dead weight when you could buy a unit of scouts for the difference in pts.

I like the magic defense, anti-magic feel without just stacking up dispel caddies.

The rest looks good, best of luck.