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09-08-2005, 09:52
Liana massaged her temples as she stared out of a small porthole in her spacious room aboard the Dauntless class frigate, The Sanguine Tear. Her sleep had been...troubled as of late, her dreams plagued by horrific images of Ivan being tortured, his flesh being ripped by an unknown force. She shuddered at the thought and placed her forehead against the cool wall, giving a slight sigh of relief. "Lady Liana," a voice sounded from behind her, she was startled but managed to hide it.

"Yes," she said, turning and seeing Deren, on of the scribes, standing in the door way. She motioned for the man to come in, who tentatively stepped in. The floor was strewn with books and dataslates, Liana had become a bit obsessed over the mission and it was beginning to worry some of the crew.

"Lady Liana, th last of the transports has finally come in, the priest named Janson Stevonich was onboard. He has been led to his quarters but has been told that he should not sleep unless directed to. Should I awaken the rest of the team and have them assemble in your office?" Deren asked. Liana gave a sigh of relief in knowing that, after many delays, her team was fully assembled, and not a moment too soon as they were a few short hours from reaching short range transport range with Talos IX. She had not yet introduced herself to the team members that did not know her, she was far too concentrated on studying documents recovered from Ivan's personal library, hoping that the reason for his dissapearance would lie in one of the books or dataslates.

"Yes Deren, also have the galley send up something hot for them to eat, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with these people," she said with a sly grin.

"There is one more thing Lady Liana," Deren said, looking slightly nervous.

"What is it?" she asked him, smiling. It was then that Deren saw how troubled she looked, her dishevled hair, tired eyes and a rather defeated looking posture.

"Ummm...oh just that you might want to...how can I say this? Freshen up?" he said with a grin. he was relieved to hear her laugh.

"I think I will do that Deren, now if you'll excuse me," she said, beginning to disrobe. Deren hurridly left and closed the door behind him.

"She says assemble the team," Deren said to a few servitors waiting outside the room. Without a word they slid off to complete their assigned task. Deren gave a small sigh and began heading towards Liana's office.

"What did she say?" a voice as cool as ice sounded from a behind a corner. Deren gave a small jump but then scowled as Loki stepped into view.

"For the last time Loki, Lady Liana does not wish to be disturbed!" he said rather huffily. He had not liked Loki from the moment he set eyes on him, and was incredibly annoyed with his constant requests to see Liana privately.

"I'm starting to get the feeling," Loki said, stepping towards the man, "That you don't even give my messages to Liana, I think you just..."

"Lady Liana is very absorbed in study at the moment so she has no time to entertain loud mouthed show offs like yourself," Deren snapped curtly at Loki.

"My, my, my," Loki said, stepping forward, "I have to admire your bravery Deren, talking like that to me. Or maybe its not because you're brave, maybe its because you are stupid enough to think that, if push comes to shove, you could take me down." Deren sneered at Loki.

"Just what I would expect from a damned feral mutt, so quick to fight and..." but his words were cut off as Loki's hand shot out and wrapped around his neck.

"If you know what's good for you," he growled into Deren's ear, "You won't call me a mutt again." He slackened his grip and let Deren stumble back, clutching at his throat. "Now, is there anything else you want to tell me?"

"Lady Liana wishes the team to assemble in her main office," Deren said through gasping breaths, his eyes wide with fear. Loki gave a small laugh and turned away from the man. After a short bit of walking he arrived at the door to Liana's office. It was a large, grand door, with great historical figures carved onto its surface. Loki gave another small laugh, so very dramatic he thought as he pushed open the door.

He was caught a little off guard by the room that greeted him. It was quite large with deep red carpeting. There were various tables and furniture scattered throughout the room, all of them the same red as the carpet and had gold trims. There was an absolutely huge window huge window that sat behind a large desk at one end of the room. "Now that," Loki said, stepping towards the desk, looking up at the window, "Cannot be safe." Despite the fact that he was sure the window was at the very least four feet thick, he was equally as sure that it would still be safer to have the entire thing covered with the normal armor plating that was on the rest of the ship.

Loki knew Liana had a weakness for grandeur and the dramatic, but he felt she might have gone a little far this time. He strode over to the desk and traced its smooth surface until he reached the chair, which he happily flopped down into and put his feet up. He began to wait for the rest of the team to come in, and was happy to see some crew members come up with hot plates filled with food.

((Alright, so this is the stereotypical, standard introduction situation (again, jacked from slaz :p ). The servitors will wake you and lead you to the office and you can begin socializing with the rest of the team. After a little bit Liana will come in and give you the skinny on the situation.))

09-08-2005, 14:17
"AWAKEN" a cold mechanical voice drawled. Ruben opened his eyes and stared at the pale scared flesh of a servitor. "FOLOW ME< I WILL PROVIDE ESCORT TO YOUR NEW COMPANIONS". Ruben pulled himself up and cursed. He pulled on some simple clothes and grabbed a bolt pistol in a holster and slung it over his shoulder. The servitor silently lead him into the office and directed him to a seat. He sat down, and peered around, half asleep.

09-08-2005, 14:51
Drucilla was already awake when the servitor came to call her. She had been up all night as the warp was stirring and her dreams were causing her pain. She had already cleaned up one nose bleed and she didn't wish for any more.

'I know, I know!' came her wispy voice before the servitor could speak. But as usual, the mindless machine did as it was ordered. She sighed and with the hiss and groan of hydraulics, Drucilla's bionics raised her from her cradle. The plus from the back of her skull disengaged upon her silent command and she shuffled forward as fast as she could, leaning on her cane, following the servitor.

In truth, Drucilla was sure that biologically she wasn't all that old. Maybe somewhere in her 30's, but she left like she had been alive for centuaries. Her mind weary and her body failing.

She didn't like the open ship. Too much noise, hustle and bustle. It was all too busy for her. Plus she could do without the hateful and scared glances that she knew she got. Although she could not see, her inner mind compensated and she could sense all their feelings towards her. She much preferred the quiet of her chamber where there were no outside intrusions. Just that of the messages of the Imperium. Bringing her news of how the galaxy was fairing. She liked it there...but now she had to leave her sanctuary and go out the ship. But such was her life.

She shuffled on into the room where she had been summoned.

09-08-2005, 16:10
( =p you're doing quite the job of citing your sources, Vesk. Kitchens/Rawley would be pleased ^.^ sorry for the brevity. I'll post my actual stuff when I get to work.)

Janson Stevonich stepped through the door of his Imperial transport, his red robes flowing out behind him due to his movement. His boots echoed as he walked down the long, narrow, and extremely well lit corridor, led by two small servitors who would occasionally break the monotony of footsteps and clanging pipes with a short series of beeps. Slipping his right hand beneath his robes, Janson first went straight for the book hanging from a chain around his neck; a small, black book which he had attained during his period of service with the guard, the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer was the smallest of many books that Janson never traveled without. In addition to it's incredible wealth of knowledge on everything from spotting edible flora on alien planets and the proper procedure for cleaning one's gun to various battlefield tactics and methods of spotting and fighting different xenos threats, its plethora of prayers and liturgies at the end made it an invaluable resource to any servant of the Emperor. Janson, of course, having been trained originally as a priest, rarely needs to consult the Uplifting Primer for any spiritual purpose, and mostly carries it as simply one more symbol of his faith in the Emperor.

Next his hand slid down to his left hip, his hand grazing over the cold metal hilt of his revolver, the grip hand-made by an artisan on Shemmen II, the last planet for which Janson served alongside a PDF force, helping to quell a rebellion of Slaanesh-worshipping cultist scum. Slowly his hand moved over to his right hip, and his fingers gentle caressed the ornate brass grip of his annointed flamer, his most prized relic and second-most potent weapon in his battle against heresy.

Turning a sharp corner in the walkway, Janson felt around to the small of his back, where his flail was kept. It's long silver handle was engraved with a collection of liturgies, from incantations of accuracy and smiting to prayers of protection and forgiveness.

Finally Janson pulled his hand back out from under his robe, his fingers trailing along to his back once more, this time stopping on the 6 larger books which he was carrying on his person, each several hundred, if not over a thousand pages. The books ranged in content from prayer books to histories.

The servitor to Janson's front left let out a series of quick beeps and suddenly both stopped dead in their tracks. Janson barely managed to catch himself and stop as well before walking directly into, and then over, the small creatures. As he slowly looked forward again, his eyes began to trace the floor out in front of him for 10 feet or so, before following a massive door up to the ceiling, and back to the middle again. In the center of the door was a large, green Inquisitorial emblem. Above and below it were great golden Emperial Eagles. On either side of the intimidating =][= was a number of paintings and engravings, depicting various famous historical figures and battles.

Janson suddenly thought that he recognized one of the battle scenes pictured from more than just a history book, but did not have time to think on it more before suddenly, with a great hiss of steam, the door slid open to reveal a large meeting chamber. At first awed by the great window, Janson managed to quickly regain his senses and look around the room.

To his right sat a man in black who appeared to be both hive-city scum and only half-aware of his surroundings. Not a good way to get started, Janson thought to himself.

To his left stood what Janson took to be a woman, but immediately recognized as one of the Empire's astropaths. Relieved to see this creature on board, Janson realised that his fear of being disconnected from the Empire was, as always, unfounded, and made a note to thank the Emperor for not allowing any region of his Empire to be outside of his reach of communication.

In front of him, at a large and very well decorated desk sat a man who, despite his rather physically relaxed position, seemed thoroughly confident that no one would challenge his being there.

Taking a few calm steps forward, Janson looked at the man and said, "You are, I assume, not Inquisitor Teral?"

09-08-2005, 16:17
Drucilla felt eyes upon her and she turned her slightless eyes to the right to take in her man standing there. His soul fire seemed quite bright, as did all who were in the room. She knew they had to be important.

No one with a brigher soul fire than usual ever did nothing short of good for the Imperium. True the brighter sould fires usually burned out all the quicker, but still. As the Emperor Willed it, so shall it be.

09-08-2005, 17:26
"Ah, I can see why you might make that assumption," Loki said, taking his feet off the desk and leaning forward. "Undoutebly you have read whaqt meager information the Inquisition has given to you and assumed, justly of course, that I was a woman," Loki said with a small chuckle. "No, no, I am very much a man but once I was forced to serve with a regiment of Imperial Guardsmen who had been stationed on a desolate piece of rock. I do believe there was not a single woman among them and they had been there for a little over five years. So when I arrived and they saw my long hair, I kept it long back then but cut it for reasons that will become clear, and sharp features they immediately connected me with what they vaguely remembered as a woman. After enduring only a few minutes of their vulgarity I set them straight, putting the fear of the Emperor in them."

Loki smiled for a few seconds, but then his face fell. "Unfortunately, the scribes of our most holy Inquisition are not without a sick sense of humor and thusly changed my gender on my profile. I really must get around to fixing that, most likely have the culprits executed," Loki gave Janson a smiled. "However the time for talk is not now, please eat something and when the rest of the team has joined us, we will talk of the mission," Loki said this and then put his feet back up. It was a tall tale, but he felt it might be believeable to thoe less educated than himself.

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09-08-2005, 17:32
Ruben stood up to greet him self to the two who had entered the room, one was a man who had the look of a mercinary, the other a woman. "Hello, my name is ruben Quinn, you can call me ruben, Quinn, ******* whatever. And who might you two be" he greeted and asked.

09-08-2005, 17:40
(Vesk: just so we're clear, Janson did say "I assume you are NOT inquisitor Teral" to Loki...)

Janson smiled to himself. He had indeed read the meager information provided to him--he never did enjoy the feeling of unpreparedness. He had also done a little background reading on Liana and Ivan, and while any useful information was scarce, had made sure to note that the name Loki Kevlin popped up in both.

Judging by the demeaner of the man behind the desk, Janson could only assume how tall his tale might be, due to the fact that a man like that would not last long in the Guard, no matter their station. Putting the thought aside, however, Janson decided that now was not the time to question his potential superiors.

Turning to face the man who now addressed him, Janson said, "My name is Janson Stevonich. I am an authorized Drill Abbot, as well as an Official Representative of the Ecclesiarchy to the Inquisition in times of need."

Walking to a small red chair by the window, he sat down, his back facing the void of space, a small but ornate table with a marble top in front of him. As he sat down, a servitor quickly buzzed over and placed a covered metal tray on table. Lifting up the cover, Janson grinned, his eyes taking in the sizeable piece of roast meat on the platter. Picking up a fork and knife, he began to smile broadly, not having eaten in a number of hours due to the small size of his transport.

09-08-2005, 18:19
'I am Drucilla, ships astropath.' Drucilla replied with a bow

Commander X
09-08-2005, 18:42
Quinn woke up and looked at the small clock next to him. He jumped up when he saw what time it was, and put his cloths on in a hurry. Cursing himself for being late and leaving Drucilla around on her own, he ran to the briefing room, pushing over the unsuspecting Servitor that had just been sent for him on the way.

Panting, he entered the room and saw she was fine. He felt lucky for that, and took a seat close to her.

"I'm sorry I'm late madam, it won't happen again."

Quinn looked around him, seeing he wasn't that late after all. But still, he had left her unprotected for a while, that wasn't supposed to happen...

09-08-2005, 18:47
Ruben bowed back. "Well drucilla i hope you have a pleasant mission, although i doubt we will complete it without combat." Ruben sat down and looked at Janson "and who are you"...

09-08-2005, 18:55
Turning to face the man who now addressed him, Janson said, "My name is Janson Stevonich. I am an authorized Drill Abbot, as well as an Official Representative of the Ecclesiarchy to the Inquisition in times of need." Smiling politely, Janson turned his attention back to his meal. If people can't be bothered to listen to me when I say something the first time, he thought, I don't know why I should bother repeating myself.

09-08-2005, 19:05
Ruben got the feeling this guy didnt want to communicate with him and he didnt want to find out the hard way so he sat silently twidling his thumbs.

09-08-2005, 19:36
((OOC: Yes Bradicus, I am aware you said I assume you are not Liana, however Loki is attempting to trick you into thinking that he is indeed Inquisitor Liana, and attempted to justify why a male Inqusitor's profile would have female on it :p ))

Loki sat back and looked at the small amount of people beginning to assemble, and saw how awkward some of them were. It was at this moment the door was pushed open and Loki scowled as Deren entered. "Everything is in order I hope," he said, bowing to the assembled people. His eyes then fell on Loki and his lip curled. "LOKI! That is Lady Liana's private desk, and I do not want you dirtying it, now get out of that seat!" Deren yelled across the room.

"Damnit Deren, always ruining the illusion," Loki said, taking his feet off the desk and remaining in the chair.

"I am sorry for his manners," Deren said, hurridly bowing to the other people. Deren then stared at Loki and tapped his foot. After a few seconds of this he took a deep breath in, but Loki cut him off.

"No Deren, I am not moving and if you want to, you can come over and attempt to remove me, but I assure you, I am quite comfortable and would be....relucatant to get up."

09-08-2005, 19:41
Jhonas was beginning to think that perhaps this job for the inquisition had been a good thing. He was thinking his little investigation into the pleasure brothels of Culare to see if the good Inquisitor had lost himself amongst their myriad wonders was even better. And the best decision of all, he thought to himself, must have been choosing the one that advertised its steam spa. As his own personal cadre of nymphs stretched languidly and lewdly at alternate intervals amongst eachother, he allowed the tang of Confundrare amidst the steam unhinge his mind in a most pleasant manner. Several of the joygirls amongst his harem detached themselves from the sinuous, writhing mass of flesh in the centre of the steaming pool they all occupied and made their way on hands and knees over to him. A flurry of hands made their way about his person leaving no part of him untouched, but most fingers headed directly towards his---

"Gilded Throne, that's my pfakking eye!," shouted Jhonas at a blank-faced servitor who was still poking him in various spots while the vox droned on about how he was summoned to some conference room or another.

"Alright, I'm awake, I'm moving, leave me," he shouted the inquisitorial thrall. It stopped prodding at him, but did not leave the room. He looked down at his lap. He had been hoping he could at least retain some kind of dignity. Even if the only person present was a lowly servitor.

I'm working for the Inquisition currently, I'll face much worse than this, he thought to himself.

He got up out of his chair, and began shedding his rumpled clothes. He looked at the pile of wrinkled clothing on the floor and instantly regretted passing out. Then he looked at the servitor who was still staring at him dispassionately and immediately turned his back to it.

I hope that thing does't come equipped with cameras to go with its lack of common decency and unnecessarily large vox, he thought to himself as he uncomfortably made his way back to his erstwhile sleeping arrangement. He checked to see Confundrare left in his cigarra improve his morning a little. Finding the stub of that insufficient, he searched the room for bottle of whisky that wasn't empty. Grimacing, he resigned himself to having to deal with this day sober.

Looking at the wall mounting chrono and realising how late he was, he threw on the rumpled clothes from the night before, sprayed a little Concilitias on to mask the smell of his fulfillment of last night's vices and full on sprinted to the common room.


Entering the room, Jhonas had a quick lookabout. He saw a woman of slight frame with the milky, white orbs of the Astropath. Beside her he saw large man who had to be a street tough. There was a soldier, guard or merc, he wasn't sure which, not that it mattered. There was also unfortunately a priest. Touchy lot, them. Best keep some of his more interesting stories to himself. The last one was apparently Liana if he overheard her correctly. She didn't look quite the same as she did on the pictogram of her he had seen, but the wizards of the Adeptus Mechanicus were known to do amazing things with their technology.

"Hello all. I am 'Ultramar' Jhonas, collector of rare antiquities, adventurer, rogue, and trader, though not a rogue trader quite yet."

"Gents," he nodded to each of the men in turn.

He sauntered over to Drucilla.

"M'lovely lady Astropath," he said as he kissed her hand gently.

Following that he moved on to Loki.

"M'lady Liana, I hope you won't mind if I say you are the loveliest Inquisitor I ever did see," he said managing to keep nearly all traces of irony out of his voice as he kissed her hand.

"Except for fair Drucilla of course," as he glanced back to the pale looking astropath.

09-08-2005, 20:00
Loki roared with laughter and withdrew his hand from Jhonas and Deren rushed forward. "No, no, no my good sir, this is not Lady Liana! This is just and idiot!"

"I'm not that feminine am I?" Loki managed to say through fits of laughter. "Perhaps my tall tale is a bit shorter than I expected."

"I am so sorry for the confusion sir. LOKI! OUT OF THAT SEAT NOW!" Deren bellowed. Loki was still laughing as he stood up. He gave an ironic bow to Jhonas and sat down in one of the more comfortable chairs, still chuckling to himself.

((Alright, now that that's all settled :p ))

09-08-2005, 20:04
"Huh, well, forgive the confusion sir, but I've had a long night that I apparently haven't quite recovered from. Please tell me that at least the astropath is actually a female," he said laughing to himself.

09-08-2005, 20:12
Laughing at Jhonas as quietly as he could manage, Janson put down his fork and stood up, looking around the room. His eyes came to a rest on the wet towel of a man, who, apparently, went by the name of Derren.

Clearing his throat rather loudly to gain the attention of the room's occupants, Janson said, "Excuse me, sir, but when might we expect Inquisitor Teral to join us?"

09-08-2005, 20:16
Deren turned towards Janson, fixing a smile on his face, "Sir, Lady Liana will be joining you shortly, she is currently preparing her self, both physically and mentally, to brief you as fully as she can. I will let her know when most of the team has assembled."

Commander X
09-08-2005, 20:36
Quinn looked at the two persons arguing, unsure about what was going on as he missed the start of it.

"Uhm, could any of you explain to me what exactly is happening here?" he asked the group, curious about what they had been arguing about earlier.

09-08-2005, 20:48
Smiling as friendily as possible at the man who appeared to be one gene short from being of Ogryn descent, Janson turned to face the speaker. "You see," Janson began, "The man in that chair is a bafoon, and this man," Janson explained, gesturing at Deren, "is clearly a servant of Inquisitor Teral. Clearly, they have met before, and do not enjoy each other's company."

09-08-2005, 23:53
'You worry too much Quinn. I am perfectly safe. Plus I had a clanking mindless sentinel that I'm sure I could had hidden behind if something had befallen me.' she sighed.

Quinn was a good man, be he seemed to worry too much. At least for her physical well-being. True she was dying, but he kept her from material harm.

Next to turned to Ruben. 'Yes, combat is found on our path, that much is sure.' she replied quietly. It wasn't a prediction, Drucilla knew. Whenever the Inquisition was involved she knew that there was trouble of the physical kind brewing.

Another entered with a swagger that even Drucilla could see. He introduced himself as a Rogue Trader and even address Drucilla, kissing her hand. She smiled, though she wasn't sure why. Her life was a lonely one with only the voices of other light years away as her companions. With the exception of Quinn, who has took it upon himself to keep Drucilla from harm.

'Yes, I am female.' she spoke up to him, although the question was not directed at her. It was odd as Drucilla never spoke out of turn. She scolded herself for it but was somewhat glad she did. Though once again she was unsure why.

Commander X
10-08-2005, 13:12
"So I assume the bafoon here isn't actually our leader? I certainly hope not."

Quinn didn't think highly of impersonators, they couldn't be trusted the smallest bit and thus were a threat.

"But who are you for real then? Not a female, that's obvious..." he asked the Imposter(Loki)

10-08-2005, 15:42
Gabriel strolled into the room, he looked around at the gathered people. "Am I late or are you guys just early? I'm Gabriel I'll be your hired gun for this mission."

10-08-2005, 18:02
"My name is Loki, Loki Kevlin," Loki said, crossing his legs and holding up his hands. Deren shot a look at him then turned to the rest of them.

"I'd suggest the rest of you get some food and relax, I will be back shortly," Deren bowed and left the room. He was livid over the disrespect that bastard Loki had shown him, he would tell Lady Liana just exactly what he had been up to, and hopefully she would show him a thing or two. He reached her door after a few minutes and knocked loudly.

"Yes, Deren is that you?" Liana's voice sounded from her room.

"Yes Lady Liana, may I come in?" he asked tentatively.

"Of course Deren, please," she said and the door opened.

"Lady Liana, I must protest to the presence of that brute, that madman," Deren said, quickly striding into the room, his voice raised.

"Deren," Liana said, but he overpowered her with his voice, "DEREN!" she shouted, and Deren's mouth shut immediately.

"I'm sorry Lady Liana," he said, lowering his head slightly.

"It's quite alright, but dare I ask who you are speaking of?"

"Why Lady Liana, I thought that would be obvious," Deren said, giving her an odd look, "It's that fool Loki..." he started but stop when he saw Liana begin to laugh.

"You're quite right Deren, I should have known," she said, striding over to her bead and picking up the necklace which had on it her Inquisitorial Seal. She was dressed in elegant red robes, many intricate embroiderys were on the cloth.

"Lady Liana, why is he here, he is the only member of the team that you specifically requested be on this mission. I can't see what value he may have to the team," Deren's ;ip was curled as he spoke these words.

"He may not look it Deren, but Loki is on of the finest psykers out there and not only that, I believe he is well on his way to becoming an Acolyte, so I'd show him a bit more respect," Deren coughed at these words.

"That fool!? An Inquisitor? That will be the day when the Imperium falls!" Deren said, slightly chuckling as he did.

"Well, that may be, but the fact remains..." Liana started, but stopped herself and looked distractedly towards the porthole. "I'm surprised he hasn't asked to see me," she said quietly

"Lady?" Deren said, Liana seemed to snap back into focus.

"Oh, I'm sorry Deren. How many people are in the briefing room?"

"All but the Death Cultists m'Lady."

"Og, well have a copy of this briefing sent to their rooms," Liana said, tossing Deren a dataslate. "Tell the rest of the team I will be in shortly." Deren bowed and quickly left the room, taking great strides to get to the office quickly. When he reached it he quickly pushed open the door and poked his head in.

"Lady Liana will be in shortly," he said to the room at large and then quickly withdrew. A servitor was waiting outside the room. "Make a copy of this and deliver one to each of the assassins on board," Deren said and the servitor gave a short bow and took the dataslate.

Lord Setra
10-08-2005, 18:21
[COLOR=SlateGray]Serai approached the doors of the meeting halls. She could hear voices from behind it including what sounded like one of the inquisitors.

Her masters, their masters she sneered the death cult temple had cleansed her of her previous life but she still had the seed of hatred deep with in her and still she did not know why. All that remained of her previous life was her sister, her twin identical to her and yet her opposite. She had remained in their room, practicing her skills.

She entered the room and made her way to the walls, her training had become instinct. She saw some eyes flit to the door but none had seen her come in. She knew that they would see her, but only when the time came.

10-08-2005, 19:20
Ruben was relaxed now. He found the earlier argumebts amusing, he had his feet resting on a chair, Anyone got a lho stick" he asked

Lord Setra
10-08-2005, 19:55
She stepped forward from the shadows picking now to reveal herself.

"You mean one of these"

She had an Iho stick in her hand holding it but a hairs breadth from Rubens mouth.

10-08-2005, 21:15
"Emperor's Blood!" Loki blurted out as the assassin emerged from the shadows.

"Now, now Loki, mind your language," a voice rang our from across the room. Everyone's head snapped to see who had just entered. It was Liana, dressed in her red robes, flanked by Deren and another scribe.

"Please stand," Deren said to the room and everyone complied, except for Loki who remained seated, but smiled at Liana. Deren fixed Loki with a furious look and opened his mouth but Liana waved a hand.

"Deren, please. Everyone please sit," Liana said smiling and sweeping her arms. She seemed far different from most other Inqusitors, she seemed warmer and kinder than the usual gruff, stick-up-the-**** Inquisitors. She moved swiftly over to the desk and sat behind it and stared at the assembled people. Deren and the other scribe placed verious papers and dataslate in front of her. She didn't seem to care about the papers in front of her and leaned forward.

"As you may or may not know, our primary objective in this mission is to discover the wereabouts or unfortunate fate of Lord Inquisitor Ivan Teren. Our other objective is to continue his investigation into a possible cult forming in the capital city. Inquisitor Ivan kept the details of his investigation secret to all but a fwe, and unfortunately most of the people in his confidence are now missing along with him. So we are forced to rely on the Govenor of Talos IX, Maria Teres. Now this mission will most likely be dangerous...very dangerous as Inquisitor Ivan would not have submtted easily to anyone or anything that crossed his path. Now before I get into anymore details, are there any questions?"

10-08-2005, 22:33
Sethai emerged beside her sister and stood looking round at the assembled people.

10-08-2005, 22:39
Gabriel stood up, "As much as I'd love to be paid for hanging around here for a while, I'd like to know how long it is until we start the mission?"

11-08-2005, 01:25
((Alright, time to give this RP a kick in the rear :p ))

"Alright, as we are within range I believe we are going to be making planetfall at..." Liana began but she was interrupted by a sharp knocking on the door. Without waiting for an invitation to enter, a crewman barged into the office.

"Inquisitor Liana," he said gasping, "We just recieved a transmission from a Commander Yolah on Talos IX." He quickly moved up to the desk and placed a piece of paper on it. Liana snatched it up as the man quickly ran out of the room, her eyes began scanning from left to right quickly. Her eyebrows furrowed and she gave a long sigh.

"We will be making planetfall NOW!" she said as she quickly stood up from the desk, the chair falling back as she did. "Get to your quarters and get equipped and head to the transports, I will have servitors show you to the hanger." She began moving for the door, but Loki bolted up and grabbed her arm. She looked at him shocked, Deren looked as if his head was about to explode.

"Ho.....how dare you..." he sputtered but Loki cut him off.

"How about you tell us what the hell just happened there," Loki said, still gripping Liana's arm. They stared at eachother for a long moment, but then Liana sighed.

"Loki, a sizeable amount of PDF forces have gone traitor and are attacking the capital city, and more specifically they are moving for the Governor's mansion. Need I remind you," she said, jerking her arm out of his grip, "That if the Governor is captured or killed we will have no clues as to where Ivan may be. Now if you do not mind," she said curtly and swiftly moved from the room.

"You will learn your place!" Deren hissed to Loki and followed Liana out of the room.

((In the interest of time I will fastforward to everyone arriving at the hanger, fully equipped and ready to go (or at least as ready as you could be) ))

Liana was waiting at the hanger, waiting for the team. She looked much different now, her eyes had a certain fire in them. "Alright, here is our basic plan, we will be landing in a large square that the still loyal PDF have managed to secure. From there we will move by chimera transport to a temporary command center approximately 9 blocks east of the square. When there we will coordinate some forces to clear a path through the traitors to the mansion. Then after that we will make our ways to the Governor's mansion and assure her safety at all costs." She gestured to the two transports behind her.

"We will take two transports down and while on the surface we will move in two chimera transports. If you're transport should be destroyed for any reason and you survive, make your way to the command tent." Liana gazed around at the team, not surprised to see a look of confusion in their eyes. After a few seconds of silence Loki stepped forward.

"Alright then, you heard her, load up!" He said, rushing forward and hopping into one of the transports. Everyone followed suit and got into different transports, some following Loki, others following Liana. The shuttles rumbled as the engines fired up. With a massive lurch the shuttles shot out of the hanger and towards Talos IX

((Alright, the transport ride will be not be terribly long, so just chat or check that your equipment is in order or pray that the Emperor that you won't be shot out of the sky :evilgrin: ))

11-08-2005, 03:56
Gripping on to the handles of his seat, Janson braced himself as the vessel launched violently from the bay, propelled at great speeds towards the small planet below. Recovering from the initial jolt of the launch, Janson sat as upright as he could, his right hand resting on his chest, his fingers tracing the outline of the eagle on his chestplate through his robes.

Quitely to himself, Janson began repeating a very familiar incantation. Fear is naught, for my faith is strong. Fear is naught, for my faith is strong. Planetfall had always been the second worst part of travel for Janson; the first was launching into space from a planet.

Glancing around at the many instrument panels, dials, and flashing lights that lined the crew compartment, Janson determined that they would hit the atmosphere in about 5 minutes. If the traitor guard force was as large as Inquisitor Teral implied, they would undoubtedly have the city covered with anti-aircraft weaponry. Janson prepared to brace himself accordingly.

11-08-2005, 09:03
He Sat on the transport, checking his pistols were loaded, then he adjusted his hat.

Gabriel looked over at Janson, "The Fear Incantation, were you in the Guard?"

11-08-2005, 13:07
John Smith sat in the transport, he felt young, which he was, he wasnt even legally an adult yet. He checked his lasgun and his pistol over, looking in awe as he held them ready for his first ever mission. Drawing his knife he checkde that as well, it was still shiny and sharp, pricked his finger on it, and it started to bleed. He covered his hand and sheathed the knife again, not wanting to appear totally incompetent. When he realised someone saw him, he just said.
"A ritual from my home planet, give the knife a taste for blood before it is ever used in the combat for the first time."

Commander X
11-08-2005, 14:20
"You're lying about that and you know it."

Quinn was looking at the young man who had just managed to cut himself on his knife. He was sitting near the back himself, right next to Drucilla and watching all others.

"How old are you anyway? You look far too young for these things." he asked John.

11-08-2005, 15:50
Looking up at Gabriel, Janson replied, "No, not technically. As a representative of the Ecclesiarchy, I have fought alongside several Guard companies, but I have never been inducted into the Guard itself. Sometimes, I think that would have been a much easier route to take."

Turning his head, Janson saw the young soldier, and could see how ill at ease he appeared. In an attempt to give the boy some peace of mind, Janson said as calmly as he could, "Repeat after me, the Litany of Strength, and learn it well. Recite it whenever you feel the black claws of weakness scratching at your heart. I am a man, prone to weakness, but I am a Guardsman, where weakness is death, I will crush my weakness, with the weight of my pride."

11-08-2005, 19:14
Ruben puffed on a lho stck as he strapped himself in opposite Jhon smith. He looked over at the kid. "Hey kid you look about 12, what you doin with us soldiers" he laughed, before jhon could reply he spoke again, "Just kiddin, but i doubt youll get into the pleasure dome" he chuckled again and offered him a lho stick from a pack he had concealed.

11-08-2005, 19:37
Drucilla just sat there. Listening to all that was going on.

Lord Setra
11-08-2005, 22:38
Tarana was checking her blades, making sure they were coated in the poisons she had became attatched to.

She surveyed her companions, there was her sister also ensuring she was prepared. There seemed to be a collection of the usual gruff looking men the imperium churned out and in the corner a boy scarcley out of his planets atmosphere. She looked at him, for all his youth there seemed to be an inner fire something she recognised from her sister.

"So.." She said, softly as a whisper but enough that everyone turned, "whats our plan when we land. We have the general orders but we assasins dont like to go blaring in, stealth and planning are useful tools."

12-08-2005, 01:50
Gabriel listened, he didn't mind what the plan was, just so long as the job was quick. He heard Inquisitors pay well so he was willing to be patient for now. "I presume we are not dropping straight into combat, so you will have time for your planning and steath lady assassin"

12-08-2005, 14:08
Smith looked at the member of the Ecclesiarchy"I'm a child but im no fool, prayers do nothing except waste our time, Litanies are for those that need are afraid of what is to come." he turned to another person who had spoken to him. "17 not 12." he was still trying to conceal his fear.

12-08-2005, 16:04

Janson clenched his teeth tightly and looked at the insolent pup, still wet behind the ears and yet thinking now he was a big man. His hand instinctively moving towards the grip of his flamer, Janson stopped himself, knowing the time would come for the boy to learn his place in the scheme of things, as all of the Emperor's servants must.

Janson wished quietly to himself that the boy would learn the hard way.

A sudden jolt was sent through the small craft, followed immediately by a violent rumbling. Janson quickly resumed his braced position, cursing himself for failing to pay attention to their proximity to the atmosphere. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the holds on his seat with all his strength.


Suddenly the small craft began shaking in a way Janson was not prepared for, and he quickly surmised that they were under fire from the traitor PDF. Thankfully, Janson thought, they were not yet close enough to suffer any major damage, but he knew it would not be long until they were within accurate range of the anti-aircraft turrets, as well as various more potent weapons that the traitors might have captured, such as SAM turrets.

note: pictures graciously "borrowed" from Buttlord GT (http://www.atomictoy.org/comics/buttlordgt/buttlordgt.html)

Lord Setra
12-08-2005, 17:36
Tarana saw the priest reach for the weapon slung at his side and her muscles tensed as she prepared to jump in and end the feud the only way she knew.

Animosity was a weapon she enjoyed using, but when she had to work in groups such as this it was all to easy for the animosity she enjoyed wielding to become evident in her companions.

She turned to her sister and whispered in her ear, "We must prepare ourselves I am not sure of the battle worthiness of these people"

12-08-2005, 17:42
Nodding in response to her sister, she too tensed, reaching discreetly behind herself to have both hands on their respective sword hilts, hoping that anyone noticing would get the message.

12-08-2005, 19:34
Ruben listened to smith scalding janson. he whispered to him "Listen kid, dont mess with members of the ecclesiarchy, or any fom of the inquisision, you may think you don't need to listen to me but I found out the hard way" he winked then offered his lho sticks round.

Commander X
13-08-2005, 09:48
'I doubt that kid will live past the first day...'

Seeing the kid lying and deceiving - or atleast trying to do so - to hide his fears made Quinn feel sick. How did those Inquisitors ever get the idea to bring someone like that on a mission?

"Are you alright?" he asked Drucilla after the craft was violently shaken by something outside.

13-08-2005, 12:12
Smith took the lho stick, "Im not messing with the Inquisition, but ive seen first hand what the Ecclesiarchy do to anyone who asks questions, and i dont trust them at all." he said to the one person who seemed to not hate him yet.

13-08-2005, 13:04
"kid, no one trustes them"
ruben started fiddling with his bolter, it was hily modified. It was made of a dark metal, the casing was jet black to match his armour. he drummed his fingers on the edge of his seat in anticipation of the coming mission.

13-08-2005, 22:54
Drcuilla looked at Quinn. He didn't know how sick she really was as he worried to much.
'I'm alright.' she told him. 'Just a little aprehensive. I consulted the Emperor's Tarot..' she made the sgin of the Aquila '....and...' she shrugged.

13-08-2005, 23:01
Ruben looked to drucilla, she looked sick. "Hey there, flight sickness, these help" He offered her some sort of chewing gum and winked.

13-08-2005, 23:09
Jhonas turned to Drucilla.

"And," he said in a questioning tone of voice.

13-08-2005, 23:21
'Flight doesn't bother me...I'm a ships astropath. It'll be firm ground that will be the real test.' she grimaced at Ruben.

'As to my reading.....the Tarot was less than helpful. Somthing is effecting the flow of my warp sight.' Drucilla told Jhonas. 'There could be many reasons for this, I only hope it is due to my......' she tried to find the words to describe her currrent state without using the words 'death' '....current disposition is effecting my readings. But I shall not try again without the Inquisitor's express request.'

She sighed and pulled out a small box from the sleeves or her robes. They contained her Taror cards. They were a secondary set she carried with her. Her proper set was locked away on the ship.
The proper Taror cards there on the ship, and worth a Governer's ransom....so she never carried them. The set she had were ordinary tarot cards that could be bought anywhere

'It was only a brief reading, which are never very good anyway. I was intrigued but time did not allow me the necessary period of prepartions for a full reading.'

14-08-2005, 09:50
Gideon watched the assassins, he had never trusted them as he could never tell who they were there to kill. When he saw them reach towards thier weapons he made a point of taking his pistols safety off.

14-08-2005, 18:35
"ah your an astropaht, i thought ther was somhing about you" he pondered, "no offence" he added quickly.

Commander X
15-08-2005, 15:48
"What caused the lack of time?" Quinn asked her when she told about her failed readings. Although he didn't believe it at first, by now he knew those readings were often more accurate and closer to the truth than one would expect. He also knew she had had enough time to do one of them, and suspected she read something she wasn't too happy with.

"I thought you had enough time to finish it between the briefing and now." he continued.

15-08-2005, 17:34
Janson grimaced as a large explosion just outside the small landing craft shook the ship's cargo violently, small boxes and other supplies rattling in their compartments, the occasional one breaking free and flying across the passenger area, narrowly missing one of its occupants.

Blue lights began to flash, signalling that the craft was approaching its destination and preparing to initiate the landing sequence. Gears kicked in to motion and hydrolics began to hiss as landing equipment opened up from underneath the craft and its engines began their standard breaking proceedure, slowing the craft down to a speed at which it could land safely.

Suddenly a large assortment of red lights began flashing as the ship pitched violently. An automated voice came in over the comm chanel and announced in an irritatingly calm manner that the left wing of the craft had been torn off by rebel anti-aircraft fire, and that emergency landing proceedures were being initiated. Janson began to say a quick prayer but was violently knocked against the back of his seat and lost his breath before being able to begin.

15-08-2005, 18:12
"Brace yourselves!" Loki shouted as the transport continued to shake and pitch violently. He glanced around at the rest of the team, some looked worried, others calm and some had looked like they had passed out. He felt a sinking in his stomach, the pilot had fired the airbreaks, which means they were almost at the ground.

"Hold onto something!" the pilot shouted over the vox and Loki gripped the handrail above him. Their was a smassive crash and the ship spun violently sideways, throwing several people from their seats, sending them crashing into those sitting opposite them. He felt the spinning slow dramatically after a few seconds of spinning, but then the ship slammed into the ground, the power knocked out sending them all into blackness.

((Alright, now the entire team, save for Liana and her scribes and other general assistants, were on the transport that just crashed. Undoubtebly some of you will be injured, if only minorly. We have landed a good deal off course, their are many ruined buildings around where we crashed a THICK fog is handing over the city. You can only see to about the end of the block before visibility becomes non-existant.))

15-08-2005, 18:50
Ruben felt his body, realising his arm was dislocated. He winced ashe snapped it back into place. His belt was stuck, he cut it free with his knife. He grabbed onto a rail and pulled himself out of a large hole. Smoke raised into the air and they were surrounded by a mysterious, swirling fog. He looked at himself, he had recived minour cuts but nothing serious save the arm which he exersised. He flicked on a torch and shined it into the transport, "everyone okay" he shouted.

15-08-2005, 23:11
Before Drucilla had a chance to answer her ward, the ship plummetted from underneath her. She screwed her eyes shut and prayed to the Emperor for her companions safe landing.

Although her partial reading seemed to be accurate so far. If onlt she had time for a full reading. She had been sick during the reading. It was not uncommon for her to be queasy when looking into the Warp. But this time she had been bad. Though she wasn't suprirsed. Her body was failing.

As soon as it had began, the ship stopped jarring the whole ships compliment. As always, Drucilla thanked the Emperor and the Machine God for her bionics as they absorted most of the impact.

Her fail body still took a little but of damage, but nothing more than a bruise of two where her flesh was a little loose from the mecahnics of her support.

After a few moments, she started to pull herself free but failed.
'Quinn! Where are you?' she cried out.

Commander X
16-08-2005, 10:08
"I'm here madam. I'll be with you in a moment."

While he said that, Quinn was having his own problems with freeing himself. For some reason, the seat he had been on, was now sitting on him, and he had to resort to a more violent way to free himself from it - in other words, activating his Powerfist and tearing it apart.

He got up, and stumbled over to Drucilla, hoping she wasn't injured badly.

"Don't worry madam, this'll only take a few seconds." he spoke when he saw her trapped underneath some metal. In the same way he had freed himself, Quinn now started tearing away the metal that trapped her.

When he was done, he helped her back on her feet again and started to look around him. Appearantly they weren't the only ones to get stuck, but he wasn't obliged to help those, was he?

16-08-2005, 11:03
'Thank you Quinn' Drucilla smiled at her ward and the bionics whined slightly as it took her weight. She may have to get them checked when she got the chance.

She could sense his need to go and help the others, so she nodded to him.
'I'll be alright.'

Drucilla picked her way through the ruins of the ship, speaking to those she could find and helped out where she could, although she was not much help. Her bionics gave her more strength than her body possessed but she could not harbour that power. In truth she could probably tear through the stanchions as easily as Quinn did with his powerfist...but her life was not created for such destruction. So she tried to speak words of comfort and inspiration to the rest, but felt she failed.

16-08-2005, 12:15
Smith worked himself out from under his seat, reaching over he grabbed the barrel of his gun to bring closer to him, he then reached over and grabbed the handle of the gun as well, and in an instant it struck him, the two were no longer together, infact they were a meter apart. He cursed, not only was he a meatshield on this mission he was a meat shield armed with a laspistol and nothing else.Things went from bad to worse, he looked around trying to see who else needed help.

16-08-2005, 16:23
Ruben shifed some crates that were blocking the door. "smith, you okay" he asked,
"sure" he replied casualy.
"okay then check if everyones okay. Ruebn unholstered his bolter and began patroling, securing the immediate area.

16-08-2005, 18:06
Janson opened his eyes to find his world had pretty much been turned upside down for the time being. Unstrapping himself from his seat, he managed to wriggle out from underneath it, but was unable to escape unscathed, a broken piece of chair cutting into his left leg as he pulled himself out. Standing, he cursed at the pain but quicly began searching the crates and supplies that had not been lost in the crash for medical supplies to treat his wound with.

Remembering that he was not alone on the craft, Janson stopped his search for a moment and looked around, trying to tell if everyone was alright. He prayed to the Emperor that they were.

16-08-2005, 22:05
Ruben did a sweep of the area before returning to the crash site, "The area is secure, i suggest we hurry up and move out" he shouted into the transport.