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Your Mum Rang
22-05-2007, 22:27
Hey all!

I am considering building a Morathi-led Cult of Pleasure. She seems highly cost effective and best able to make use of the awesome Lore of Slaanesh! She can fly behind my units and be safe whilst still casting Slaaneshi magic with +2 to cast!

So it brings me to a few questions;

- What spells should she select? I would likely choose 3 from Slaanesh and then perhaps Dominion as it fits with the theme of Slaanesh magic.

- How much magical support will she need?

- What kind of army best makes use of Slaanesh magic? MSU? Cavalry?

Thanks in advance!

the vicar
24-05-2007, 07:30
Slaanesh has some of the best spells in the game. Use them to disrupt the enemy's movement, especially that one where the opponent has to send one of his units to some faraway place on the board. I like that one. And it's a necessity, seeing as the Cult of Slaanesh list is flipping expensive. Be prepared to have even fewer models on the table than you would with a straight Dark Elf list.

So disrupt the opponent's movement, and choose your battles.

Good luck, mate. That CoS list is a bear to learn.

Your Mum Rang
24-05-2007, 11:11
I know you meant well but that post was not very useful. Did you read my post or just scan it? I have some specific questions :P

28-05-2007, 01:14
if u want spells from slaneesh go w/ titillating dillusions, delectable torcher, and enrapturing spasms. If u go w/ enrapturing spasms dont bother w/ dominion go w/ black horror that way u can actually kill stuff.

also take 1 wizzard lvl 1-2 it dosnt mater 2 despel scrolls and u should be good