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22-05-2007, 23:16
Hey Im looking at starting a BB team- I intend to take it to a local 'tourney' here and so would like it to be competetive...

So my question - Is a Human team competetive?

I love the new metal team, but it wont be of use if its no good:D



23-05-2007, 01:11
Hell yeah.

It requires a bit more finesse than the other teams, though. Where your approach to the game is a lot more clear-set with most other teams (orcs brawl, elves pass, skaven run, and so forth) the human team is a jack of all trades. Now, the pit trap with the human team is to know how to utilize this status.

When I first started playing Blood Bowl many, many years ago, my human team got beaten systematically the first ten matches I played or so, so I decided they were awful and got skaven instead. What I did wrong, was to use my flexibility to try to match my opponent. So, when I was playing my brothers orcs, I'd try to stand up to him, and got promptly smashed.

The secret to playing humans is to put yourself in your opponents shoes, figure out what he absolutely doesn't want you to do, and play accordingly. Be cynical and distruptive. If your opponent plays chaos, avoid fights at any cost, play the ball, pass it. If he plays elves, kick his ass at every turn. It might seem obvious, but it took me at least a while to understand how to play them. Now, my beloved Estalian Stallions do very well.

Red Skullz
23-05-2007, 07:01
I feel that there is only two teams in BB that has the great combo of available positional players & cheap ones as well. Humies and orcs.

I might be biased but in my book orcs are the better team due to blockers but back on track with the humies right ;)

I agree with Makaber. The benefit of a human team is that you can have a very flexible list that doesn`t rely on any specific players to play well. They are as good at bashing as at playing the agility game. They are the "norm" team in BB but for some reason they`re always underestimated (I do it all the time..hmf!). Also they`re a great team for newbies to the game as you get to try out all aspects of BB and makes the choice for your second team a lot easier (hey when you first get started it`s hard to stop, I`ve made 5 teams in less than 2 years lol).

So I say go for it but spend some time to get the balance between number of re-rolls and filling the needed positional players like throwers, blitzers, etc.


23-05-2007, 11:34
I think the reason they are underestimated is because they do none of the aspects of the game as good as other teams. And that is very important to remember. Don't allow your opponent to play the way he wants to, because he'll be better than you at it!

23-05-2007, 22:01
I think the reason they are underestimated is because they do none of the aspects of the game as good as other teams. And that is very important to remember. Don't allow your opponent to play the way he wants to, because he'll be better than you at it!

Humans work wonders in a tournament setting, their the most flexible team. On a side note watch out for dwarfs they will try to kill you. :D

28-05-2007, 03:40
I love my human team. As previously noted, the humans are not #1 in any category. On the other hand, they are capable in every category.

The trick is to tailor your game to your opponent. If Orcs are trying to smash through you, throw over the top of them. If elves are trying to run around you, smash through them. Whatever it is your opponent does best, your humans will have him beat in another category. The trick is to make the best of that mismatch.

Also, as an aside, the Ogre is absolutely invaluable to my team. I just put him on one end (the "tight end" spot, if you will). Suddenly, my opponent is less willing to run that way. Then the blitzers do the real damage to the poor enemy catchers and ball carriers on the other side of the field.


28-05-2007, 05:35
Thanks for the replies guys!

Humans it is! Good to know I get to use those lurrvly models!

Unfortunately it seem good ol' GeeDub doesnt want my money.

I spent the better part of today trying to buy a BloodBowl boxed game off them(not just for rules, but for the boards, cards etc...)

Im in Canada and they say I have to order it online, which has to ship from the uk and can take a few weeks.

Ahhh, the wonderful 'support' GW gives its specialist range:rolleyes:

28-05-2007, 10:32
Get one off ebay!

Humans are a good team, but it depends on the tournament. Having been to the WPS Club Challenge over the weekend, Out of twenty teams, 17 were Elf or Skaven teams, so my mates Necro team struggled.

If there is a variety of teams, then humans will do well. If there is a preponderance of running or bashing teams you could struggle, but I guess you don't have the time to paint up a new team, if you wanted to...

07-06-2007, 22:48
I just started playing Blood Bowl (A league started up at my local GW), and went with humans, mainly 'cus i'm an american football buff, and I wanted to paint them like my favorite teams.

I found the best thing to do with humans was to just copy real american football plays! I won my first two games using good-old fashioned drop back and pass game (careful though, this relies on good rolls for your catchers and lots of GFI), then flatterned a goblin team with a devestating running offence.

When there's a turnover, nothing beats a 5-4-2, but with humans, branch out to a 3-4-4 or something similar.

Like most people have said, keep yourself fluid, and modify your game depending on your opponants weakness.

What's best is league play for humans. After about 2 games, your throwers and blitzers can start to get real specialised with new skills, so you can end up with dedicated QBs and HBs.

I find the hardest team to beat with humans are Dark Elves. Fast buggers and pretty good armor. You never have a massive advantage over them.

Dawn of the Dogs
08-06-2007, 00:30
with the board situation, might i suggest making your own? cheaper than buying the set if all you want is the board.

Lord Tzeentch
08-06-2007, 01:09
Humans are great. I play evil gitz theres no better team:) at cheating i mean

23-06-2007, 00:14
I play Dark Elves and my friend played his human team. We are both beginners, but he knocked three of my guys out of the game. Humans were looking mighty good in that game.

I like them!;)

06-07-2007, 03:12
Humans are pretty good early on since they have a lot of positional players, blitzers-block, catchers-catch, throwers-sure hands/throw an ogre for holding up the opposition and relatively cheap linemen that are decent. Develope your blitzers early and they are a very good team.

06-07-2007, 11:23
Must say I'm a big fan of the human team. I'll echo what has been said about their flexibility and the need to play to your opponents weaknesses. One thing to add however is that they are one of the few teams where you can play more than one way in a single drive. You can drive your way up the field blocking only to then release one of the fast catchers through a pass from a thrower. In this respect they are a forgiving team for those who have a tendency to mess up the drives with the slower more hitty teams as I do, as well of course as being difficult to defend against.

06-07-2007, 23:32
Ebay is your best bet for getting a complete (or nearly-so) boxset, though they do tend to go fast and/or close to the full cost, depending on how complete they are.

If you're after a pitch option, contact Impact! miniatures (http://www.impactminiatures.com/), and look into getting one of their felt pitches (http://www.impactminiatures.com/index.php?option=elfballboards). Though not intended for Blood Bowl, they work perfectly fine for it.
Send them an email to see when the next lot is due - they're based in the US, and their shipping is very fast.

20-07-2007, 21:14
Humans in my experience are quite good, but you have to take every opertunity given to you. I play orks, and when i face humans i basically just pound the crap outa them then walk up the pitch. They have good speed so try and get at least one guy to break out of the ferious combat in the middle and catch the ball (asuming your thrower has the ball) then run. Good luck wiv da 'umies :angel: