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23-05-2007, 14:36
A tournament test list, my opponent especially asked me to take Thorek "So heīll know what his list is capable of". Who am I not to grant him his wishes? :angel: One extremely boring, full shooting gunline&Thorek Ironbrow coming right away. I couldnīt find 30 points I wanted to give up, so I took another ME instead of 10 quarellers. My opponent will be using wood elves, and says he has had succes against lizardmen with them. Thatīs all the info I need, IMO.

Thorek Ironbrow=505
1 ME:RO stone, GW, pistol=84 (cannon)
1 ME: RO stone, GW, pistol=84 (cannon)

10 thunderers: shields, musician=155
10 thunderers: shields, musician=155
10 thunderers: shields=150 (I donīt have the model for another musician ;( )

"Core" every machine has a normal engineer without weaponry
1 Cannon: RO Forging
1 Cannon: RO forging, RO burning
1 Cannon: RO forging, RO burning, RO reloading
1 Bolt thrower: MRO immolation, RO burning
1 Bolt thrower: RO penetrating, RO burning

1 Organ gun=120
1 Organ gun=120

*hopes there will not be 8+ levels of magic...*

23-05-2007, 15:55
Oh my god, so much beard! Don't... know... where... to... start!

Honestly, this list doesn't look that hard against wood elves. Too many war machines that hardly effect skirmishers at all. I guess his treeman and treekin will go down round 1, and if he has a dragon it's toast as well, but I can't really see you making a dent in skirmishers. Well, the organ guns will be useful for this of course, but I think he could overwhelm you.

But then there is of course the matter of Thorek. He might well be the addition that completely breaks (and makes) this list. It is, in fact, virtually delightfully cheesy. Like a virtuoso of Stilton. I guess anyone assaulting this list will feel the same that anyone did when assaulting a Grand battery in the Napoleonic Wars or American Civil War.

I think this list is best described by a quote (paraphrase really) from an officer whose name and place in history eludes me at the moment: 'It's beautiful - but it's not war.'

23-05-2007, 16:46
the list looks good but instead of thorek you should cosider some runesmiths for anti magic and give all the cannons rune of reloading also you need slayers

23-05-2007, 16:55
I already have 505points of antimagic, ie the anvil of d00m. 7 DD total. As Sanjuro noticed, I donīt have anything to blast skirmishers with except of course organs, thunderers (they hit them on 5s when shooting long range. not bad!), and the wrath&ruin-rune from anvil. Slayers would take precious special (or "core") slots->less machines. Why do I need RO reloading? I have 4 or 5 T4 models in each machine, it takes a lot shooting to slower their rate of fire down. Misfires wonīt be an issua: I get to re-roll every misfire dice I get (from bounces too, by RO forging) and re-roll the results of misfires (because of engineers). They wonīt explode by themselves :)

Cannons to shoot big thingies/dryads away, organs to keep them at bay, bolters to take the flanks and blow them up (once destroyed a regiment of wild riders with MRO immolation...) and thunderers to stand between the welves and Thorek, who will wrath&ruin every skirmisher unit&the possible dragon. Thats the plan at least :angel:

23-05-2007, 17:55
I think this list is best described by a quote (paraphrase really) from an officer whose name and place in history eludes me at the moment: 'It's beautiful - but it's not war.'

That was the French general observing the charge of the Light Brigade.

23-05-2007, 18:19
That was the French general observing the charge of the Light Brigade.

Thank you! As another ironic quirk, any army facing this army on the table will in fact relive the charge of the Light brigade. How very fitting. :)

23-05-2007, 20:15
I think it could be improved by swapping at least 1 unit of thunderers for crossbowmen. Increased range and cheaper for by 20% which is quite a a marked difference, 40 Thunders to 50 crossbowmen.

I'd also swap in a stone throwers for 1 of the cannons, on the princeiple that bolthrowers are good at killing most things cannons like killing and hence you have the tools already for killing treemen etc. bolt throwers hit on 2+ at close range against treemen. The D6 wounds is a beautiful thing to see when they have multi wound models. Also stone throwers with rune of accuracy are probably better snipers then cannons if you know you guess range stuff well. Also ME have a much better artillery master skill when attached to a stone thrower then with a cannon. The engineer upgrades for cannons are distinctly average for the points and IMO not worth it.

On that note I'd probably run off 4 bolt throwers, 1 cannon, 1 stone thrower. ME on cannon and stone thrower and normal engineers on the bolts and the stone thrower. Give the rune that makes the machine unbreakable to the I think its the master engineer and us it as a powerhouse to anchor your line. I think this gives a spread of missile punch and puts less in the hands of luck. Taking a bigger spread allows the tool for the job approach. Although having said that the magical grape shot from the cannons could work wonders agaisnt dryads if the cannons were correctly set up. So is an element of personal choice, but against war machines killer I always like haviong more warmachines lol

23-05-2007, 20:32
More boltters? Never. I hugely dislike the system in which the bolt must kill what it hits before it can wound its next target. I tend to fail too often. With RO forging cannons fail very very seldom, unlike 4+ hitting bolt throwers. Engineers are there for a couple of reasons:
1: more men to soak up the wounds
2: there are times when the machine misfires...
3: in CC it is good to challenge the enemy, thus limiting the casualties and maybe even staying alive to use the stubborn ability.
4: with ME and normal engineer, the machine has US5...

I normally wield one stone thrower (penetrating&accurate, with both engineers), but this time I wanted to try something else, besides throwers are not too good against skirmishers.

EDIT: managed to take a sneak peek of my opponents army:
lord on dragon, scroll caddy, branchwraith, 2 groups of archers, 3 groups of dryads, wild riders, couple groups of wardancers, small band of waywathcers, canīt remember if he had tree kins too. Still feeling confident