View Full Version : 1000pt Wood elf army

24-05-2007, 11:49
Hey all, I'm still trying to decide what my next army should be so here is a wood elf list (using my friends models:D ) all C&C welcome
Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield
Hail of Doom Arrow

Level 2
Calaingor's Stave, Dispel Scroll

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

5 Scouts

5 Glade Riders

8 Dryads

6 Wild Riders

Total: 994 points
PD: 4
DD: 3 + 1 Scroll

god octo
24-05-2007, 13:02
The one problem with woodies is that they don't really get effective 'til higher points values. As such, I would try to maximise units that can handle themselves well. As such I would drop the scouts and then get some more dryads, which are both cheap and tough. To get the extra point needed for the dryads, I would drop the Stave from the spellsinger.

Also, have you considered a Branchwraithe? At low points, its difficult for magic to be effective, especially for woodies, so if you used the following set up, you would have a little less magic, but you would have a similar magic defence:

165: Level 1 Branchwraithe w/ Cluster of radients and Annoyance of netlings.

This set up would allow your Branchwraithe to hold her own in combat, and she would provide another 2 dispel dice.

What do you think?