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24-05-2007, 13:07
Well, hopefully there aren’t any glaring errors with this list as there was the the pirate one I posted the other day :skull:

Anyway, I have dwarfs; I have Bretonnians from way back when. So add some ogre and pirate models that I want, mix them all together, and I guess something like the following list comes out. Tell me what you think.

General - Heavy armour and shield plus Sword of Might 119

Hireling Wizard (level 2) - 2 Dispel scrolls 145

Quartermaster - Heavy armour and pistol and Enchanted Shield 76

Captain – Pegasus, Heavy armour and shield plus Sword of Battle 131

23 Pikemen with heavy armour and full command 288

5 Heavy cavalry with barding and standard 115

5 Light cavalry with spears and shields plus standard 80

10 Duellists with extra hand weapons 70

10 Duellists with pistols and musician 100

6 Ogres with great weapons 246

19 Dwarfs with heavy armour, shields and full command 225

25 Dwarfs with shields and full command 235

Cannon 85

Cannon 85

TOTAL 2000

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24-05-2007, 13:15
That list isnt too bad. Personally Id split the Ogres in two units of 3 and exchange the light cavs standard with a musician.
On the captain Id do away with the sword of battle and give him a lance. With the 21 spare points Id exchange the second hand weapons on the duellist unit with pistols - there is just no reason not to.

05-06-2007, 13:35
Well I finally got the thread moved to the correct place so Ill post my latest revision of my army, having taken on board a few suggestions from various DoW list threads.

General - Heavy armour and shield; Sword of Might 119

Paymaster - Heavy armour and shield; Talisman of Protection 76

Wizard - 2 Dispell Scrolls 110

Captain - Heavy armour and halberd 58

28 Pikemen with heavy armour; Full command 338

12 Crossbowmen 96

5 Heavy cavalry with barding and Standard 120

5 Light cavalry with spear and shield plus musician 85

8 Duellists with pistols and Musician 82

8 Duellists with pistols and Musician 82

4 Ogres with great weapons and Champion 174

23 Paymaster's bodyguard with heavy armour; Full command 260

20 Dwarfs with great weapons and heavy armour; Full command 230

Cannon 85

Cannon 85

TOTAL 2000

The General and Wizard go with the pikes while the Captain and Paymaster go with the bodyguard. The pikes go in five ranks of six, which should look nice and impressive at least until the enemy artillery makes its mark :)

I thought the list could do with some help in the strength department so I went with 20 dwarfs with great weapons instead or 25 with shields.